I guess their business model was not based on illegal labor.


     One of the big scare tactics of the opponents of the employer sanctions law was that business would flee the state. Imagine my surprise when I read that a German company chose to locate in Arizona over California and Colorado. From the AZBiz.com article

we found Tucson most appealing based on living costs, taxes and shipping costs.

     I wonder if Schletter selected Arizona because of high or low taxes. Most likely another example of how low taxes attracts business, increases economic activity, and raises overall tax receipts. A big Sonoran Alliance welcome goes out to Schletter.


  1. Inquiring Mind says

    Josey, I’m just curious. Do you receive a government paycheck?

  2. Delivered by black helicopter every two weeks.

  3. FreeAdvice says

    I don’t know what I just stumbled upon, but in a few weeks we’re all getting a government paycheck. Unless we’re aliens, married to an alien, or a tax protestor.

    On the merits of the original post, Arizona has cheap land and cheap (illegal) labor. Remove the illegal labor and the land also loses much of its value. So who needs land WITHOUT labor? Not agriculture. How about solar? Bingo. Big fields, no rain, permanent sun, no earthquakes, right on the grid.

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