Horizon: John Kavanagh on Obama’s New Immigration Enforcement Policy

Great interview on Horizon of State Representative John Kavanagh on President Obama’s new immigration enforcement deferment policy.


  1. sleepergirl says

    I like that John Kavanagh brings up the fact that Obama issued a fiat without backing it up with process/procedure and especially without budgetary support. How in the world will the current INS staff manage with an influx of 800K to up to 3 million new “work” visas?

    Not only that, but there were likely be a very negative impact on youth employment for US citizens, which is already high during this economic turndown.

    From PolitiFact.com: We found that in January 2008 — a year before Obama took office and right after the most recent recession began — the unemployment rate for Americans 16 to 24 years of age was 11.7 percent. By January 2009, that had surged to 14.9 percent, and it surged again by January 2010 to 18.7 percent. By January 2011, it had begun to recover, dropping to 17.9 percent and falling again by January 2012 to 16.0 percent.

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