ICYMI: Tom Horne Harassed by La Raza

In case you missed it, this is the video of Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Horne being harassed by a group of La Raza supporters.

The video was loaded up to a YouTube account under the name of “WhatABCs” which was created by David A. Morales. Mr. Morales is a Ph.D. candidate in Applied Mathematics at the University of Arizona.

When Mr. Morales is not practicing applied mathematics, he is producing and writing independent films about sex, drugs and crime in addition to filming the harassment of elected officials.



  1. Oh the irony!

  2. It’s too bad these kids aren’t putting this much passion into math, science, and writing.

  3. amattclarkson says

    You have to respect a guy that drives the same old jag he’s driven for years, especially with its broken out grill. That man has no pretensions.

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