Hitting it out of the park.

     Bruce Ash was the guest on this Friday’s Arizona Illustrated Roundtable. The video is posted on KUAT and should serve as a template on how to talk with the liberal media.


  1. Bruce did a great job explaining where we are and how we need to get there!

    And Nintzel still looks like a Fragglerock character!

  2. Bruce Ash is, in my humble opinion, doing more to build the GOP in Southern Arizona than any person or group of people. The guy is absolutely amazing. What a great consensus builder. He’s doing what everyone said we as a party needed to do following the 2006 election: find areas we can agree and build from there.

    Plus he can deliver the red meat to defeat the Demolibs.

    Bruce, we all salute you and thank you for your hard work rebuilding Team GOP. You rock!

  3. BA was on his game.

  4. Gotta love it! Good job to Bruce and a well done to the folks at the State Party. They’re staying on message, doing the background research, and equipping their spokespeople. He’s a quality act and represents us well.

  5. Wow, Ernesto por Toilet was doing the job that Ann Brown sent him out to do….first question out of the gate was shouldn’t Tim Bee declare his candidacy? What a tool.

    Ohhh, and then the surprise follow-up Democratic Party(TM) talking point. He had to go there. Ernesto por Toilet had to go to how do Republicans get the Latino vote with the illegal immigration issue being a top issue. Boy that caught me completely off guard, wasn’t expecting that from Ernesto. That wasn’t enough, he had to call the Republican agenda “anti-immigration” and then in a follow up he called Republicans “anti-Latino”. “Anti-Latino”! He said it, first anti immigration (mentirosa mentirosa pantalones en fuego) then “Anti Latino” (yup, the big Democrat game plan, call Republicans “Anti Latino”) He played the race card they’ve been playing over and over and over. Bruce was much nicer than Ernesto por Toilet deserved.

    Republicans are not anti immigration. Republicans are anti ILLEGAL immigration. Big difference. Republicans are not anti Latino. Republicans are anti ILLEGAL immigration. Of course he knows that but Ernesto continually throws lies out there. ERNESTO, stop calling me a racist, I’m sick of it.

    Note to Jim Nitzel: business support is veering toward Democrats BECAUSE DEMOCRATS ARE IN POWER IN CONGRESS. Geez, come on Jim, you’re smart enough to figure that out!

    “Clear perception”, that’s rich Ernesto, you tool.

    Bravo Bruce! Great job and you were much nicer to Ernesto por Toilet than his behavior warranted.

  6. Bruce did a nice job. Ernesto wasn’t a “tool”, he had questions that needed to be asked. I’m very critical of the Tucson media, but they were fine tonight.

  7. Ernesto stated that Republicans are anti-immigration and anti-Latino. That’s not a question, it’s an accusation. A pretty serious one. He makes the same accusation on a weekly basis in his column. If you think that’s fine that’s your business. Myself I’m pretty tired of it.

  8. Hey Think Right, tell us again how Ernesto por Toilet asked “questions that need to be asked”. What other questions “need to be asked”? Please tell us. Myself I’m pretty curious. Figured you’d have some more for us.

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