Hershberger loses by 556 votes.

     We are not predicting the future. Actually we are pointing a big weaknesses in one of Pete Hershberger’s attacks on Al Melvin, that he lost an election. Melvin is certainly in good company by not having a perfect record at the ballot box. President Abraham Lincoln lost a few. The current President Bush lost his first race for congress as did his father. Jonathan Paton took a while to get it right. Even Hershberger’s supposed political mentor Berry Goldwater lost big in 1964. And… In 1976 Joseph Peter Hershberger III lost a senate race by 556 votes to a Democrat in roughly the same district as the current 26.

     Speaking of Hershberger and Melvin they squared off again Wednesday afternoon at the Saddlebrooke Republican Club meeting. Classic red meat politics. While Melvin was taking Hershberger to task for voting for the governor’s budget he tagged Hershberger for supporting statewide photo radar. Hershberger took the bait and started talking revenue, the safety factor of driving slower, and reducing driving speeds to save gas. I thought he was going to bust out a cardigan, don a southern accent, and pull up a chair for a fireside chat. Total flashback to the late 1970s.

     If you have not yet seen Melvin/Hershberger debate the LD 26 meeting this Saturday will feature perhaps the final face off before early voting begins. The meeting starts at 9:30 am at the Metropolitan Water District building on the west side of La Canada just below Orange Grove. Get there early for a good seat.

     You can read more coverage of the primary on the Explorer News site.


  1. Lordy, even the mention of Hershberger claiming Goldwater as a mentor gives me the creeps. That’s like a communist claiming Reagan as a mentor. They are polar opposites.

  2. SonoranSam says

    No, Pete Hershberger is solidly in the Goldwater tradition. It’s the extremist Republicans who are out of step with Goldwater. He spoke out against themwhen he was alive, and he’s probably doing wheelies in his grave every time someone mentions the “Goldwater Institute.”

  3. Go back and read Carter’s speech and you’ll see he was 100% right, and if his ideas had been carried out, we would not be having the energy and environmental problems today. So I say more {green} power to Mr. Hershberger!

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