Houston, we have a problem

Huckabee Kansas 

Senator McCain is close to winning the GOP nomination but there is still one viable candidate in the race, former Governor Mike Huckabee. Today Kansas held their primary caucus and it looks like the governor was the clear winner. Will he, can he catch McCain? Stay tuned.

As we noted earlier Huckabee receives the top score from pro-life groups and had an A from Arizona State Rifle and Pistol Association. McCain got a C- from ASPRA. I wonder if any of that will help in Texas.

Wonder how Huckabee will do down in Louisiana?


  1. Huckabee is a phenom and makes me proud. I do not need to support him for POTUS to admire his will, strength, and Christian attitude in all he has done. America is a great place where good people can use a message over money and still be heard.

    The numbers are not on his side. He would need over 80% of all the delegates left to come close to the nomination. Romney has not endorsed anyone, by doing so he would lose his delegates, but is holding on for those to be played at the convention, if need be. Based on his comments at the CPAC, I suspect he will use those to push McCain to the top.

    The civility and mutual respect of the race between Huckabee and McCain is an example from which we could all take a lesson.


    McCain is going to be the GOP nominee! I freely admit that I didn’t think it would happen either, but it’s now a sure thing. Focus on getting one of your brethren on the ticket with him, because that’s all you have left.

    The first blow for the Right was the self-destruction of George Allen. That was followed by the many miscalculations by Mitt Romney, which included his failure to adequately explain his shifts on major issues, his overreliance on negative ads in both Iowa and New Hampshire and the simple fact that he was just not much of a campaigner. Rudy’s moronic decision to skip the early states deprived you of someone who might have cost McCain some votes in New Hampshire and South Carolina. Finally, the Crist endorsement of McCain in Florida was a death blow. See this article to read about its impact, which was far stronger than most endorsements:


    The great thing about this for those of us planning to vote Democratic in November is more significant than the fact that some on the Right will sit out this election and wait for 2012; the far greater attribute for either Clinton or Obama is that McCain is now boxed in, forced to suck up to all of you, or risk your fleeing his camp. This will inevitably turn off moderates and independents who will wonder what happened to all the “straight talk.” Independents have been favoring Democrats lately anyway, so this is great news.

  3. Sonoran Alliance says


    I am amazed at how worked up people get when we are just reporting the news. We did not even say anything bad about McCain. In fact we acknowledge that he pretty much has won. In the words of Senator McCain, Calm down. We certainly have.

  4. SA..guess what?…we agree!

  5. I’ll believe you’re just “reporting the news” if the picture and headline match for McCain’s next victory.

  6. Frank Soto says

    you’re just reporting the news the same way the AZ Republic does.

  7. “Arizona’s premeir conservative political blog…promoting conservative thoght and principles…” Sorry, just had to go back and read the first words on your site. Yep, I’m in the right place. You don’t see the Repulsive advertizing truthfuly that they are the premier liberal newspaper in the state.

    Tim, Frank..Turn the channel if you don’t like this one. SA, we got some real border crashers here.


    Huckabee, We’re praying for you!

  8. John McCain cannot win in the General Election without his conservative base. Shortly, I will be publishing an open letter to the Senator that will demand comittments on a number of issues in order to have my vote. I’m sure there are millions of other conservatives who will agree with me.

  9. An open letter HAH! Why do you think he calls himself the maverick?! Without the Huckabee miracle, it’s over. Let the dems have it. It will be the last chance for Republicans to understand it’s conservative or nothing. Our worst scenario is a liberal republican wins. We’ll likely never see another conservative President. McLame CANNOT be trusted. How many times do you have to see that before you believe it?

  10. Take your Litmus Tests and Pound Sand. says


    Everyone is sick of this “unless he or she does X or does not do X then…..I will not support”

    People like you are fair weather friends you sit and wait until your elected officials and candidates cross some ever changing invisible line you draw and then BAM !! off with their heads.

    There is not any real support from people like you…It is based on some house of cards that you assemble. It is for this reason that you truly are a dying breed and with each passing year you become more politically irrelevant.
    And you all said McCain was toast ha ha ha

  11. Sounds like you don’t want millions of votes? So much for the Republican coalition – RIP

  12. kralmajales says

    Guess what though, what’s happening right now is a major problem for McCain. If he is the nominee and the purported winner then why is he losing in Lousiana right now? Why did he lose Kansas, even with Dole’s and Brownback’s backing? Why is he losing a state like Washington, which should be very friendly to his type of campaign (noting of course that there is a long way to go in Washington and Lousiana yet)?

    Are we seeing Romney’s conservative voters moving to Huck?

    Last, even if Huck doesn’t get the noted number of delegates, he COULD go in close…and if he goes in close and with some momentum…don’t you think this might really have an impact on the convention, if not the party as a whole?

    I just think it is pretty amazing that with all the attention and winning McCain has done, that he could potentially lose all three contests tonight. THAT is news.

  13. So, you’re looking for blind loyalty? You don’t think track records matter? Go ahead and put your trust in mccain. Been there done that bought the t-shirt. Got POW/MIA investigation closing by Chairman McCain.

  14. kralmajales says

    Not sure is anyone is interested in my thoughts on Clinton and Obama, but tonight is a big deal also for the dems. People keep talking about Clinton’s big wins from Super Tuesday, but we forget a few things:

    She was majorly ahead and was doing really well with African-American voters.

    She was to have the best organization of all and would draw out countless women voters.

    She is the establishment pick and that would be important in places like caucuses.

    YET…she is LOSING caucuses and no ONE seems to be making this point. Caucuses benefit those with organization and party regulars, yet Obama is kicking tail in all of them…two more tonight. In addition, despite all the Clintonian muscle in the south, he is winning it and big. Finally, Washington surprises the hell out of me. While it is liberal, it is the very type of state that Hillary should win. Easily…she lost almost 3-1.

    I think we are REALLY seeing something amazing here.

  15. kralmajales,
    we’re not.

  16. kralmajales says

    Thought you might be a political junkie like I am. I can tell you that I am interested in your race.

  17. Kral,

    I predicted months ago that the Dems will nominate Obama as Pres and Hillary as VP. The American people have had 20 years of Bush-Clinton-Bush and don’t want to go back. Yes, truly fascinating what’s going on with the Dems…

  18. DSW,

    Please do what Josey did and re-register as a NOP. John McCain WILL BE the GOP Nominee and NOTHING you do is going to stop it. Either get on board or sit out. Guess you really do want Hillary Clinton as the next President?

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