Hershberger a big hit with Planned Parenthood.

     Republican National Committeewoman from Pennsylvania Christine Olson co-hosted a Planned Parenthood Advocates of Arizona fundraiser for candidate Pete Hershberger last night. The soiree was actually in district 28 at the quaint Arizona Inn. About 15 to 20 people showed up for hors d’oeuvres at the $125 event. Even former State Senator Toni Hellon attended. Democrat donor Joan Cauthorn was listed as the other host besides Olson.

     Thursday night’s event continues Hershberger’s knack for raising funds from out-of-district special interest groups like Maricopa County lawyers, lobbyists, and PAC’s.

     Hershberger is in a tough position in the primary. If he raises too little money he will have trouble getting out his message. Too much and he will just end up funding the Al Melvin campaign thanks to the voter approved Citizens Clean Elections Commission.


  1. “…thanks to the voter approved Citizens Clean Elections Commission.”

    Do I detect a note of bitterness re: representative democracy?

  2. Any bitterness is strictly limited to religion and guns. Clean Elections has been a huge boost to the conservative wing of the GOP. And it is not supported by the general fund but rather through voluntary $5 contributions, tax return check-offs, and those who choose to drive over the speed limit.

  3. Well, then make me an honoray conservative, because I always check off that $5.00 block, and constantly drive over the speed limit.

  4. Klute is now an official CINO… Yup, I just made that up!

  5. We are all invited says

    to vote for whom ever we want and support whom ever we want. I may not agree with everything Pete does but he is getting my vote. Go attack the dems

  6. Well, I believe clean elections is a great vehicle, although I don’t get speeding tickets. Also having attended functions where many Democrats and Independents congregate. The Democrats told me they LOVE Hershberger because he votes with them. On several occassions they have asked him to join the Democrat party. I thought we were voting for a Republican here. Hmmm is this some political ploy for the Democrats. Perhaps he should switch, since obviously he votes with them, You might want to get your hands on one of comparsion flyers showing his voting record.

  7. Hershberger is the worst, period. Total RINO. Big spender, liberal, gun-grabber, open-border RINO. ‘Nuff said!

  8. Oro Valley Mom says

    There’s a comparison piece on Melvin’s site.

    Go to VoteAlMelvin.com. In the right column under “Links” click “Al Melvin’s Canidate Comparison”

  9. Live Free or Die says

    For voting record score cards check http://www.aztaxpayers.org or Goldwater. Pete is a RINO, but don’t take my word for it, check it out.

  10. kralmajales says

    I didn’t know Christine Olson was an ardent pro-choice republican. Interesting.

  11. My understanding is Christine Olson is not publicly an ardent supporter of “pro” one way or the other but a strong supporter of the party. She also sponsored a fundraiser for Laura Knaperek, who is very pro-life.

    Her support is for R’s and she does it well. As a strong committeewoman should.

    BTW… since the d-i-v-o-r-c-e she has taken back the name she shares with her children, Toretti. For everyone north of Ina Road, that would be a very good thing. Sorry, Josey.

  12. She was listed as a co-host of and attended a Planned Parenthood Advocates of Arizona fundraiser in a contested Republican primary with no incumbent. Sounds like she is quite clear about her view on the issue.

    We are sorry about the mix-up with her last name and had not yet received the press release from her publicist at the time our story was written.

  13. She has supported pro-choice and pro-life candidates in contested primaries with no R incumbent.

    The reference to her name and you personally was intended as a valleyite snipe at a U of A, or at least Tucon, oriented person.

  14. She is pro-choice, although she has supported pro-life candidates as well, mostly women.

    No pro-lifer, “loyal to party” or not, puts their name next to Planned Parenthood on an invite…

  15. “Christine Olson” was exactly how her name was spelled in the Planned Parenthood invite.

  16. GOP Boomer Gal says

    I like Christine personally, but in this case, she is supporting the Democrat, sorry to say.

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