Immigrationista’s devouring their own

crazy_womanSomeone needs to get this woman some medication.  Now Michelle Dallacroce of Mother’s Against Illegal Aliens is going after Republican Party chairman Randy Pullen.  First she called US Sen. Jon Kyl a “liar”, then she tore up her Republican voter ID card on national television, now she calls Pullen “duplicitous.”  Pullen’s crime? He said Sen. Kyl was a “statesman”. 

I have yet to hear anger over the Arizona Democrats stand on the immigration bill.  Where is Janet “it’s a federal problem there is nothing I can do about it” Napolitano on this issue?  How about the chairman of the Democrat Party?  Or is this just an issue to bash the Republican Party and ruin any chances to take back the House and Senate in 2008?

I know what some of you are thinking: a lot of Republicans are behind this bill and they deserve to lose for ignoring their base.  Consider this, there was nothing but talk on “amnesty” when the Republicans controlled the House and Senate.  Now, less than six months after taking over Congress, the Democrats want to force a vote on it. 

Which political party controls Congress does matter. 

From Dallacroce:

Not only is Randy Pullen, the State Chairman for the Arizona Republican Party, duplicitous in his support of Senator Jon Kyl, he is ABSOLUTELY DUPLICITOUS.   Here is a “Party Leader” who has made every attempt to hide his political agenda i.e. his loyal support for Kyl by publicly stating that he was opposed to the Comprehensive Immigration Reform Bill only last week.   Now within a matter of a few days the “Party” Chairman made a statement to the Associated Press that Senator Jon Kyl was indeed a “statesman”…

“ABSOLUTELY DUPLICITOUS”?  Is that kind of like being Dean Wormer’s declaration in Animal House that the Delta’s are on “double secret probation?” 



  1. Chad,

    You are right. As a part of the process of trying to return our elected officials to some sort of connection with the base they are supposed to represent, we must always remember that it is important what they do because the other party has no conscience in this area or any other.

    It is disconcerting when a person that you counted on to maintain a lifetime of work and oppose amnesty. You notice that no one is overly upset about McCain’s position because we have come to expect it and do not believe that it is worth the energy because he has proven to be who he is.

    The same is true for Janet. She is a proven liar, open border socialist and no amount of discussion will change her.

    Your point does have significance when talking to people who are not Party activists. Remind them that the reason Kyl has importance is the fact that ALL of the Democrats here in Arizona and the majority of those across America, are on the same page – the open border amnesty page.

    Become more involved in the process and have more influence in making sure that the Party is responsive to the grass roots. The majority of the Democrats voted for Props 200, 101, 102, 103 and 300, yet there is NO Democrat Party debate because the Democrat establishment has a choke hold on their Party. Do not let that happen to the Republican Party. Get involved.

  2. PS – Michelle is not exactly a Party leader in any sense of that word. Do not denigrate the great Party leaders by linking them with her remarks.

  3. nightcrawler says

    According to the Arizona Republic she is not even a Republican. She tore up a PND card. Oops. Now who is duplicitous ?

  4. Good points all around. We need to call the Congressional offices and send emails telling them to oppose this, but calling people liars and traitors only does harm. If people like Dallacroce would put their energies into defeating Harry Mitchell, Gabby Giffords and Raul Grijalva (a winnable seat) we would be much better off.

    Calling Sen. Kyl a liar and the party chairman duplicitous only turns off voters and helps liberals.

  5. She’s a con artist alright… She was registered PND and basically fooled the media by cutting up a card she claimed was her Republican Party card. She is clearly certifiable. She even tried to blame the County Elections department, saying that she wanted to be a registered Republican but if she didn’t end up one, it was their fault.

  6. Who said Republican office holders were not attentive to their base?

    It just happens to be the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, it’s state affiliates, the American Farm Bureau Federations and the overal Hotel and Tourist and Restaurant industries!

    Wake up!

    Tom Buggeln

  7. kralmajales says

    I have to agree with Tom here. If you want to go after the real culprits with regard to the non-crackdown on illegal immigrants, you have to look to the business wing of your own party. They don’t oppose the “tough on the border” enforcement because they know it doesn’t work and they will still have the 12 million laborers who are here now. BUT, if you try to crack down on them or do anything at all that will jeopardize the labor force of homebuilder (in Southern Arizona?), then you have a fight on your hands.

    If you want to get at the illegal problem then stop watching the border and start peaking at the homebuilding job sites and growers around Arizona.

  8. kralmajales says

    I thought I would post this recent poll. It appears, if accurate, that the Jon Kyl is well within the majority of most Americans on the issue of immigration and border politics. It appears that some of you, and Mr. Pullen, are way way way out of step.

  9. Dallacroce is in the process of comitting political suicide. If she ever thought of running for office, she can kiss that aspiration goodbye.

  10. This is what happens when the GOP loses both houses of Congress:

    The Democrats get to ramrod their bills through and stand back and watch the GOP froth at the mouth and run around like idiots screaming at one another.

    Wait til we lose the presidency and then watch us become the ultimate circular firing squad.

  11. DSW

    I usually agree with you – because you are usually right. However, the Ds do not have this problem because they are excellent at administering intraparty discipline, when necessary. We have not done even a mediocre job at intraparty discipline. This bill may help us to do so. Don’t forget that the Democrats cannot ramrod anything through if the Republicans close ranks and fight cloture.

    If you are saying that the grass roots should roll over validate the actions of our elected officials when they are causing harm, I viscerally oppose that type of weakness and the imposition of partisanship over core values.

    You will note that the blogs are not angry with the fact that the bill was drafted, and they are not filled with anger over the betrayal of the RINOS, and people are not angry that Senator Kyl was a leader on this bill as a continuation of his long held position, they are PISSED that he campaigned less than seven months ago and made a commitment to the people of Arizona that he would oppose any legislation that included the very provisions in this piece of crap. There is a personal betrayal based on HIS words, HIS commitment, HIS foundational position that has been flushed.

    As I have read other places today, it appears that having the word “Justice” preceding his name has overshadowed his long-standing stands that dispensed “Justice” to Arizona citizens. That is extreely distressing.

    If we lose the Presidency and do not regain the Congress and “they” stick it to us while “our” elected officials fight the good fight, I do not believe that there will be a circular firing squad – at least from the Republican Party leaders I know.

  12. Tom,

    Jon Kyl’s committed consistent dissemination of his position on this issue in TV and print ads last year was in concert with the grass roots opposing amnesty, NOT in concert with the Chamber position supporting amnesty and open borders. That is the problem. It is crazy perhaps, but a little consistency is what is expected especially just prior and just after a reelection campaign.

    If you’re going to sell out your position, at least let a little time to go by so it doesn’t appear quite so unseemly.

  13. The majority wing of the Republican party needs to work to make sure our laws are obeyed and the borders enforced. Those are political winners.

    The issue is when we turn on each other. I’m a big fan of having the party ensure its elected officials represent the party. But there is a difference between turning on the 80%’ers like Jon Kyl, and the 40%’ers like Carolyn Allen.

    Lets put this energy into defeating Harry Mitchell, Gabby Giffords and Raul Grijalva. Conservatives are stronger when we’re a minority (hopefully majority) within the majority.

    Calling Republicans and Democrats names such as “liars’, “traitors” and “duplicitous” turn-off voters. Politics is the arithmetic of addition.

  14. kralmajales says

    I can buy what you just said GOP PK…but honestly…would any of you have ever really voted for Pederson if you had known he would have backed the Chamber? It turns out that Pederson’s plan was tougher on the border than this one was. Maybe you wouldn’t have voted for him. Either way, I don’t think that many of you would have outright opposed Kyl..maybe I am wrong.

    I also think that the only reason anyone is free to oppose him now is that he is newly elected to a 6 year term and that he won’t be side-lined. He is easy to attack right now…and it just doesn’t matter when you do.

    Now McCain…McCain has something to lose.

  15. Oro Valley Dad says


    Here is another poll.

  16. All,

    To go back to the base issue, the following article from The Heritage Foundation has some of the most insightful and detailed information on the problems with the bill:

    Great talking points and easy to understand.

  17. Kral, you’re still an active leftie, trying to cause trouble… If you’re buying CBS polling, that tells us alot. With the wording of their poll questions, its amazing they didn’t get 80% support.

    Tom, the U.S. Chamber actually OPPOSES the current Senate bill, although they probably want MORE Z visas…

    GOP PK, the Dems DO have this problem, and its called Iraq. In fact, major newspapers have spent the last several days writing about the outrage on the left and with the MoveOn crowd over the funding bills that were passed and sent on to the President.

    “We won’t forget this in 2008!” they say…

    Sound familiar?

    Chad, I’m all for backing folks who do great even 90% of the time as Jon Kyl does. But there are going to be certain things that, if they constitute the 10%, are so negative, so bad, or so fundamentally dishonest, that they overpower the 90%. And deservedly so…

  18. kralmajales says


    It is a scientific poll and it can’t always be “its the liberal media” to those of you who want to ignore facts.

    The bill has support…Kyl supports it because it does…and because it has the support of the most important constituency of the Republican party for all of history and time…business.

  19. kralmajales says

    Oh…and yeah…the Chamber and business is starting to run from the bill now…why? Because they found some of the changes in the bill to be too difficult on the business community. Again, you can’t solve the problem without them and they are not going to support anything that is so draconian that they cannot import a labor force.

  20. observer says


    You are taking the wrong message away from the poll. You should read Rasmussen’s analysis of the Times poll. For example, the Times poll did not ask any specific questions in regards to the Senate immigration proposal. Secondly, what the Times poll found is that a majority of Americans do support a long path towards legalization, not the instant amnesty contained in the Senate proposal. In regards to what people really think about the specifics of the Senate proposal, look at Rasmussen’s poll which actually asked questions regarding the proposal. That poll found just 26% of American voters favor the Senate immigration proposal. You can go to to see his analysis and his own polling on the actual proposal.

  21. kralmajales says

    Im not surprised that there is less support for the overall Senate bill itself. It is a hodgepodge of things that both Democrats and Republicans do not support. In the Rassmussen poll, more Demos are opposed to it than Republcans it appears. Republicans are divided on the issue of pathway to citizenship and guest worker…it is something that most Americans favor if given to someone who shows that they have lived her for 2 years and have worked in the United States, but it is such a complex issue that one tiny piece of the entire bill can be enough to torpedo it with some.

    What I am saying overall, though, is that much of what Kyl has worked on and proposed does have majority support. The pathway to citizenship is much more supported than many think and, again, with a major part of you party…business…those who fund your elections, your candidates, and the PACs that McCain-Feingold put a clamper on.

    Business, again, has become much less enthused about it, because the new bill has more crackdowns on their ability to hire immigrants legally and they make it more expensive to do so.

    So, I guess what I am saying is that I am not at all surprised that you all are fighting.

  22. John

    There is no polling that substantiates this specific bill nor any that shows support for the Specific Provisions encapsulated in this bill. The problem with the supporters of this abomination is they try to obfuscate the specifics in this bill with fuzzy worded general statements in the general area of the point.

    This bill grants instant amnesty upon signature through the awarding of Probationary legal status to all that can be renewed forever. The $4,000 fine only applies if you want to change to a Z-visa and only partially replaces current law fine of $5,000 for entering illegally. NO poll supports this concept and that is what the Kyl-Kennedy bill proposes. Does that explain the angst.

    Call, e-mail AND fax the offices of the Senators beginning tomorrow and keep it up every day this week while they are here. Also do the same to the RNC and the RNCC. This may make the difference.

  23. Oro Valley Dad says


    It might be a better idea to wait until June 4th to call, e-mail, and fax when the Senate will actually be back in session. They have taken off this whole week.

  24. Make your calls to Kyl’s office in Phoenix. He has said that the number of anti-calls have dropped off, and he wants to believe it is because opposition is lessening as people learn more about the bill!

  25. Sadder but wiser says

    Are you aware that both of Arizona’s senators refuse to take calls from “blocked” outgoing lines?
    Many of their constituents have valid reasons for having their outgoing number blocked. The senators work for us and should accept all calls.

    Do they do pat-down searches of people entering their offices? Are their metal detectors? The worst than can happen with a phone call is threatening or foul language, which most of us would never use in expressing displeasure. The postal service mail or in-person office visits have far greater potential for problems.

    What a vivid picture was made by Jon Kyl’s televised campaign ads showing him on the border with numerous county sheriffs! He was certainly strong on border enforcement just a few months ago, when he was worried about losing his seat to Democrat Jim Pederson. Now I see there wasn’t a scintilla of difference between their two positions. The “90% agreement” argument flies right out the window when our future is being thrown away by the smug senator who won’t need the little people–that’s US–again for another six years.

  26. AZGOPgal says

    Whether or not you would, there are people out there who make serious threats over the phone. I am sure you would agree, that any and all threats should be treated seriously. One could only imagine that it would be difficult to address/report a threat recieved from a blocked number.

    As our Senators work for “us”, they should know who we are. We should extend the same courtesy – we expect disclosure, as do they.

  27. AZGOPgal says

    May I also note, Senator Kyl is a man of integrity and a man of his word. If Senator Kyl is signing his name to a bill, you can rest assured that he has done his due diligence to ensure that it is the best that it can be. As Republicans, we can all agree that this bill is far from ideal, however, with the potential to lose the Presidency in ’08 along with the House and Senate we lost in ’06 we should be thankful that officials like Senator Kyl have a hand in the drafting while we still have something working in our favor.
    Express discontent to Senator Kyl with respect, for he has served his constituents far better than most of his colleagues have their constituents. Kyl took an enormous hit for the party on this one. Sit back and think of the big picture. When have we ever known Senator Kyl to turn his back on his word, his constituents or on what is best for our country? He hasn’t. He has remained a steward of our wants, needs and concerns. Give him a little credit….he certainly deserves it.

  28. We never thought of him that way, but on this bill he has certainly gone back on his word and his constituents. He may have some constituents who like this bill, so let’s give him a pass on that. But his word? No, he lied quite clearly. He swore he would oppose a bill that gave a legal path to citizenship for those here illegally and, in very strong language, he made it clear that doing so would be very wrong.

    He lied.

    He lied.

    He lied.

    We gave him credit when he voted for the Brady Bill, remember that? When he decided the 2nd Amendment could be set aside?

    He has used up his do-over. The shame of it is he isn’t ever running for re-election, so I’ll never have the pleasure of voting against that man.

    We got screwed, and he’s gonna get away with it.

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