Hunter Gets Warm Reception at Arizona Luncheon

Duncan Hunter

Here’s a press release from the Maricopa County Republican Party regarding Presidential candidate Duncan Hunter’s recent visit:


For immediate release                        
March 20, 2007     
Frosty Taylor, Communications

Hunter Gets Warm Reception at Arizona Luncheon

Duncan Hunter’s speech to Maricopa County Republican’s at the Union Hills Country Club in Sun City this weekend was interrupted several times with claps of approval from over 325 people attending the sold-out event.

Addressing the Iraq War, the 26 year California congressman and presidential 2008 candidate, praised the US military and commented, “Liberals are already declaring defeat (in Iraq) but they didn’t inform the US Marines.

“It is in our best interest to expand freedom.  Free nations are our allies and friends,” noting El Salvadoran troops are serving beside US troops in Iraq.
He highly praised Arizona Congressman Trent Franks saying that Franks is fighting everyday in Washington, DC for the American armed services.

Hunter, who has served as Chairman of the Armed Services Committee for six years and now its Ranking Member, also cautioned that the US must maintain its industrial base noting too many businesses are heading off-shore. He pointed out we only have one company left in this country capable of delivering heavy armor for our military.
Hunter cautioned that the US has a bad trade agreement with China and that China is breaking the rules.  Hunter said if elected President, his motto would be, “Trust, but verify our trade deals.”

Regarding illegals crossing our borders, he pointed out San Diego has experienced a great reduction of armed gangs and drug smuggling by building a fence at the Mexican border.   Expressing strong support for a border fence he said, “We must know who’s coming in and what they are bringing with them.”  He promised to finish the border fence from California to Texas, if elected.

He said the fence could be built with the money it costs the nation in one year to incarcerate illegals who have been arrested for crimes in this country. He noted there are 600 unsolved murders in Laredo, TX alone.

He has introduced a bill with 91 co-signers to obtain a pardon for two Texas border agents who have been sentenced to 10-12 years in prison for shooting an illegal who was fleeing from them.  The case has drawn national attention critical of President George Bush for not issuing a pardon for the two law enforcement agents.

When asked about the North American Union, he replied, “The North American Union should be when California and Mexico stand with us in Iraq.  They didn’t. I don’t support anything that takes away from the sovereignty of the United States.”  

Hunter said a straw poll that was taken at the Maricopa County Republican meeting in January which showed him as the favorite presidential candidate helped push him into national forefront.

MCRC Chairman Lyle Tuttle said he was extremely pleased that Hunter returned to Arizona to make the Saturday presentation. Hunter was in Arizona a few weeks ago to speak to the Trunk and Tusk dinner.

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