Hateful defacing of Speaker Weiers’ signs

The Party of Hate put this in front of Speaker Weiers’ signs, demonstrating how they are not interested in discussing ideas. The signs don’t even make sense; the Democrats are home to the ACLU which represents NAMBLA, not Republicans. Sounds like a clear case of defamation to me.


  1. Um. And what part of that sign says put up by a Democrat rather than some crazy b*****d? How about a Libertarian? They are 110% crazy. Or do you have some sort of proof other than assumption?

  2. Just Win Baby says

    I wonder what yellow “08” sign underneath it says?

  3. Is this supposed to be some kind of response to the brilliant wife-beater displays that were put up around Mark DeSimone’s signs??

    nice try Bittner..

  4. Well, if they’re wasting their money target Trent Franks, that tells you a lot…

  5. This is classic Karl Rove. Make us think the Dems put it up!

  6. Ken Jacobs says

    Unless you have proof the sign in question was placed by the Democratic Party, I suggest you get someone more clever to do a re-write. Pat, your post is beyond silly.

  7. AZpublius says

    Given how successful the D party has been raising money, you’d think they could afford something other than paint stir sticks for their political retort. The party of hate? How about the party of bad penmanship?

  8. Buddy Breon says

    This doesn’t look like a “Party” thing. Although, it is likely the wack-job is a disgruntled Democrat, it doesn’t really matter. Those signs should be taken down. It’s simply foul to look at Speaker Weiers that way. He is a man of kind thoughts and a gentle heart – to paint him as supporting perverts or worse, well, that’s shameful.

    I support the Speaker and hope this type of campaigning by his enemies ends soon. It’s disrespectful to those of us who have to see it.

  9. Moderator says


    What exactly does your link have to do with the content of this post? Better make a connection to Weiers and Franks or it will be removed.

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