Hershberger’s web site outdated and misleading.

   pete 3.gif  Pete Hershberger is running for his final term.  How this guy ever stayed in office is beyond me.

     The Issues part of his campaign web site has a section titled “Guns.”  Not many legislators put this in their issue section but Pete needs to explain his F rating from the state NRA affiliate while serving in a conservative district filled with firearms enthusiasts

     His first sentence “I support our 2nd Amendment rights.” is clearly false.  Pete does no such thing.  He overwhelmingly votes against the rights of freedom loving, law abiding Arizonans to defend themselves.  Pete mentions a bill from 2002 on his site.  Hello!  It’s now 2006, four years later.  Pete’s record in the last four years has been openly hostile to the right to keep bear arms. 

     Happily there are some well-qualified Republican candidates running this year.  They are David Jorgenson, Carol Somers, and Lisa Lovallo.  They would all be a great improvement over Pete’s anti-gun bias. 


Here is a list of the pro-freedom bills in the past two years that Pete opposed.  Most of them went on to be signed by Governor Napolitano. 

HB 2409 Concealed Carry reciprocity.  Pete voted against it on 2-21-05. 

HB 2325  Reforms the concealed carry process so it is less onerous on citizens. Pete voted against it on 3-9-05 and 4-20-05. Signed by Governor on 4-25-05. 

HB 2074 Simplifies the concealed carry permit process and increases reciprocity with other states. Pete voted against it on 2-7-06 and 4-12-06. Signed by Governor on 4-17-06. 

HB 2649 Firearms Possession and Storage. Pete voted against it on 3-16-06. Signed by Governor on 5-19-06. 

HB 2076 Weapons Storage in Public Places. Pete voted against it on 3-9-06 and 5-25-06. Requires temporary secure storage of firearms for places that prohibit weapons. Signed by Governor on 6-6-06. 


  1. Sonoran Truth Squad says

    While the other three candidates MIGHT be all solid on guns, for those of us who are also concerned with someone holding pro-life views, pro-traditional marriage views, as well as someone who is fiscally conservative and wants to secure the border, only David Jorgenson meets those criteria as well as being pro-2nd Amendment. Lovallo and Somers are both pro-choice, big-spending, pro-McCain/Kennedy amnesty loving lefties… I’ll be single-shotting Jorgenson! (p.s. If you don’t know, single-shotting is when you vote for only one candidate even when you can vote for up to two. Voting for the one greatly improves his/her chances of winning because you don’t give your second vote to someone who might otherwise accidentally beat him/her.)

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