Hyper-vigilance is alive and well in LD 6.

Mafioso is hearing voices again and has posted a story about some vague conspiracy to highjack the May 10th state convention. Will someone please get him back on his meds. He writes that there is some plot to defeat McCain supporters in the district elections but cannot name the district. Far from it. The problem most district will have is finding a full slate of delegates and alternates to a convention at which few crucial issues will be settled. There is no one we know of who is contesting the national committeemen slots. McCain already has the nomination sown-up. The resolutions always pass. In fact the McCain people are acting a little strange with loyalty-oath phone calls, early start times for the meetings, and not sharing the list of PCs. Despite all of this most LD meetings will be congenial and orderly. With no proxies the issue is finding people who will want to set aside the better half of a Saturday to sit inside when the outside temp is still below 100.

Mafioso completely misses the real story. The state party and the McCain forces are working together to get all Republicans elected in 2008. We have a great slate of candidates lined up for the legislature and have a good shot at taking back one or two congressional seats. Sure, McCain was not the first choice for some but come November the vast majority of Republican in Arizona will gladly vote for him given the alternative. Lots of Independents will also go for McCain since he is from Arizona. McCain fans should be confident, not paranoid.

Some advice to a fellow GOP blogger. Take a deep breath and relax. Your guy won so now is the time to play nice with the other kids in the sandbox.


  1. Does one district make a statewide trend? Did you expect any other outcome in LD 11? Are you telling us that McCain is that weak in other districts?

    Again, McCain has already won. Take a deep breath, stay positive and be friendly. You need the party to unite as much as anyone else.

  2. I think I will have yellow buttons made that say HANEY surrounded by a circle and line through it. They should be great for the state convention.

    Goose and Gander so to speak.

    Everything those crybabies do to discount Sen. McCain is the same as working FOR Obama or Hillary. And they have the nerve to question commitment to the party.

    An admonition to a “fellow GOP blogger” could be given to Red State, too. Maybe peer pressure may do what common sense can’t.

  3. GOP Boomer Gal says

    LD 26 had a HUGE turnout to vote for state delegates. We had more than needed on the ballot.

    Bruce Ash came and spoke after the vote. Everyone is excited about being there; a lot of young people that were originally Ron Paul people, happy to participate in GOP state politics.

    Mc Cain has been gaining support of the base, and we intend to have a great time at the state convention.

  4. For what it’s worth, we have an allocation of 33 delegates to State. I’ll probably have to take a baseball bat to tomorrow’s meeting to even get 20 to sign up.

    …..Okay…a NERF baseball bat. God forbid we get accused of abusing our PCs, much less keeping them awake during a meeting.

  5. What does the LD-6 headline have to do with the story? I thought I was going to find more on all the corrupt election practices from LD-6 Officers. The ones that resulted in a whopping 16% win for the mccain slate and the 74% garnered by the Conservatives. (10% were on both slates) LD Chairs: learn about hiding the ballot candidates list by visiting LD-6 Chair. Ask him about making snide comments about Delegate Candidates during the election process too. Lots of great dirty tricks to be learned supporting a mccain slate!

  6. Mark,

    Try Seeing Red AZ.

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