Homosexual Marriage Ban Fails in State Senate

Today, by a vote of 14-11, the State Senate failed to pass a resolution referring an amendment to the ballot (SCR 1042) which would clarify and solidify the definition of marriage in Arizona as between one man and one woman.

Cathi Herrod, President of the Center for Arizona Policy, issued a very good summary of what happened which we will re-print here. We also encourage you to sign up for The Center for Arizona Policy’s email alerts.

Breaking News – Marriage Amendment Fails on Senate Vote

This morning, the Arizona Senate failed by one vote to pass the Arizona marriage amendment (SCR 1042). No Democrat supported the marriage amendment while one Republican opposed the marriage amendment.  Several senators missed the vote, including Sen. Karen Johnson who has been a strong supporter of traditional values.

The meaning of today’s vote:  while it’s not over until the legislature adjourns, today’s vote puts the marriage amendment on life support.  For the amendment to be on the November ballot, 16 senators have to vote yes.  

Our CAP policy team along with our pro-marriage allies will continue to seek ways to have 16 senators present to vote yes so that Arizona’s courts and politicians don’t redefine marriage for us.  We continue to consider it a top priority for the people to decide the definition of marriage, not the courts and not the politicians.
Note:  Under Senate Rules, a senator can move to have a vote reconsidered only if the senator was on the prevailing side.  One of our strongest marriage amendment supporters, Sen. Linda Gray, therefore, voted no today so that she then could move to have the vote reconsidered.  Sen. Gray then successfully made the motion to have the vote reconsidered.  This keeps the door open for another vote on the marriage amendment before the legislature adjourns.

Check the recorded vote by clicking here.  If your senator supported the marriage amendment, email them to thank them for their support.  If your senator missed the vote or voted no, email and call them TODAY to ask for their support for the marriage amendment.

Pray that the marriage amendment still makes it to the November ballot.

Today’s vote was as follows: (Can you guess the lone Republican who voted against it for non-procedural purposes?)


Y = Yes
N = No
NV = Not Voting
EXC = Excused
V = Vacant

Sylvia Allen
Timothy S. Bee
Robert Blendu
Robert “Bob” Burns 
Pamela Gorman
Ron Gould
Chuck Gray
Jack W. Harper
John Huppenthal
Barbara Leff
Tom O’Halleran
Jay Tibshraeny
Thayer Verschoor
Jim Waring

Paula Aboud
Amanda Aguirre
Carolyn S. Allen <= Lone Republican
Marsha Arzberger
Meg Burton Cahill
Ken Cheuvront
Jorge Luis Garcia
Albert Hale
Debbie McCune Davis
Charlene Pesquiera

Karen Johnson
Leah Landrum Taylor
Richard Miranda
Rebecca Rios
Victor Soltero

Linda Gray


  1. Why did Tim Bee wait so long to bring this up for a vote? He knew Johnson was going away and he waits until he doesn’t have the votes to bring it up? He’s had weeks to do this! DUDE!!!

  2. SonoranSam says

    This may create problems for Cathy Herrod, and I feel bad for her.

    But it was a victory for basic human rights.


  3. DoubleDecafLatte says

    If Cathy Herrod and Amendment supporters lose ROUND 1 they should show us their stuff and collect signatures door-to-door and in church parking lots.

    It should be easy

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