Hillary’s Pick Euthanized

A real shocker at the Kentucky Derby as Eight Belles finishes second, collapses and is then euthanized on the track due to two broken ankles. Eight Belles was the only filly in the race finishing right behind Big Brown.

Yesterday when asked who Hillary Clinton was backing to win, she replied, why the only filly in the race, Eight Belles. Barack Obama chose Colonel John as his pick with Big Brown to show.

One can only imagine the political pundits all over this one.


  1. A little insensitive of you don’t you think? Obviously you don’t follow these amazing animals and have to tie everything to politics?

  2. It’s already a topic over at Huffington Post. My posting was simply speculation that the pundits were going to see this whole sad situation with politically-stained glasses on.

  3. Well it is incredibly sad and should be left at that. The whole celebrity show at the Derby is stupid. I have followed this sport for years and this was a tragedy indeed. While I follow politics closely, it really has no place in this situation. Not now.

  4. I mean look at the headline of this post. “Hillary’s pick euthanized”? Come on.

  5. GOP Spartan says

    Take a chill pill Dennis. It’s a horse not someone’s grandmother. While I have the utmost respect for animals, I sill consider them just that; animals.

    It sucks losing a multi-million dollar horse, which after all is the reality, it’s a business.

  6. And in actual poltical news, the Democratic candidate in Louisiana CD-6 won a district that hasn’t been held by a Dem in over 33 years. And this is after the NRCC, “Freedom’s” Watch and Club for Growth dumped in a lot of money tying Cazayoux to Obama.

    Guess Angry Black Guy-gate doesn’t have legs.

    Batten down the hatches, kids. November’s going to be fun.

  7. Oh Klute, bless your heart….dream big!

    November is a long way off and angry black guy-gate is not the only thing you need to worry about.

  8. MS-1, next Tuesday, that’s the one to watch. If the Democratic candidate wins there… tell me how that wouldn’t be an omen of forbidding and doom for the GOP. As it is, the GOP is down 235-199 before the election.

    “Oh Klute, bless your heart….dream big!”

    Well, they’re not Fred Thompson-esque big dreams, but they’re pretty big… 😉

    For the record, I’m not measuring the Oval Office for drapes, but I am asking around for prices.

  9. From my experience, you better make sure all deposits are refundable.

  10. After Hillary is through stomping all over the primary with her proprietary brand of mudslinging, the Democratic Party may have to be euthanized. Her people unleashed Rev. Wright on the nation to “further clarify” his remarks. If she wins the nomination, it may well go down as a pyrrhic victory.

  11. Hey Klute,

    Reading the WSJ story on the LA vote doesn’t sound much like a Dem victory to gauge anything on. Cazayoux is a pro-life, pro-gun Dem running for Senate in a special election as an incumbent in the House. The voters of this district had already given this guy the nod, they just moved his office.

    Mississippi is safe. Wicker was a strong House seat and Lott is revered. Wicker took Lott’s spot, the voters will not let the loss of the seat to a Dem be the legacy of Lott’s retirement.

  12. Ann,

    Also from WSJ:

    “The National Republican Congressional Committee, the party’s campaign arm, had spent at least half a million dollars on ads defining Mr. Cazayoux as a liberal Democrat who embraced the “radical agenda” of Sen. Obama and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.”

    It’s a victory for a few reasons.

    1. The NRCC is bleeding cash on failed races. Hastert’s seat, another loss, also comes to mind. Freedom’s Watch and Club for Growth are also hemmoraging money on these races. Tom Cole must feel like swallowing a hand-grenade.

    2. It’s a nice boost to the propaganda war. It’ll energize the rank and file of the Democratic Party and have the opposite effect on the GOP.

    3. It boosts Obama. The NRCC, Freedom’s Watch, and Club for Growth tried to turn this into a referendum on Obama – if that was going to work, it was going to work now, especially with the month of April to our backs.

    4. Being against party orthodoxy (unless you’re actively campaigning for the other candidate, a la Miller and Lieberman) is only a venal sin in Democratic party. As my grandfathers were partisans in WWII, I’m pro-gun rights. I can name you a bunch of people with actual power in the Democratic party who are. We don’t denigrate those that deviate from the platform as “RINO”s. We call them “Blue Dogs” and we believe they are vital to the health of the party.

    And as for MS-1:

    Childers BARELY missed winning the race outright (forced to the runoff by .06), and beat the GOP candidate by about 3%. Sound familiar?

    Here’s the CQ POlitics story:


    “the voters will not let the loss of the seat to a Dem be the legacy of Lott’s retirement.”

    Just like they didn’t with Hastert? Or whoever held the seat for 22 years in LA-6?

    Even if we lose MS-1, it goes back to point 1. THe NRCC is BLEEDING cash on races they shouldn’t have to spend a dime on: LA-6, MS-1, IL-14. These are districts that went huge for Bush in ’04 and re-elected GOPers in ’06. Where are they going to get money for Tim Bee? Whoever faces Harry Mitchell? For AZ-1?

    We’re going to gain in the House, we’re going to gain in the Senate, we’re probably going to take the White House, AZ’s Congressional delegation could flip to blue for the first time since ???, and if that happens, we get the Supreme Court in due time.

    Yes, it’s a bit of tulip mania my side, but I’m going to indulge myself.

  13. You aptly describe Southern Democrats. Their granddaddies were Dems, their daddies were Dems, and they will stay a Dem…To denounce being a Democrat to many is like saying you don’t like sweet tea or calling yourself a Yankee! And so it will be until they have to accept voting for someone who absolutely refutes everything else they are.

    We’ve had this conversation before. We both have our southern roots, family, and contacts that remain a part of the culture. We will just have to wait it out. Enjoy your moment. 🙂

  14. From The WSJ:
    Mr. Cazayoux won the race by three percentage points despite strong efforts by the National Republican Congressional Committee, the Club for Growth and Freedom Watch, which together poured more than $500,000 into the special election. His victory is another vindication of the model pursued by Democratic Rep. Rahm Emanuel in picking candidates to challenge GOP control of the House in 2006 — recruiting where necessary culturally conservative candidates who didn’t exhibit a strong liberal voting record.

    “It is true that Mr. Jenkins was not the strongest candidate — a polarizing force in Baton Rouge politics, he had lost four statewide races over the last quarter century. Bernie Pinsonat, a pollster with Baton Rouge-based Southern Media and Opinion Research, told the AP that the Jenkins loss had little to do with any national political shift. “Democrats have a hard time winning in Louisiana, except when Woody runs,” Mr. Pinsonat said. “I think Cazayoux got the only Republican opponent he could have beaten.”

    Mr. Pinsonat said Republicans have a chance of taking back the seat in the fall — perhaps with a different candidate: “Cazayoux is not better than an even bet to win in the fall. He’ll have to work from now to November to hold on to that seat, and it’ll still be iffy.”

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