ICYMI: AZ Central Article Casts LD 12 Senate Race as Key Conservative vs. Moderate Matchup

Recently, an AZCentral.com article by Mary Jo Pitzl cast the Legislative District 12 Senate race as one of the key races in the state.  The article was entitled “Arizona GOP primary races will show how far right state leans.” While the article did not discuss the LD 12 race specifically, it did list the matchup as a “Key GOP race for State Senate.” In LD 12, the voters have the choice between a 21 year incumbent absentee RINO, Nelson; the anti-SB 1070 Democrat-turned-“Republican” Eve Nunez and the conservative challenger Clark Silver. The differences between the candidates couldn’t be more clear. Eve Nunez is supported by the RINO group Somos Republicans, Nelson is supported by the big-government group Greater Phoenix Leadership and he helped raise money for Democrats to get them elected, while Clark Silver is endorsed by the AZ 2010 Project and Pachyderm Coalition and supported by the West Valley TEA Party.

The article also listed other key races where it is incumbent upon Republican voters to defeat RINOs: In LD 5, the conservative Sen. Sylvia Allen vs. RINO Rep. Bill Konopnicki; in LD 6, appointed Sen. David Braswell vs. the conservative Lori Klein; in LD 11, RINO incumbent Adam Driggs vs. conservative Rich Davis; in LD 19, absentee, incumbent RINO Rep. Rich Crandall vs. conservative James Molina; and in LD 30, the conservative Sen. Frank Antenori vs. RINO Rep. Marian McClure.

Conservatives, you have your work cut out for you. Get behind these conservative candidates. Volunteer for them and donate money to them. Sitting at home or attending meetings isn’t enough! Most importantly, VOTE for them in the August 24 primary!


  1. I can assume, then, that Jerry Weiers and Steve Montenegro will have to relinquich their Pachyderm decoder rings, since they’re running as a team with Nelson. Makes sense — those two are among the biggest RINOs at the capital.

  2. Marcus Kelley says

    I believe that Weiers and Montenegro consistently score to the right of Nelson. If you believe they’re RINOs, can you make the case? Can you outline your evidence?

    As for them running as a team, it’s true, despite the fact that Weiers and Montenegro promised to remain neutral. I believe it’s a mistake, but LD 12 don’t have a choice in the House race in the primary. They DO have a choice in the Senate. Since Nelson scores to the left of Weiers and Montenegro, Nelson is going to often work at cross-purposes with them, hence my assertion that it’s a mistake to run with Nelson as a team.

  3. Jack Hammer says


    What we are seeing in District 12 is a clear. plu-perfect example of what the late, great Sam Francis thought of the G.O.P.: “The Stupid Party”!

    And when its members make a career out of ‘reaching out’ and embracing the
    “Evil Party” into a “Big Tent” of “Comprehensive Legislation” we emerge with “bi-partisanship”

    Thus the middle class workmule is being pecked to death by a “rotten bird with two wings” as opposed to a vibrant competitive two party system!

    Unfortunately, District 12 is not an anamoly but provides the template for what is wrong with Arizona elitist politics!

  4. Actually, that was sarcasm — it clearly didn’t convey properly in the comment. My point was that Nelson probably isn’t as bad as you say if ppl like Wiers and Montenegro are willing to run with him as a team.

  5. Marcus Kelley says

    Even the MSM understands that Nelson is a RINO. Here’s ANOTHER article showing Nelson is on the left of the Republican party: http://www.azcentral.com/members/Blog/PoliticalInsider/tag/44301

    Question is, why don’t YOU understand that Nelson is a RINO, Ace?

  6. I’m still waiting for you to turn your attacks on his running mates. I don’t know much about Nelson other than I remember when he was on the city council. I have met Weiers and Montenergo, though. My earlier statement stands: if those guys like him, he’s probably not as big a problem as your making him out to be.

    Of course, it could be that guilt by associateion only applies to people you don’t like.

  7. Marcus Kelley says

    Not interested in attacking Weiers and Montenegro. Even though they broke their promise to stay out of the Senate race, they still have proven to be more conservative than Nelson. Besides, I’ve said LD 12 voters have no choice in the House race in the primary. What good would it do to attack them?

    You falsely assume that because they’re running as a team that they actually like the guy. Rumor is the opposite. Who knows what Nelson may have threatened them with? Perhaps voting against ALL of their bills instead of just some of them? Finding and supporting challengers next time they run for office?

    I’ve already pointed out that Nelson has raised money for Democrats to get them elected to office. How is that NOT inexcusable? Nelson gets Ds and Fs CONSISTENTLY from Goldwater for voting to regulate the economy. How is that NOT bad? How are either of those things even remotely Republican? Nelson is bad. You even admit you know nothing about him. Do your research. Look up his scores from Goldwater, from Pachyderm, from AFP, from AZ 2010 project..oh, that’s right, Nelson REFUSED to take the conservative survey whereas Clark Silver scored VERY well!

    In the end, your ASSUMPTION that Nelson isn’t bad just because he’s running as part of a team is wrong. Goldwater knows Nelson is bad, Pachyderm knows it, AZ 2010 Project knows it, the West Valley TEA Party knows it, and even the mainstream media knows he’s a RINO. Question is, when are you going to realize it, Ace?

  8. Conservative Mom says

    I am voting FOR Clark Silver.

  9. I am a member of the West Valley Tea Party Patriots where Clark Silver attends the meetings… I endorse a vote for Clark Silver with no reservation whatever.

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