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     The Goldwater Institute has released their 2006 Legislative Report Card. No big surprises. Steve Huffman went down to a C- minus in 2006 from a C+ last year. Steve’s score is 1 point away from a D and they grade on the curve!

     I thought this guy was a conservative. I am guessing that Jim Click is not a big supporter of the institute. One of the few fellow legislators supporting Steve, Pete Hershberger, got a typical D-. Pete tied with Russ Jones as the most liberal Republican in the House for 2006. Huffman sure runs with a pretty liberal crowd.

Thursday 9-7-06, 12:55 pm

Other notes:

Looks like the stalking web site dedicated to a State Senator’s curtains was run by the same guy who registered Steve Huffman’s campaign site. As a reminder Steve’s former campaign treasurer had a restraining order issued against him for trespassing and taking pictures in the windows of said State Senator.

The East Valley Tribune has a nice profile on Len Munsil’s hired gun, Nathan Sproul. According to the article Sproul is still under investigation in Oregon for a possible felony violation.

I do not think the McCain endorsement will do that much for Munsil. It gave Linda Valdez a chance to vent.


  1. RINOspotter says

    And, of course, there is the Goldwater Institute’s overall D+ rating of Carolyn Allen (wow, what a Republican Senator!) just edging out Hellon, and RINO Michele Reagan’s solid D.

    Meanwhile, Colette Rosati is rated at the top of the House list with an A-.

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