Heeeeeeeeeeeeere’s Janet!

Watch Janet Napolitano at the Democratic National Convention by clicking here. We’ll have more to write after her remarks…

Well, Janet Napolitano just concluded her remarks in about 7 minutes and really did not say much.

JaNo started off by citing the list of prominent Arizonans who ran for President and lost – Goldwater, Udall, and Babbit. The dig at McCain came when she stated that these losses were a tradition that she hoped would continue.

JaNo then revisited a quote about John McCain not understanding economics. Considering she just committed the next generation of Arizonans to more debt, she may want to reconsider the hypocrisy of her statement. But then again, she’s probably hoping to hitch a ride into a seat on Obama’s cabinet.

Overall, JaNo delivered her standard deep-voiced bray seeking to get the herd of ungulates, Equus asinus, into motion.


  1. What was with the ugly hair….

  2. Antifederalist says

    The link is to C-Span…which is no longer showing the Pink Gorilla’s speech. Got a link to archival footage?

  3. George of the Desert says

    Arizona has lost about 40,000 jobs in the last year or so. The state budget was in debt more than a billion dollars last session with more red ink on the horizon for this year. And SHE’s the economic genius?

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