Hugh Hallman takes a “Wiz” on Pullen and Arizona GOP

scarecrow.jpg  What do you do if you are a Republican Mayor, running for re-election, while keeping your eye on the Republican nomination for Attorney General in 2010?  Well, if you are Tempe Mayor Hugh Hallman, you inexplicably go on the attack!  According to the Yellow Sheet, while at yesterday’s Arizona Chamber annual meeting and awards luncheon, Hallman “drew some subdued groans…with less than flattering remarks about Pullen. We’re paraphrasing here, but Hallman said Pullen has brought Republicans and Democrats together—through a common enemy, the Republican Party.”

Nor was Hallman done with his outburst as he then broke into song, dedicating “An Ode to Immigration,” a takeoff on “If I Only Had a Brain” from The Wizard of Oz.  The final line to Arizona State GOP Chairman Randy Pullen?  “If you only had a brain.”

No word yet on whether Hallman will be relying on the “tainted cough syrup”, “elevated blood sugar” or “temporary insanity” defense.


  1. Nice Hugh, nice.

    Tempe right? Not exactly the scene of great Republican victories in 2006. I’m not sure about being mocked by Hallman after they go zero for everything in 2006.

    Maybe he thought he would be applauded for trying to suck up to a chamber crowd? After all, you know how much respect the business community has for a pandering politician who will say anything for love!

  2. Pullen can take it. Hallman’s schtick was totally harmless. The business community is very aware of Hallman’s accomplishments in turning around the formerly dismal business climate in Tempe. They will overlook some bad puns for all the big profits.

    If Pullen can make the same turn around in the Republican Party – then we’ll all know he has a brain.

  3. Hallman has never been involved as a Party activist and doesn’t think that the Party Chairman has a responsibility to represent the people who elected him. WOW, what a headline.

    Hey Hugh, the State Committeemen and Precinct Committeemen have UNANIMOUSLY voted to oppose amnesty in any form. I’m sure you don’t even know how those people get elected or what their responsibilities are.

    Hallman is another city official who only wants to recognize that there is a Party structure when he wants some monetary or grass roots volunteers to get elected. The reality is that he sucks from the same teats as Sproul, Liddy, Knaperak, Allen, and the rest of the McStains.

    If he wants to run in a partisan statewide race, he might want to get into alignment with the 91% of the likely Arizona Republican voters who oppose amnesty. Sucking up to the Tempe business community might help him now as he runs for re-election as Mayor, but this illegal immigration issue is the hottest issue of our lifetime.

    Politicians who are willing to sell out America for business profits of the Chamber members or other local pollitical expediency will not be forgotten even two years from now.

    I can guarantee that a Republican Attorney General with the Janet/Terry mindset regarding the non-enforcement of state and federal laws will not get a second look in the Primary.

  4. GOP PK: Au contraire- my friend. As a Precinct Committeemen: You are wrong. We don’t all oppose ‘amnesty’- many of us (excluding those opposing contributers on this blog) are in favor to comprehensive immigration reform.

    Yay for Hugh Hallman! Hugh is not the kind of guy who would ‘sell out’ anyone. He’s a pretty straight shooter. and evidently you don’t attend state meetings, Hallman is ALWAYS THERE.

    So tell me folks- why is it that we have numerous Republican elected officials and people stand out in our party who are in favor of comprehensive reform, and yet you guys still keep thinking athta you are in the majority?

  5. Gerry Mander says

    Eric in comment #2 is right. I was there and thought they were harmless little jabs at Pullen in front of a chamber of commerce audience.

    No harm, no foul.

  6. Au Contraire yourself. Check out the minutes of the MCRC Mandatory Meeting RE: a resolution passed by Precinct Committeemen.

    Plus, all of the top officers of both the state and Maricopa County (that encompasses 70% of all PC’s in the state) oppose amnesty. That might demonstrate whom is in the majority.

    Like some more reasons why we think we are in the majority?? Well, perhaps the results of the latest Rasmussen Reports poll that showed only 9% of the likely Republican voters in Arizona support the CRAP (Comprehensive Reform Amnesty Plan)would be one reason. Perhaps the fact that every initiative on the ballot that opposed the positions advocated by pro-amnesty groups passed by 70% to 82% would be another.

    Hallman may attend the state meeting, but he does not always attend the county meeting. Could that be due to visibility for a statewide race rather than true support for the Party?

    Also, a large number of those who support amnesty are Chamber types who have a vested interest in 21st century cheap labor and are joined by those who have in the past been employed by and were placed in their current jobs by McStain. Go figure.

  7. Best Medicine says

    If we cannot disagree in our party without the vitriol and bomb throwing, then we do not stand a chance against the opposition. The Democrats overlook huge misconduct and ineptness to hold together to beat us. If Pullen and his supporters cannot maintain intelligent dialogue with the ENTIRE Republican party, we do not stand a chance. Hugh Hallman is a principled Republican who has consistently worked with the party to make it better. If a few light-hearted jabs make some go nuclear, then I don’t hold out much hope for this party with the current leadership. Hallman made as many self depricating remarks as he did toward his own party chairman. Get thicker skin. Why do I find myself clicking my heals together?

  8. nightcrawler says

    GOP PK,

    Are you anti-business ? Sure sounds that way. “Chamber types” ? The Republican Party has always had a good relationship with the business community. Now is not the time to bite the hand the feeds you. Not all business people (or chamber members for that matter) subscribe to hiring cheap labor and support amnesty. Those sweeping characterizations dilute your points to the point of making them not credible.

  9. gop4ever2008 says

    Thankfully some folks in this state can still take a joke. Rumor has it that Hallman and Pullen talked later that day, that Hugh even shared the lyrics with him, and that the two of them chatted politics and Hugh’s future political plans — none of which apparently include guest hosting Saturday Night Live.

  10. No, I am not anti-business just as I am not anti-worker. The Chamber talking heads and lobbyists are in lockstep with each other, while at times at odds with many of their members. That is why I talk about the Chamber and not business. Read what Todd Sanders says, who is the spokesman for the Phoenix Chamber. Go down to the Capitol and listen to the lobbyists for the Arizona and the Tucson Chambers, etc.

    Read what I wrote, it is pretty clear. Let me reprint it as written: “Also, a large number of those who support amnesty are Chamber types who have a vested interest in 21st century cheap labor” As you will note, I never used the word business or businessmen, and I never said that all Chamber members were in lockstep with the leadership of the organization.

    Just as many union members are not in lockstep with union leadership, so many Chamber members are not in lockstep with Chamber leadership and lobbyists. If the members are unhappy at being so categorized, I suggest that they should take a more active role in defining the actions and positions taken by their hired hands.

    To summarize, you are the one that made a sweeping characterization that was not founded on fact.

  11. nightcrawler,


    This is a quote from an article by J.C. Watts as listed on Real Clear Pollitics today.

    “It’s important to do immigration reform and do it right. However, when you have Chamber of Commerce-types looking for cheap labor, Democrats looking for new voters and Republicans thinking border security only will solve the problem, I’m afraid we create a greater mess for the next generation, and not a better solution.”

    I guess that he is just another anti-business person.


    Here is what he does:

    He is chairman of the J.C. Watts Companies, which works with clients on strategies for business development, communications and public affairs. He serves on the boards of the Boy Scouts of America, the United States Military Academy, Africare, BNSF Railway, Clear Channel Communications, Dillard’s and Terex Corporation. He is the current chairman of GOPAC.

    Maybe you are so pro-amnesty that you must try to misrepresent what anyone who is opposed to the illegal invasion to our sovereignty through a Trojan Horse CRAP bill.

  12. Here we go again…eating our young. Hugh has pretty much turned Tempe around from a backwater community with only Mom and Pop businesses and Mill Avenue swarming with panhandlers. It is now a vibrant, business and community oriented city that enjoys progressive businesses, light rail (Hugh really had to work on this one with Transportation) and an excellent family oriented quality of life. No other city can make these claims.
    That being said, I’ve heard from a lot of my Democrat associates who read blogs like this one. General consensus? They’re not even worried about winning any races in 2008. The most common statement is “Hey, if these blogs represent your Party, you’ll never be able to stop fighting amongst yourselves long enough to put forth ANY candidates”. If I would go off the slings and arrows of outrageous stupidity spewed forth in the “Us versus Us” blogs, not only do we not have any local candidates due to the infighting, but the State GOP is also on it’s last legs. Something to consider before you folks get into a meaningless argument that goes nowhere.

  13. Hallman seems to have done a good job at Mayor and I’m sure he’ll be re-elected easily. That is one thing.

    Referring to the Republican Party as the enemy and singing “If you only had a brain” to your state party chairman, ESPECIALLY given all that has been going on with other attacks on the State GOP, might have been his idea of a joke, but it was stupid at best.

    Those who want to defend Hallman’s work as Mayor don’t need to, because no one is attacking it. In this case though, his judgement was very poor, and there really isn’t any point in trying to defend that.

  14. Insider101 says

    Here’s an idea…all this has managed to generate public support for Mr. Pullen. Isn’t that a GOOD thing? Hallman balances his genuinely serious side with ‘antics.’ He’s been known to jump in the lake (a couple of times) and generally has fun with the job. If his stupid little song brings people out to defend Mr. Pullen, then it’s not entirely bad. Hugh hasn’t got a mean bone in his body, whatever he was doing was done in fun. I believe that Mr. Pullen has appreciated the attention. Let’s move on.

  15. I can agree with that!

  16. PartyGuy says

    Isn’t Hallman a client of Nathan Sproul? It would explain a lot. I’m told that several of the legislators and lobbyists who were there were very uncomfortable during the act and felt it was very inappropriate. Of course, when you look at who the award winners were that day from the Legislature, they were all conservatives and likely allies of Pullen. Guess Hallman didn’t figure out who his audience was first. Unusual, given his relatively good political skills.

  17. Hallman was called “sophomoric” by one of the speakers (a businessman, not a politico).

    One or two jabs is fine, but he constantly made fun of Pullen while no such “jokes” were made about Democrats or Napolitano. If you are businessman or lobbyist in the audience, and were thinking about giving a donation to the Republican Party, Hallman made you think twice.

  18. nightcrawler says

    GOP PK,

    For the record I am not pro-amnesty nor do I support the current immigration bill. A comprehensive solution is needed, this isn’t it.

    That J.C. Watts quote was a reach. It is one man’s opinion amongst many.

    By the way, there is big difference between illegal labor and cheap labor.
    The next time you are in Wal-Mart check the manufacturer’s labels. We live in a global economy, cheap labor dominates the economy. Whether it be made in China or Mexico, it really doesn’t matter. Fast forward to India where many call centers handle US software support questions. That my friend, is reality.

    In end, if you succeed in your quest for protectionist and isolationist nirvana, prepare to pay $100 bucks for a pair of jeans, $75 bucks to mow your lawn and $10 for a Big Mac. Everything will cost more. People will buy less American products and turn instead to more overseas product. Get the picture ? As a nation we need access to cheap labor in order to stay competitive in the world economy. Are you willing to work for cheap ? How about your kids ?

    Immigration is the issue of our lifetime, no question. A lot of thought is needed on a macro level before addressing the micro issues.


    I am not attacking you personally. I am sure you are a fine person. No need to get so excited.

  19. Nightcrawler,

    Welcome to my world!

  20. nightcrawler,

    The purpose of the JC Watts quote was merely to demonstrate that you don’t have to be anti business to state that “a large number of those who support amnesty are Chamber types who have a vested interest in 21st century cheap labor.”

    Also, the scare tactics of highly inflated potential costs has run its course. Originally it was the cost of lettuce was going to triple or worse. Then we find out the total income to the farmer for a head of lettuce is six cents. That covers labor, land, taxes, machinery, product, profit, etc. So if you double the pay, you will then arrive at a cost of seven to eight cents a head of lettuce to the farmer. The same type of thing happens in every product that the consumer purchases. I mean, do you have any idea what the retail labor cost is for a Big Mac? Do you want to bet it is less than fifty cents, so you could double the labor costs and still have a Big Mac for less then $3.

    I’ll take that if I can reduce my state general fund tax costs by over thirty percent. I think it would be a net winner for me and for all Arizonans – except, possibly some Chamber types.

    There is no reason not to enforce the rule of law and protect the sovereignty of our country especially in these times of worldwide terrorism.

    By the way, I am not excited, just unwilling to allow inaccurate or misleading information to be distributed without accurate rebuttal.

    PS: I join Ann in welcoming you to her world.

  21. nightcrawler says

    GOP PK,

    I have addressed your post above under the “To What End” thread.

  22. Well, I have addressed yours there also.

    The reason JC Watts comment was important was that he is a business person, lobbies for large money for business interests and sees the same problem about “Chamber types”. Therefore , it stands to reason that you can criticize some “Chamber types” without being anti-business.

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