Huckabee Emerging As Top Tier Candidate

As I commented in an earlier post, Governor Mike Huckabee really stood out in Tuesday night’s South Carolina debate. I personally thought he came off the most sincere and focused. Now the South Carolina press is backing up my observation (read article).


  1. I am supporting Mike Huckabee. Senator Gould is leaning that way. Senator Linda Gray and Representative Doug Clark are interested in hearing more. Mike Huckabee will be the candidate for Evangelical Christians to support.

  2. Mr. Conservative says

    Can Huckabee raise more than $500K in one quarter? Come on, if he can’t do it by the end of next quarter, he needs to go back home and run for the U.S. Senate and beat the Democrat who is running for re-election.

  3. That is a good point.

  4. DoubleDecafLatte says

    Huckabee probably has a better chance of being elected President of Jenny Craig or Weight Watchers. Just my two cents.

  5. Reality Check.

    It is May, 2007. The election is almost 18 months away and A LOT can change.

    Just today, Senator McCain hammered the last nail in to his political campaign coffin.

    And there is no way in hell that evangelicals (a major part of the base) will support Giuliani’s radical pro-abortion, pro-homosexuality positions, especially when leaders like James Dobson condemn their positions.

    Huckabee definitley sounded like he found his voice in Tuesday’s debate and it resonated with conservatives Christians.

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