In His Own Words

Tuning into the Phoenix affiliate of Fox News this morning, one could hear Senator John McCain bemoaning the fact that he was finding difficulty in cajoling support among conservatives in his own home state. Both Fox News and The East Valley Tribune quoted McCain as he met with LDS leaders in the East Valley on Monday.

“I really wanted to go back to my beginnings,” McCain said. “One of the things you really need to do as you go through a process like this is go back to your base and make sure you have a level of support and communications with them that is necessary to move forward. There’s nothing more embarrassing than to not have the support of the people you’ve been with from the beginning.” (link)

Herein lies a serious lack of understanding by Senator McCain. Conservatives have remained true and faithful to the Republican Party Platform. John McCain has not. The McCain spin cycle has decided to treat this problem as if conservatives have left him not the other way around. Does McCain not get this? He left conservatives by voting for taxpayer-funded destructive embryonic experimentation; by spearheading the anti-grassroots campaign reform act; by voting against a federal marriage amendment and the list goes on. These are fundamental conservative issues and a real elephant never forgets.

 And then there are his own words in which he has tried to have it both ways. Thanks to HotAZitGets, the senator finds himself in a difficult position explaining his position and regaining credibility with the very people he seeks to gain support.


  1. Snart Voter says

    McCain is a master magician. There are no tricks he is unable to perform.
    He hasn’t been able to perfect his act without twitching and blinking,but he’s working on it. Watch these two short video clips and you’ll quickly see what this guy is all about.


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