Hayworth vs. McCain

JD Hayworth

For Immediate Release: February 2, 2010

J.D. Hayworth To Formally Launch Conservative Challenge To John McCain On February 15th

PHOENIX, ARIZONA. FEBRUARY 2, 2010. After filing the necessary paperwork last week, conservative J.D. Hayworth will formally launch his Republican primary challenge to 24-year incumbent John McCain on February 15th.

A temporary web site — www.JD2010.com — has been established to collect donations prior to the launch of the campaign and permanent web site on February 15th.

More announcement details will be released in the coming days.

Since leaving his radio talk show to pursue this conservative challenge, Hayworth has already garnered endorsements, donations and grassroots enthusiasm such as his straw poll thumping of Senator McCain at the Maricopa County Republican Party’s annual meeting ten days ago.

Vulnerable to the more conservative Hayworth on taxes, social issues and illegal immigration, McCain has resorted to attacking Hayworth on spending, despite Hayworth having a better lifetime rating from Citizens Against Government Waste.

McCain also voted for the $850 billion bailout of the big banks, which included $150 billion in pork, proposed a $300 billion bailout for mortgage lenders and, according to the Heritage Foundation, sponsored an amnesty bill in 2007 that would have cost taxpayers $2.6 trillion over the long-term.

“Chuck Todd and many others are right. This will be one of the hottest races in the country because this will be democracy at its very best. It will be an intense debate between a moderate with a transparent election year conversion and a conservative willing to respect but also stand up to the flip-flops and unreliability of a moderate masquerading as a maverick,”. Hayworth said.

“John, long a crusader against big money in politics will, ironically, try to use his special interest millions to silence our enthusiastic conservative support,” Hayworth said. “Arizonans, who are tired of a senator seeking to please the Washington elites, will rally to our cause and lead us to victory August 24th.”


  1. Oberserve aka Pseudo DeAnn says

    I just hope the Jack Abrinoff scandal doesn’t come back to haunt us. I know McCain will be looking at the fact that JD received more of that illegal money than any other politcal figure.Then when JD didn’t give the money back it looked even worse.

  2. Oberserve aka honest abe says

    Why does JD suggest that his warchest is from special interest groups? Certainly JD knows the FEC reports show who all donors are.

  3. Oberserve,

    I believe the Abramoff question has already been resolved: http://www.fittrust.org

    We are tired of the bailouts, takeovers and letdowns by Arizona’s senior senator.

    It’s time to come home John.

  4. One thing. JD has said “28 years is too long to be in government” or some such. Now, we know he broke his promise to the people in Arizona by reneging on his term limits promise, so he thinks 6 years is too little in government.

    Will JD explain to the people of Arizona exactly how much time is the right time to spend in Washington so we can quote on that if the time comes.

    I mean, it’s big if, but I just want to be ready – the same way I’m getting ready for the return of Kukulkan in 2012.

  5. Observe,
    JD says the war chests is from special interests because if you look on the FEC website he received 2.4 Mil of his 5 mil from “authorized committees” and another 300k from other committees (AKA his PAC) not individual contributions. Also 1.5 mil of his contributions are individual which is only 30% of his cash on hand!

    The link below is provided. So yes his war chest comes from special interests. Less than 1.3 of his money is from the people of AZ


  6. Oberserve in posts #1 and #2 is not me. IT’s dis-honest abe. He’s a pro McCain guy.
    I’m and anti-McCain world renown RINO hunter.

  7. DSW I would ask you block Honest Abes IP address from posting, this whole posting as other people is ridiculous

  8. Why are the McCain people so worried? They strut their stuff on the blogs, but they are scared.

    Go JD!

  9. PHX Conservative says

    I love how this johnny wants other peoples’ IP addresses ‘blocked’ just because they disagree with J.D.’s past record of pork-barrel spending. Here, block mine while your at it because I’m voting for Senator McCain.

    Hopefully, this blog will appreciate all view points.

  10. Phx conservative you are a moron. I am talking about people that are impersonating other people on this blog.

    Observe posts on here a lot and he has claimed now multiple times other people are posting as him. I want those people posing as others blocked. I could care less about point of view.

  11. Wow! Pretty rude, ‘johnny.’ First, you want to limit peoples’ speech and then you call other people morons. I hope not all of J.D.’s fans are as rude and inconsiderate as you.

  12. 20/30 GOP

    Yes I am rude to people who do not know how to read. I specifically said Honest Abes posting as other people is ridiculous and he should be blocked. I am then accused of censoring peoples point of views when that had nothing to do with what I was saying it was about the impersonations.

    Even someone as dense as you should be able to agree with that

  13. entitledtorespond says

    I agree with Klute! Since when does time in government equal a negative about a candidate, espeically when McCain has a track record of fiscal responsibility-which JD does not! What AZ needs is to expose JD for what he stands for…BIG spending, little morals (Abrahmoff)

  14. Johnny, I am a young voter. My husband and I have watched our Nation fall this year and it is scary. In order to become informed, we have devoted much time to researching politics. I have read several things you post, it seems as if you take many facts as a personal insult. Not quite understanding why?? As far as we have found, JD does not seem like he has the past we want to be associated with (and we ignored Obamas past and it has hurt us!)

  15. I won’t block an IP of a commenter unless they cross a legal line or go after the family member of a public person. I do check IP addresses and related email addresses to make sure there are no imposter posters. So please use your correct pseudonym.

  16. JDJOKE,

    Do you have examples of when I take things as insults? I call it like I seem them. I call people morons when they are being so and dense when they are being dense.
    I really don’t think that means I took something personally.

    As far as your opinion you are welcome to it when it comes to JD. But I noticed you said nothing positive about mccain. I assme that’s because his votes are indefensible.

    I don’t vote for someone because he is a nice guy or someone I want to have a beer with. I look at policy and in that mccain is lacking.

  17. As for what I feel about McCain, I could go ON AND ON about his pros. I believe he truly is FOR the people. He will vote against his party if he feels it is the BEST thing for this Nation, how is that unmentionable. I could sit here and ramble on and on about what McCain stands for and what he has done, but that would take me all day long. My biggest ra ra for McCain would be his financial savvy, the strength it takes to stand up against all the Dems on the budget and the pathetic health care reform that the govt was trying to rush to get through. McCain is a fighter, always has been and always will be. He has never done anything that would consitute him as anything less then a Congressman FOR the people of this great land!

  18. I can’t think of anything he has voted been for that is against the people either, except… Cap and Trade, Amnesty, McCain-Feingold… Shall I go on?

  19. Yes, when the PEOPLE are AGAINST it, he votes FOR it. Now that’s good representation.

  20. Stephen Kohut says


    Financial savvy? Can you say $700B TARP?

    As far as standing up against healthcare, in hours of phone call in December to McCain’s DC staff I was told consistently and releatedly that McCain wanted to improve and pass HC reform until Dec 22 when he staff then said he has always been against passing the bill.

    If you want to know what McCain and the GOP could have done regarding the HC bill then I suggest you google Sen. Grigg’s “Minority Rights” memo dated 12/1/2009 which details what the GOP could have done but didn’t have the guts to do.

    If you are not the McCain campaign staffer you sound like then go to your next local Tea party meeting and talk to a few folks about McCain and learn a few things about local politics and politicians other than the nonsense spouted by the main stream media and McCain’s campaign.

  21. HA- TARP has almost been paid back and now Obama’s administration wants to borrow from it!

  22. As far as healthcare, everyone wants a change, just not pushed through at the expense of my parents health!

  23. One more thing before I sign off from this nonesense…I am blessed enough to stay at home with my kids, not that it is any of your business what my job is. However, you make me want to fight against whoever you stand for!!!! People like you make me realize why politics can turn someone off!!! Try opening your eyes and not being so bashing!

  24. JDJOKE,

    Talk about being bashing, look at your name!! Every time you post with that name its an attempted bash.

    Could you be anymore hypocritical??

    Also I am not sure what you are saying about TARP… So because companies are paying back the money we should just bail everyone out? the entire issue with tarp is a fundamental question about how government should work and mccain is proving he is not in line with how arizonians want government to work.

  25. CoyotePack says

    If anyone truly is naive enough to believe Hayworth will be conservative’s answer to getting things done in Washington, they will be greatly let down. Hayworth is a joke and no one would take him seriously. Arizona needs John McCain’s integrity and toughness now more than ever.

  26. Stephen Kohut says


    85% of America has HC and likes what they have and don’t want it changed. So, your “everyone” must come from some of the 15%.

    What I stand for the The Constitution as explained in The Federalist Papers, The Bill of Rights and The Declaration of Independence. I am a constitutional conservative. If you want to fight what I stand for, there you go. That’s the whole list. Which of those documents do you take issue with? My eyes are very open. I am watching the wacked out left trying to destroy the country my father fought to save in WWII by running rough shod over the very foundation of our republic. I noticed you ignored the invite to a Tea Party meeting to learn more about the issues faced by our country and the fixes. Guess you want to keep drinking the mean stream media kool-aid and join Obama Girl in her chant. Oh, that’s right. Obama Girl was on Fox and has jumped off the messiah’s sinking ship.


    The only thing McRINO is tough against is conservatives, kind of like Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi. I didn’t say JD was the answer to McRINO. My preference is Jim Deakin, the only person who has qualified to be on the primary ballot at this time.

  27. Stephen Kohut –

    I like Jim Deakin, he’s a nice guy and seems to mean well. Lacks experience which is a big concern. I mean running for the U.S. Senate and having never been involved in any type of government? I admire his “spunk” but think that running for the legislature may have been a better first step for him.

    Do you really think he has a chance? And if Jim & Chris stay in the race won’t that split the conservative vote and hand the seat to McCain on a silver platter?

    It’s kind of the same thing with the whole 3rd party idea. A 3rd party is good in concept but would split the vote and it’s not realistic. I’d hate for us to have McCain win because the vote was split. Thoughts?

  28. Stephen Kohut says

    2010 is an off election year which normally has light voter turnout except for the party base, the people that always vote. For the GOP those are typically the conservatives. In addition to a backlash against the ruling left, there are also strong anti-incumbent feelings out there.

    The winner in the 2010 GOP Senate Primary will be the person who does the best GOTV. That takes grassroots. That means PC’s and the people they pull in to help them, like the Tea Party Patriots. The PC’s and Tea Parties will not go for McCain so it is a matter of who they pull behind, JD, Deakin or Simcox. Multiple Tea Party polls show Jim is preferred, JD a strong second and everyone else not a player. The PC’s and TP’ers know that a split vote is fatal.

    If Jim does well in debates, does well speaking to and getting TP support he has the opportunity to pull the PC’s and the TP’s behind him because, as many have pointed out, JD has his issues and those who are anti-incumbent will have problems with him. Jim comes without the baggage that the other candidates have. If Jim can get the PC’s and TP’s then money and support follow.

    A wildcard in this is whether this will be an open or closed primary. I have heard rumblings that the AZ GOP will go to a closed primary. I’m checking on that right now. A closed primary would mean that moderate independents that would normally go for McCain would not be able to vote. It would put the primary solely into the hands of the GOP base which is conservative.

  29. As someone involved in grassroots work, Jim Deakin doesn’t have a chance. We have seen him, like him, but will not support him. Do the right thing and get behind someone who can beat McCain. This is too important.

  30. Stephen Kohut says

    So, who is it that can DeAnn? It isn’t Simcox. Right or wrong, true or not, there is simply too much baggage that can be used against Chris. It could be Jim but that will be up to the grassroots and how well he does in debates, etc. It may be JD but he will have to overcome everything McCain throws at him.

    Politics, like the stock market, is a self fulfilling prophesy. If people think a candidate can win they donate time, donate money, GOTV and the candidate has a chance to win. If people do not think a candidate can win they wither on the election vine and die no matter how much money or lead they start with.

    It will be some time until there is a clear picture on who can knock McCain off. We have over 6 months to the primary which is forever in political time. By taking the position now that X can never beat Y you are contributing to that being so. I prefer to pick the best candidate I can and let the process determine what happens.

  31. I have to agree with DeAnn. I think Jim Deakin is a very nice man and means well and even if he does well in a debate he really does not have the experience for this position. I think it would have been best for him to dip his toes in the process by running for the AZ legislature first. I do applaud him for his motivation but I really just don’t see the majority getting behind him. And seriously the straw polls are really too small in numbers to measure reality.

    I think that JD is our only hope against McCain, regardless of JD’s baggage. I mean, McCain has a ton of baggage so we can’t point at JD’s without really sifting through McCain’s too.

    There is an excitement in the base since JD has thrown his hat in. I hope that as we progress through this process that those (probably Chris & Jim) would support the one against McCain and do what is best for our party instead of staying in due to ego’s and costing us the election by allowing McCain to win.

  32. Stephen Kohut says

    It will be an interesting time between now and August. As long as McCain does not win by a plurality I can accept any of the other choice just to see him gone.

  33. Stephen – I agree with you.

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