I Want My 9/11 Movie! – Don’t Let Dems Hijack this Movie

Now that the new media has got us all excited about the movie presenting the events leading up to September 11th, liberals are demanding ABC pull the plug before it airs. I guess there’s something damaging to what we’ve always asserted – Dems are terrible on national security.

Now I’ve been told that the movie lays blame on both the Bush and Clinton Administrations. In other words, it’s an equal opportunity critical assessment of what happened.

At this point, it looks like powerful Democrats may be able to put pressure on ABC CEO/President Robert Iger to cancel the series.

I don’t know about you but I am really interested to see this movie and see it without any edits at all.

If you are like me, I urge you to not let Democrats have their typical censorship way. Please contact ABC.com and urge them to air the 6-hour presentation unedited.

Contact ABC.com by clicking here.

Make your voice heard.


  1. I wrote them. We all need to do this. I don’t remember them giving in to GOP complaints about any number of biased documentaries that ABC has aired over the years.

  2. RINOspotter says

    Too late.

    I just heard this morning that ABC has announced that they will alter the movie to comply with Clinton and Dem’s wishes.
    What a surprise outcome! What else would one expect from ABC ?

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