Hmm…Not So Bad

     Tedski got us thinking what happens if Napolitano is selected to run for VP with Obama. If Janet resigns before the vote then Jan Brewer becomes governor. Then if McCain pulls it out and wins and has to step down from his position in the senate Brewer appoints his successor. Maybe she could chose a moderate conservative like Andrew Thomas.


  1. Is this blog losing it? Now Andy Thomas is only a “moderate conservative”?

    What do you have to do around here to be considered an actual conservative?

    And how did the window get so small that Andy Thomas is not considered a “conservative”?

    Too many authors on this website now, and they’re going to drive your conservative readers away with their insistence on 100% purity.

  2. John, the label “moderate conservative” was aimed at Tedski. We are big fans of Andy.

  3. GOP Boomer Gal says

    I doubt that Jan would pick Andy. Bet she would choose Dean Martin.

  4. Well, if we have to have Dean Martin as our U.S. senator. Twist my arm.

  5. Iris Lynch says

    Martin is a great guy, but so is Andy. Further, Andrew Thomas has the experience in law that Martin does not. I would much prefer a guy who KNOWS law and can also be a host at a cocktail party than the reverse. And, yes, when you are a real defender of law and order, you are a conservative.

  6. GOP Boomer Gal says

    Personally, I’d prefer fewer lawyers and more economists in the Capitol.

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