Immediate Election Observations

1. Len Munsil is losing by a huge margin. This is what happens when you run as a “clean elections” candidate against an incumbent and have no money left to mass market your message across the airwaves. If only the Governor Veto ad would have been run.

2. The Marriage Amendment is down but not quite out. It appears to be winning in every county except Maricopa (razor thin margin) and by a huge margin in Pima County. It costs tons of money to run an initiative like this and apparently, the money was never raised.

3. Pima County has gone to pot. I am so glad I moved out of Tucson six years ago. With the exception of the east and northwest side, it has become a political cesspool. This is the liberal armpit of the State of Arizona.

4. Democrats mobilized their voters and managed to manipulate independents to vote this election cycle.

5. Tempe is the other liberal armpit of Arizona. It’s safe to say that wherever there is a state university, liberals reside. Let’s get rid of tenure.

6. JD Hayworth appears to be replaced by one of the biggest liberals from the legislature. Did I mention this guy, Harry Mitchell, steals and destroys his opponent’s property? Mitchell will be a one term congressman to be replaced in 2008.


  1. I appreciate the graciousness of this post.

    We in Tucson like to think of it as a liberal garden of Eden. Thanks for your concern, though.

    Can’t be happier to see Hayworth go.

  2. 1. Riiight… I’m sure that’s why Len is losing. It must be that mean clean elections system.

    2. 107 is losing in Maricopa, Pima and Coconino. Actually, the money that was raised for the amendment was paid to Sproul & Associates. Somebody ought to look at how much they billed for their work.

    3. Pima County is voting the same as it always has and Republicans actually shot themselves in the foot by knocking Toni Hellon out in the Dist. 26 primary. Now, that district will go Democrat and be very hard to get back.

    4. Democrats and independents had more reason to vote this cycle and Republicans who did their best to kick any so-called RINO’s out of the party deserve the kick in the butt they are getting tonight.

    5. Again, riiight – maybe we should just let Biola take over our state education system.

    6. Harry Mitchell will be as successful in Congress as he was in Tempe city government and as a State Senator. This will be a very tough one for the GOP to get back. Especially if the winner of a GOP primary has to pledge fealty to the religious right and bend over for Ted Haggard before getting the nomination.

  3. Randall Holdridge says


    You might have given a decent attention to others; might have considered what Baja Arizona means and what we have in mind. We’ve argued about this before, but then you were always pretending to be Arizona heartland, claiming to be a native. But you are, of course, a Christo-Fascist.

    Mock no one; let persons live as they will.

  4. Totally agree with 6, Mitchell is a one term wonder and JD needs to grow his hair out like a hippie.

    I’ll start the chant now…”Jan Brewer for Gov. in 2010″

    She is our only hope. A pro life woman.

    If these things dont happen i’m moving to TX, — the California/Chicago pro aborts wont follow me there!!!

  5. Did I ever mention that one of the biggest reasons I moved out of Tucson is that it is hostile to families and it is a working poor town. There were many times when I would take my family out into public (six of us) and would get the most inconsiderate looks from liberals who obviously thought we had “overbred.” And then there’s a huge wage gap. Moving to the East Valley was the best thing I ever did. Far more opportunities than Tucson’s call centers and fast food industry.

  6. Oro Valley Dad says

    Hey, watch it on the Tucson stuff, especially wages. I know lots of skilled people and professionals that make a nice living. The politics is a little more liberal but it is still a nice part of the state.

  7. Shane,

    Your points are well taken. What us natives don’t get yet is the fact that so many Liberal CA’s have moved here in the last 10 years. Arizona used to be Conservative but I am beginning to think we have lost our Conservative majority. But all is not lost. 2 years of the ‘Pelosi-Kennedy’ Congress and we can re-gain our majority. Your right about Tucson & Tempe, the ‘sewers’ of the state.

  8. Mike Triggs says

    11 PM – I’ve got a BIG :>) on my MODERATE face as I head for bed tonight.

    It will be interesting to read spin on tonight’s results. Was it BUSH, the war, Rumsfeld? Did the religious conservatives actually stay home? (I guess if you need someone to blame for tonight’s results, . . . there is always Pastor Ted.)

    And would someone pinch me…Was Arizona actually the first state to defeat a marriage amendment? What does this mean for Nathan….will he ever work in Arizona again?

    And the REALLY GOOD news is it looks like I will be able to go out to eat and have a drink without having someone blow smoke in my face.

    Oh….one more thing . . .Has anyone heard what happened in South Dakota on the Abortion ballot issue or on Stem Cells in MO?

  9. The best news of the evening for those of us who still love Tucson was the election of Pesquiera and Saradnik on the Northwest Side. The results showed that thinking people look beyond party labels when differences in priorities are as stark as they were in the LD26 races. It also showed that you can’t run to the extreme to win a primary and expect the voters to forget what you said two months later. To be fair, I think the Dems learned that SAME lesson with Ned Lamont in Connecticut.

  10. Certainly Phoenix is the economic engine of the state, but Tucson is far more beautiful than Phoenix–majestic mountains and beautiful canyons to hike, Sonoran desert [which has been bladed to make way for concrete in Phoenix], less air pollution for people with asthma, Mi Nidito’s restaurant….

  11. James L. Choad says

    I don’t know why everyone is talking about the Tucson liberal cesspool. Maricopa booted JD Hayworth out of office and overwhelmingly reelected the governor.

  12. Mike Triggs says

    Has anyone heard if we got our VETO PROOF legislature?

  13. Too bad JD didn’t do what he should have done… the gutsy thing… run against El Napo. He might have had success against her, instead of opting to keep his “safe” seat.

  14. Tucson liberal cesspool = Congressional District 8. Very liberal Democrats + a whole lotta RINO’s > a core of solid conservatives.

  15. You referred to Tucson as the “liberal armpit” of the state and also indicated that Tempe is also “liberal armpit”. Somebody Phoenix will be the “liberal armpit”, but I assume you’ll move away by then–perhaps Nebraska or Kansas will be save for you–for a while.

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