Heart of a Warrior

nba_a_nash_horry2_412.jpgThe Suns did it.  They were outplayed 44 out of 48 minutes, but winners never quit and they always find a way to win.

The game player is Raja Bell.  When Robert Horry decked Steve Nash, Bell went after Horry.  That was not the first time he stood up for his teammates.  Unfortunately, Stoudamire walked onto the court and may get suspended for game 5.


  1. Sonoran Truth Squad says

    Hey now, he was just checking in! Um, right…

    They also say that Diaw was on the court, but he never left the sideline…

    What a game though!

  2. In the post game press conference, Amare answered the question about the incident with Nash, in a very believable way said plainly that he didn’t really see what happened because he was rushing over to check in. NICE!

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