Humphries has not won LD 26

Update: The Tucson Citizen is calling the election for Zerull and Williams to represent Republicans in the LD 26 house general election.

     The Growing Our Party blog is incorrectly reporting that Trent Humphries has beat out Marilyn Zerull for the number two slot in the LD 26 House Republican primary. Their mistake was relying on a Tucson Citizen article that leaves out the fact that District 26 spans two counties. The Citizen article is correct that Humphries won in Pima County but does not mention that Zerull won Pinal County be a larger margin. According to the Citizen story Pima County is done county votes. We do not know if Pinal is done counting votes in the LD 26 primary but the Pinal count has been going Zerull’s way since election day and we expect that she will win.

     It is always a good idea to check the Secretary of State web site for updated numbers and to see if the district is in multiple counties.

     Around the state it looks like the only other election day reversal is between John McComish and Frank Schmuck in LD 20. Schmuck was beating out McComish by a few votes on election night but now McComish has a 135 vote lead for the second slot in the house primary.

     It is interesting to note that Growing Our Party’s error was based on an online newspaper story. Doesn’t the Citizen have editors to catch those mistakes? Sonoran Alliance is happy to provide clarification to both other blogs and to the Citizen.


  1. Josey- Kgun 9 reported last night that Humphries won by 42 votes.. This is so wierd. The media is very confusing. Keep us posted

  2. Richard Wayne says

    Since the swing in the 88 Pima Precincts was about 1 per precinct and since there are only 2 Pinal precincts, and since Pinal was more fully completed last week than Pima (and, in fact, may be done) in counting the election day early ballots, a swing back of more than 42 votes is almost impossible. I think they got it right.

  3. Zerull wins because she’s already ahead by more than 42 in Pinal. She doesn’t need a swing back. Also, I’m not sure that the papers were reporting that Trent won, only that he was winning in Pima county. Everyone else seems to be assuming. Good catch SA!

  4. Trent Humphries says

    No, Marilyn is the winner, by 50 votes. There are some outstanding provisionals in Pinal county, but probaly not enough to swing the election.

    Keep in mind that the news media is also largely reporting me as a Democrat, so take the media results with a grain of salt.

    Congratulations to Marilyn. Our prayers and best wishes go out to her.

  5. Will there be an automatic recount based on Title 16-661.2?

    There were more than 25,000 votes cast and less than 200 votes separating the candidates.

  6. Trent Humphries says

    Not if I have anything to say about it. Unfortunately, items 1 and item 3 seem to be in conflict with one another.


    A recount of the vote is required when the canvass of returns in a primary or general election shows that the margin between the two candidates receiving the greatest number of votes for a particular office, or between the number of votes cast for and against initiated or referred measures or proposals to amend the Constitution of Arizona, is less than or equal to the lesser of the following:

    1. One-tenth of one per cent of the number of votes cast for both such candidates or upon such measures or proposals.


    3. Fifty votes in the case of an office to be filled by state electors and for which the total number of votes cast is twenty-five thousand or less.

    Accepting number 1, there is no reason that 3 would ever come into play, and yet there it is.

    I will vociferously oppose any recount because we simply don’t have the time if Marilyn is to compete in the general.

  7. Trent Humphries, you are a true gentleman AND a strategic thinker! I am voting for the Democrats in LD26, but class like yours is rare indeed. Many thanks to you and your family for the sacrifices I am sure you made during the last several months.

  8. The Citizen published on Saturday a story saying that Zerull had pulled ahead of Humphries by 10 votes with votes still to be counted.

    On Sunday, the AP moved a story that called the race for Humphries. Our weekend editor did not work Friday and was unaware of our Saturday story. She posted the AP story on our web site.

    On Monday, AP ran a correction, we pulled the incorrect story from our site and published a new story based on updated numbers from Monday that showed Zerull had likely won.

    Mistakes happen. We correct them as soon as possible.

    Mark B. Evans
    Assistant City Editor
    Tucson Citizen

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