Hillary Can’t, Hillary Shouldn’t

It took them long enough to figure out that Hillary’s negatives are too high to win a general election! Bill Clinton only won the popular vote with 43% in 1992 and that was with help from the crazy nutter from Texas. Whatever made Dems think that Hillary is more warm and fuzzy than Bill?

Now that they’ve figured out that Hillary can’t win the general and shouldn’t win the primary, watch for resources to pour into the Obama campaign.


  1. kralmajales says

    I hope you are right. He will clean the clocks of anyone you put up. We will have a wonderful society thereafter.

  2. Oh kral, I hope you are enjoying the time you have now because, I’m pretty sure it isn’t going to last.

    Obama is not a bad character, but while he is making a great showing, he has yet to define himself beyond being the not-Hillary. When it is all about him, and him alone, he is lost for a message. Hope was a good start, but where do you go from there? He is a great campaigner and has weathered the Clinton machine better than most expected but I expect it is a minor taste of what is to come.

    He may be the nominee but he will be so battle worn and exposed, the undecideds will be “iffy” at best. Then, as much as I hate to say it, the reality is there are a great many voters who still are not ready for a woman or a person of color in that office. They may be old, they may be wrong, they may be totally undeserving of the right to vote in a free and open election…but they are real and they will vote.

    The white hot light of the guy who challenged Hillary and won will overexpose him to the point of becoming old and tired about 5 minutes after the nomination is made.

  3. Frank Soto says

    you know what I love about politics? We will get to see whether Kral or Ann is right in November. I love when there is a clear winner and loser 😉

  4. Barack Obama will have nine months between February 5th and November to make the case for an Obama Presidency. He’s not going to flame out in that time, especially with a united party behind him, driving forward with the momentum of the past two years.

  5. Tim, you are correct, the Dems are united. What happened to the GOP being united???
    All we seem to be able to do is tear eachother down. Disgraceful.

    Ann, I agree with you that Obama has no clear definition of his policies or who he is, other than “not hillary”- but people seem to enjoy that about him. Ignorance is bliss…until we see him as President. Then the most liberal senator will be the most liberal president & we will certainly feel the wrath.

    Conservatives need to stop tearing down Hillary. Let her be the nominee. We have a better chance of kicking her *ss in November 08 than any other Dem they can put up.

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