How NOT to Impress New Legislators

Sucking up is a required skill, it seems, especially for college and university professors who spend a lot of time with their hands out for public funds.  So its no surprise when these schools hold events to honor outgoing legislators, thanking them for their “service” (Read:  Our Money) while they forge new friendships with the next crop of elected folks, hopeful of an equally productive relationship.  Show the new kids how you will gush over them when they’re done and they’ll be far more likely to pony up the taxpayer dough.

One such school engaged in the process is small Cochise College, in Southeastern Arizona, which decided to host an event on December 17th to honor, thank, and otherwise get acquainted with folks.  The emailed invitation from school president Karen Nicodemus reads as follows:

Over the past several years, Cochise College has felt extremely fortunate to be represented in the legislature by District 25 and 30 members of the Senate and House.  The college Governing Board and President Nicodemus invite you and your guest to join us for a combination “thank you” and “get acquainted” luncheon on Wednesday, December 17, 2008.

The college is taking this opportunity to recognize and thank Senate President Tim Bee, Senate Minority Leader Marsha Arzberger, and Representatives Jennifer Burns and Marian McClure for their service to southeastern Arizona and, specifically, Cochise College.  We also look forward to congratulating incoming Senators Manny Alvarez and Jonathon Paton on their move from the House to the Senate, as well as new Representatives Frank Antenori, Patricia Fleming, David McGowan, and David Stevens.  For those not as familiar with Cochise College, we also look forward to sharing some of the college’s ongoing initiatives and activities.

We would be honored by your presence on December 17, 2008 from 11:00 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.  The luncheon is to be held on our Sierra Vista Campus, Andrea Cracchiolo Library, Room 900.  Please RSVP to [RSVP information was removed for the blog post].

Karen Nicodemus, President
Cochise College

Of course, the college will certainly be able to count on support from its most local legislator, Cochise County’s own David Gowan, who likely lives a short walk from the school.  It is hard to imagine how they might possibly screw that relationship up.  Maybe they could start by not knowing his name?  Not a great way to McStart things is what we say.  It might get things off on the wrong McFoot.  And why is writing this McPost giving me a strange craving for a burger, fries and shake?  McWeird! (corrected, thanks!)


  1. Maybe they were trying to impress him by calling him McGyver. Or maybe they were sore about the $200K they spent on a losing candidate and a near freudian slip leaning toward “McGovern”.

  2. GOP Mom, Esq. says

    And STS needs to apparently run spell-check, too. Unless the author had a Super Sized McDonald’s coffee and was feeling a little McWired. Or maybe it was the Big Mac and fries that left you feeling McWeird? 😉 I before e except after c as in weird neighbor.

  3. Big cacti daddy says

    Someone should check on what and how, exactly, Cochise College is spending its CAREER and TECHNICAL EDUCTION funds?
    The federal goverment is very specific, and even the state is kinda specific.
    I believe its time for an outside, non-state entity to take a look before Carl D. Perkins rolls over!!

  4. It’s not that unusual to see this kind of text “slop” these days. Incorrect grammar, mispelled words, mangled names.

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