Hildy Angius goes to Kingman, confronts Mohave County Supervisors on questionable lease agreement

Hildy Angius searches out for reasons why the county rents office space in high rent districts when the county has several buildings will empty space. Angius then receives a sarcastic response from Supervisor Gary Watson. The returned attitude from Mohave County Supervisor is unproductive to the democratic process.

Hildy Angius is also a candidate for Mohave County Supervisor. View her website here.


  1. The Cities, County and School Boards must be more in tune with the taxpayer. TEA Party folks have been enormously helpful in keeping the fire close to the crook’s feet. These local governments have become a nest of incest where everybody is tapping the change in the taxpayer’s pockets and they are usually tied to family members of the Board members who are writing the checks. . It’s Arizona corruption run rampant. We must remain vigilant in turning over every stone and looking at every line item in order to save ourselves money. Cuz it appears that no matter who you elect to office, once they are settled in, they go with the flow. Sunlight is the best antiseptic. Let the light shine on !

    • True Conservative says

      Can you give some examples?

      If they are crooks, then let us send them to jail.

      If they are not crooks; rather, they are poor administrators of the public trust and funds, the let us vote them out.

      Whatever is truth, let us use the terms appropriate for that condition.

      Politically, holding someone’s feet to the fire means voting them out … that is what I’d like to see more of.

  2. So, instead of answering her question, they decide to see if they can adjust the rent???

    Buster, I am ashamed of you — use the space you have, and stop wasting taxpayer’s money!

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