If Paulina Morris didn’t have the crazy card to play, she wouldn’t have any cards at all


Did everyone see Paulina Morris’ desperate, insane-sounding last minute plea for votes?

In it, she viciously attacks all of her opponents, by name, one by one, in the most abrasive manner possible.  Which would be good, if voters were looking for intensely personal attacks delivered in the most shrill manner possible.

To think, it took only one week to knock Ben Quayle off the lofty perch of “worst ad of the 2010 cycle.”  I didn’t think it could ever be done.

Let’s go over some of her charges against her opponents:

1) If Vernon Parker didn’t play the race card, he wouldn’t have any card at all.

What a seriously nasty thing to say.  Vernon embraces his up by the bootstraps story, much as you have done, Paulina, with your tales of your parents escaping Cuba.  Vernon also embraces his race (he didn’t hesitate to put his face on signs running in a lilly white district).  This is more than I can say for you, Paulina, who was known to all of us as Paulina Morris-Vasquez until you decided to run.

2) I’m not a bored rich man looking for a hobby.

Right, you’re a bored rich woman looking for a hobby.  You haven’t advanced an original thought in this campaign, starting with your first web video which made fun of the fact that Jim Waring deigns to knock on doors and meet voters.

3) Questioning Steve Moak’s using his non-profit to market his for-profit company.

Okay, but your personal wealth comes from your husband’s successful lobbying for developers and the liquor industry.  Is this the hill you want to charge?

This video is all wrong from start to finish.  Kind of like your campaign, Paulina.  I would be frustrated too if I’d spent so much time and money and not cracked the margin of error.  But at least go out with some class.

PS–Why not attack Crump?  He’s your toughest competition for second to last place.


  1. YIKES! The look in her eyes at the end was scary.

    But..she is the only Hispanic, Jewish, female, pro-choice candidate running! What card would that be?

  2. Full House?

  3. She is utterly without class. As are the clowns at Highground for handling her and producing this video. Let’s all remember this one the next time she tries to run for something (which will probably be as a Democrat).

  4. By the way, I think she might be a V.

  5. I like the way she does her own campaign ads without all sorts of gee-gaws and scary music and gloomy black and white pics of her opponents, while she’s contrasted in light, perky soothing homoeopathy office pastel.
    Spares me being annoyed at the patent attempts at raw manipulation, and she demonstrates she knows how to stretch her campaign dollars.

    So, is she really pro-choice? A Cuban 1st Gen?

  6. Her parents escaped Cuba, she is pro-choice, married a Jewish man and converted. I don’t know what kind of toilet paper she uses, though.

  7. obamanation says

    Scary broad…. just a mean lawyer smacking all the people who are leading her, pathetic. Of course if she were really “hitting everyone” she’d be on Hull and Branch but then they are the only ones probably below her in percentage points since they can’t fundraise with Planned Parenthood. Seriously, she’d have done better if she had just gone Democrat.

  8. ………………
    Ann Says:
    August 18th, 2010 at 5:40 pm
    Her parents escaped Cuba, she is pro-choice, married a Jewish man and converted. I don’t know what kind of toilet paper she uses, though.

    You were doing great until the toilet paper crack.
    The question was to illuminate her actual politics, not her bathroom. And is it important she converted to Judaism or is that some sort of nuanced strike against her, too?
    Is there a word for “chutzpah” in Spanish?

  9. Re-reading… okay … so, she’s an (R) who gets support from PP?

    She did vote for McCain, too? hmm hmm.

  10. Bobby Baby says

    For someone so seemingly “together” she sure lost it and lost it big. I always thought she was wrong for the district. Now I think she is wrong for any public office, any Party – anytime. Amazingly, it looks like all of us agree on something for a change.

  11. wanumba,

    Hey, I was just going for a little humor on the TP note…and since you asked, my husband’s family is Jewish, so no nuanced anything. A Jewish Cuban is rare, just clarifying the detail.

  12. What’s the difference between this video and Dirty.com?

    Answer: Not much.

  13. Steve Calabrese says

    Great. More nastiness. Just what the party needs.

    I showed that ad to my non-political wife because I wanted a second opinion that it was one of the worst ads I’ve ever seen. She agreed.

    I still say that the demon sheep ad out of California is worse, though.

  14. Kyle Comer says


  15. nightcrawler says

    I guess if being angry is a qualification for the job, you should be hired.

    Ethnicity, gender and faith are not qualifications either.

    It is all about what you bring to the table.

    Look at the video again to see what Paulina brought to the table.

  16. What a great cluster gathering this is. A bunch of consultants getting together with a bunch of consultants…. why don’t you all get a room. And with respect to the ad, do I discern here that ANYONE thought the Qualyle ad was a step above the World Wrestling Federations. What? My Congressman can beat up your congressman? The Morris response was correct and smart (given the sick context of American Political discourse)

  17. azcowpoke1 says


    Unfortunately, her bragging includes taxing your pocketbook and incurring increased debt for the future. Then, she walked away from the job before it was fixed.

    FACT: Republican Arizona Congressional District 3 candidate PAULINA MORRIS was a member of the Maricopa County Special Health Care District.

    FACT: During her tenure, total liabilities rose and operating losses continued in the millions.

    FACT: A property tax was initiated to help PAULINA MORRIS fix “broken government”

    FACT: The District began operations on January 1, 2005 and they imposed a secondary
    property tax. Paulina Morris was elected to the inaugural board in 11/2004.
    The Jewish News of Greater Phoenix (July 2, 2010 Friday, Pg. 1 Vol. 62 No. 4) reports:
    “In 2005, Morris became the chair of the district’s board. By the end of her tenure in 2008, “I had led a financial turnaround of the system by running it as a business,” she said. The health-care system was then $100 million in the black.”

    According to a March 2009 audit by State of Arizona Auditor General, the Health District under Morris’ tenure had:

    Total Liabilities
    2005 $44,536,760
    2008 $121,857,128
    Operating Loss
    2006 (31,801,467)
    2007 (50,151,251)
    2008 (15,838,376)
    Property Tax Revenues
    2005 Zero
    2006 40,000,000
    2007 43,000,000
    2008 46,310,880

    Source: State of Arizona Auditor General, March • 2009, Maricopa County Special Health Care District,
    Report No. 09-03
    Therefore, Morris is saying she fixed government by:
     Raising your property taxes,
     Increasing debt liabilities,
     In addition, as chair of the board authorized and approved budgets with millions of dollars still in operating losses that has to be paid for by the taxpayers,
     Believes Big Government is the answer to our health care needs.
    Sounds like tax and spend Democrat financial policy. Government taxes you and we still have to pay increased debt. Just what we need in Washington, D.C.

    Paulina Morris brags, “I’m the only candidate in this race who has fixed broken government”.

    Not only did she not fix it, she walked away from the job before it was done.

    Too bad, Morris, who has spent most of her career as a government bureaucrat, talks big about accomplishing so little.

    Maybe, Big Government taxing us to pay for government run health care is something to brag about for Morris.

  18. Welcome to the Bye-Bye Club, Paulina. Nice parting shots.

    Yours truly,
    Deakins, Horne, Bitter-Smith, McCain, Romley, Konopnicki

  19. Double Decaf Latte says

    All I can say is I would love to see the eyes pop out of some people’s head if she ends up being the GOP nominee. It could happen… I’m thinking she may do much better than the boys on SA think. The folks who are supporting McCain, Horne and Romney have now where to go but vote for Paulina. The other boys may be fighting to the bitter end for second place.

    By the way, I have to admit her eyes were spooky at the end of the You Tube.

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