Hugh Hewitt for David Schweikert!

OK, I admit, I’ve been waiting a long time for this partnership to take place…

Tom & Madena Stewart
cordially invite you to their home for a reception with
Hugh Hewitt


in support of
David Schweikert

Wednesday, January 27th, 2010

Paradise Valley, AZ

$500 – Private Reception at 5:00pm
$250 – General Reception at 5:30pm


Professor Hugh Hewitt is a broadcast journalist and law professor whose nationally syndicated radio show is heard in more than 120 cities, and by more than 2 million listeners, across the United States every weekday afternoon. In Phoenix, you can find him on 960 KKNT from 4-7 pm.

He is a frequent guest on CNN, Fox News, and MSNBC, and has written for the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and Los Angeles Times. He has received three Emmys, is the author of eight books, and has been called “the most influential conservative you have never heard of.”

David Schweikert – Hugh Hewitt Radio Ad


  1. Steve Calabrese says

    Hugh Hewitt is a serious guy. No tolerance for crap, and very bottom-line oriented. The fact that he’s going through all this trouble is a pretty sure sign that he’s already done a load of research that indicates Schweikert is the GOP’s best chance to unseat Mitchell this year.

  2. Gotta say, got mixed feelings about this.

    Moved up north to get away from Valley garbage, but I like Dave. Sort of was hoping he’d sit this one out so he could take a crack at the State Treasurer spot. We need a guy like him there. I’m way out of that district he’s running out of now but I suppose it’d be good to have a solid guy like him in congress, even if he’s not my rep, it’s still my state.

  3. Schweikert has my vote. I think he would have won last time if it wasn’t for Guttersnipe going negative and the Dems dumping so much cash into the race. The RNC better step up to the plate this time. They won’t get another dime from me until I see support for AZ candidates

  4. Calamity June says

    NO! NO! NO!

    It’s not worth having Schwikart in there if it means that there’s going to be a RUN on wire hangers because there will be more back-alley abortions! HOW HARD IS IT TO FIND A REPUBLICAN WHO WILL SUPPORT THE RIGHT TO CHOOSE?! Aha! I can answer my own question! Susan Bitter Smith will do great against Harry “No Position Until I Talk With the DNC” Mitchell if she just gets in! David Schwikart needs to get out of the way no matter how many talk show hosts he collects!

  5. That was kind of a scary incoherent rant.

  6. We have a solid conservative running for State Treasurer. Thayer Verschoor. He has the guts to stand strong when something just isn’t right.

    Schweikert has a great chance this time. Billbo didn’t give the whole story. RNC abandoned this state to concentrate on other States to help McCain. It was a very short sighted strategy and we see the results. Barry won the pres election and congress. There where three seats Republican could have won with support from the RNC CD 5 was one of them.

  7. Sounds like someone forgot their medication Ms June.

  8. More Conservative than the GOP says

    I second The Mole. Good call on Thayer.

    Schweikert can take it as long as the GOP can break away from it’s habit of eating their young. If the riff-raff don’t savage him in the primary, he’s in. A tough primary fight means we get two more years of Mitchel. Oh great.

  9. Republican SOS says

    C. June:
    David Schwiekert is not a one-issue pony. He’s a good solid conservative and has something that is sorely lacking in Congress today – Integrity. He will win the primary and take down Harry “Socialist-Health Care-for-All” Mitchell.

  10. Calamity June says

    Yeah, yeah yeah. Make your jokes about medication. I bet your all men. Sorry, boys, you would need medication TOO if you were forced to carry an unwanted child and then raise it. Especially if your black, or your kid is disabled or something like that because no one wants to adopt those kids.

    Who’s on medication now? I want to keep my money, I don’t want to pay mucho taxes, sure, but I have daughters and wnat to make sure they have the same choices I had. That’s why I’m for Susan Bitter Smith! Daivd is just more of the same!

  11. C.June,

    Sounds like You’re the single issue voter.

    P.S. You do know that David was adopted?

  12. I like many conservatives had high hopes for David, he has shown himself a to be a pretty pathetic campaigner last time, and Mitchell pretty much embarrassed him.

    DSW sure seems like your defense of David is a bit over the top. I seem to remember that last election this site turned into a David only zone. I sure hope that doesn’t happen again.

    For what its worth i got an email today from another guy who is running and he had a pretty novel idea. He is throwing Mitchell a retirement party. Its that kind of out of the box thinking that helps win campaigns, and i for one would like to see more of it.

    Check it out:

  13. BTW, i wish i could afford to attend this event, maybe in the future David could have some stuff for the little guys.

  14. Let’s not forget the original Retire Harry Mitchell site: Harry Mitchell Watch

  15. Jeff Weninger says

    I support David 100%.

  16. DSW, are you on David’s payroll again?

    Hugh Hewitt is a smart guy. After meeting David, he’ll wonder why he ever associated himself with DS. That ad sounds like a 45 run at 33. Same quality campaign David ran last time.

  17. PCbutnotPC says

    I think David needs to get a real job. Many have been on the David political train before and taken short hops. David is about only David. People who have worked for him have been used and tossed. If that is his behavior as an employer/boss, what are we to expect in quality of Congressional representation during a time where the Dems dominate the White House and still have control of Congress. Simply voting in another “NO” vote won’t get Arizona represented – that is the bottom line – representing Arizona.
    (not David)

  18. The problem with Schweikert is he never has really won a competitve race. Last time he had zero ground game, his message didnt resonate and he was not very good at public events.

    Now I see people like Bilbo saying they hope the RNC and the NRCC help David out… But the odds of him getting a lot of help are small. Ther NRCC has a total of 4 Mil cash on hand with 2 mil in debt compared to the DCCC that has over 16 mil.

    Once again Harry will get a lot of help, David will end up with no ground game, his message won’t resonate and he will lose.

    We have seen it before, its time to get some fresh blood in there.

    Also the people plugging the Chris Salvino retire harry mitchell site give it a rest. This guy moved to AZ two years ago, he doesnt know anything about the people in the district and he ran a bunch of vitamin supplement stores into the ground out in California that still have judgmnets against them. He is not the kind of candidate we need.

  19. cinqo,

    No I am NOT on David Schweikert’s payroll again. But I will be sure to let you know if do join his team in a paid capacity. And even if I do go on his payroll, why would that matter? I will still give the other candidates in CD-5 the opportunity to submit press releases and guest opinions on Sonoran Alliance. Or, they can go start their own blog. This blog does not take taxpayer money so I can say whatever I want here.

  20. Incidentally, David does have a real job and is doing quite well. He doesn’t need to run for Congress. Rather, David wants to serve in a capacity bigger than himself. If you really got to know David Schweikert, you would learn that he really is concerned about this country’s future and representing Arizona. Sorry, I’m not buying your argument. Perhaps you should identify yourself and give your anecdote?

  21. I was for Schweikert until he endorsed the McCain staffer for LD20 Chairman. Schweikert is not dependable enough for me. He’s reaching across the Republican aisle much like McCain himself too often reaches across the aisle.

    Now I am taking a second look at the other CD5 wannabes. No thank you Schweikert, the McCain influence is exactly what this Party is trying to rid itself of.

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