Human Events goes with Fred

The conservative magazine Human Events has endorsed Fred Thompson. A short excerpt stated:

We make this endorsement on the basis of much research, having interviewed Sen. Thompson and some of his opponents, as well as examining what they have all said and done. We conclude that Thompson is a solid conservative whose judgment is grounded in our principles.


  1. Iris Lynch says

    As I have previously noted, it TAKES much research as the media has practically censored all but the most egregious slop about Fred Thompson. Even today, many outlets pooh-poohed his standing in the New Hampshire election, not wanting to state for the benefit of any understanding of the few votes, that Thompson chose not to run in New Hampshire.

    It is likely too late for Fred, whom I admire for his honesty and his refusal to suck up to the so-called Independents (Democrats in Repub clothing), but could we please consider the fact that we are allowing the liberal states of New Hampshire and Iowa to choose the Republican candidate? The added insanity is the miniscule numbers of voters who have made this decision for an entire nation. It’s over? Alas, we will yet again be choosing the lesser of two evils in November.

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