Jeff DeWit

Phoenix – Jeff DeWit, CEO/Investment Professional and Arizona State Treasurer candidate, announced today that Former Arizona State Senator and retired U.S. Army Special Forces (Green Beret), Frank Antenori has endorsed his candidacy.

“With the Governor’s race grabbing a lot of press, many folks may not be paying the deserved attention to the GOP State Treasurer’s race. The office of Treasurer needs someone with a track record of successful investing, someone we can trust with our tax dollars and who we can trust to tell the truth when Arizona is in financial trouble,” said Antenori.  “There is only one candidate with the credibility and the qualifications to do that job and that’s Jeff DeWit.  Besides being a licensed investment professional for over 20 years, Jeff has the business and financial background to safeguard Arizona tax dollars.  That’s why I am wholeheartedly supporting Jeff DeWit for Arizona State Treasurer.”

“I’m honored to have Frank’s endorsement. He has been a strong voice for conservative values and fiscal responsibility,” said DeWit.  “Knowing that I have his support in this race is extremely meaningful.”




About Jeff DeWit: Jeff is a successful CEO/Investment Professional with over 21 years of experience. Jeff started in the financial business in 1992, becoming one of the youngest licensed Investment Executives with Smith Barney Shearson. He then traded on the exchange floor as one of the youngest full members of the CME and Chicago Board of Trade. In 1999 Jeff founded ECHOtrade, and served as CEO from their Phoenix headquarters for 14 years. His passion for finance and his 21 years of experience in minimizing risk while maximizing returns in the financial markets, are perfectly suited to the job of Treasurer. For more information about Jeff DeWit or his campaign for State Treasurer, please visit www.JeffDeWit.com. You can also follow campaign updates on Facebook at www.facebook.com/JeffDeWitAZ or on Twitter at @JeffDeWitAZ.

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