Has KFYI’s Barry Young gone too far?

Republicans who tune into KFYI-550 on any weekday morning between 7-10am  will hear the daily critique of Republican elected officials by the nearly famous Barry Youn(g). This has been going on for several months now with little critical attention paid to any of the other parties elected and unelected. For example, how often has the “nearly famous” Barry Young show given any critical analysis to Pearce challenger, Jerry Lewis or known domestic violence state legislator, Daniel Patterson?

We have decided to ask our readers to participate in a simple poll, “Has KFYI’s Barry Young gone too far” because the perception is that Young has become gratuitous in his attacks on Republicans.

Here is your chance to vote in the poll but more importantly (and stay on topic!), voice your opinion on whether or not certain local conservative talk show personalities have become part of the circular firing squad.

If you want to vote, the poll is on the right sidebar.

Update: Sonoran Alliance is not part of any boycott efforts.


  1. Eric Hurley says

    If you don’t like it don’t listen. Also Russel Pearce is trash and embarrassment to this state.

    • Mark Scoon says

      The very fact that this question is being raised – “has Barry Young gone too far?” – is disturbing for 3 reasons.

      First, “Gone too far” is ambiguous and vague. Kind of like “hope and change.”

      I always hold out hope that presumed “conservatives” (presumably most of the readers of this website are “conservatives”) are able to engage in a higher level of critical thinking, than are the “hope and change” Obama lovers of the world. But maybe not.

      Secondly, the asking of this question fails to acknowledge that, whether anybody likes what Mr. Young says or not, what he says is ALL constitutionally protected free speech. I sometimes don’t like his analysis of things, but he is my fellow American (are readers of this blog willing to say that – “Barry is my fellow American?”) and within some very broad parameters he has a right to say what he will,

      Thanks to Barry Young himself, I learned 2 years ago about a character named Cass Sunstein who is a “czar” in the Obama Administration, and who has proposed some absolutely frightening “crack downs” on “rumors and lies” posted on the internet (if you care to actually get educated on the matter, do an online search with the name Cass Sunstein, and the words “notice and take down law”).

      And who do you suppose Mr. Obama’s “Czar” Sunstein has proposed as the entity to determine what is a “rumor” and a “lie?” The government of course. This is to say that a political appointee (who also happens to be a “constitutional scholar” according to Harvard) wants to determine for himself what people can, and cannot say about Mr. Obama. I expect this kind of “freedom is good for me, but not for you” mindset from Liberals. Now, it appears we’ve got several so-called “conservatives” in Arizona thinking just like Barack and Company.

      Thirdly, the question about Barry Young “going too far” assumes that certain Republcan elected officials are ABOVE being questioned or criticized. In Obamaland, anybody who dares to ask a question about Obama’s policies – or worse yet, to DISAGREE with Obama’s policies – is simply a “racist.” In the world of Arizona Republican politics, anybody who dares to ask questions of Republican political officials is an “amnesty advocate,” and is deemed to have “gone too far.”

      I am appalled at what has become of the Arizona Republican Party. It has abandoned any sense of principle, has forgotten all about the idea of “limited government,” and has instead coalesced around a few thuggish personalities, including Russell Pearce, Andrew Thomas, and Randy Pullen. Every one of these characters has sought to expand the control of government over our lives, and over the private sector economy (especially with their advocacy of the Janet Napolitano-blessed “employer sanctions law” – would Barry Goldwater or Ronald Reagan even recognize an Arizona Republican Party that worked aggressively to make it more difficult for one to own and operate a business???).

      Oh, and notice how some of the other posters are criticizing Barry Young here because he is supposedly “rich” – “so rich” that he could “own” KFYI. How very Obama of the Republicans of Arizona….the “occupy Wall Street” / “day of rage” people couldn’t loath the rich any better than the readers of Sonoran Alliance, apparently.

      I remain registered as a Republican just to spite the Pearce/Pullen types…hopefully one day a principle-centered leader will lead this party back to where Goldwater and Reagan intended it to be. In the mean time, it’s a good thing that there is a media figure who has the brains to call this insanity what it actually is.

  2. Goldwater Conservative says

    Barry Young cannot be considered a conservative by any stretch of the imagination. I stopped listening to his liberally-biased chatter a year ago. I hope that KFYI considers some new blood for his 7am slot, my guess is he is costing KFYI a LOT of listeners. Barry might consider switching to NPR, where he would be better received.

    In the meantime, 960AM is starting to be the choice for conservatives in Phoenix! I suppose let KFYI fail miserably while we all head on over to intelligent conservative radio.

    • 960 AM, currently 34th ranked station in the Metro PHX area

      1100 AM, currently 38th ranked station in the Metro PHX area.

      September Arbitron ratings:


    • Obamanation says

      Guys, been telling you for months now- Mike Gallagher is on AM 960 and Laura Ingraham is on AM 1100 at the same time if you want a REAL talk show host. The only reason Barry has a radio show is because he owns the radio station, Rich doesn’t mean he’s qualified to be a decent host, and he sticks out like a sore thumb on the airwaves. He’s even married to Kim Komando – probably went after her right after her first hubby died.

    • True Conservative says

      What is your definition of Conservative and why doesn’t Barry fit it?

      That would be helpful for in appreciating whether your declaration that he is not a Conservative is valid.

      I’m not disagreeing with you, just seeking more information.

  3. WOW the options for the poll are hilarious.

    • @Sarah, Add you own then!

      • LOL – adding your own would obviously divide the vote between adding your own option and the “keep attacking republicans” option, which would mean the winning category would be one that no one agrees with because the vote was purposely divided… er, why does this sound familiar.

  4. Barry is no liberal and he thanks everyone for the free plug. By all means, call the man.

  5. Viramontes says

    No currently sitting politician or one seeking office is exempt from being criticized.

  6. Elmer Bringleson says

    I agree with Sarah. Shane – let me get this straight, it is Okay to attack a Drmocrat who is a known Domestic Violence state legislatorbut not a Republican known Domestic Violence state legislature. No Shane Domestic Violence is never right. The only legislator that was man enough to quit his office for smacking around his wife was a Democrat from PV, ivforgot his name but think he owned a bar.

    Not only did Pearce’s own wife sign an affidavit saying hevhad smacked her, Pearce was the first to come to the rescue of Scott Bungard who smacked his girlfriend.

    I’m really getting sick of people on here expecting others to live by another set of rules. Of course, I’m originally from North Dakota and we have laws on the books that prosecute the perps who go smacking around women. Elmer B.

    • Name one person who is attacking Patterson, Bringleson. THAT is Shane’s point. Domestic violence must be OK if you’re a Dem because there’s no criminal prosecution or action against you in the legislature. Meanwhile, if you’re a Republican, you get both. Same with Barry Young. He hasn’t said jack against the Democrat Patterson yet hammers Bundgaard for WEEKS after no one else was talking about it and also hammers other Republicans regularly. How about some parity? Criticize BOTH sides when they deserve it.

    • Shane’s world: Its ok to make personal attacks and condemn wife beaters, so long as they aren’t as conservative as you, but if Bundegard or Pearce did it, that’s OK, because we agree with his politics.

      Another reason that this site has surpassed the Onion for hilarity.

      • Sten/Elmer,

        If you have followed Sonoran Alliance, any length of time, you will note that I have been consistently hard on everyone who has broke the law or ethics – REGARDLESS OF PARTY or IDEOLOGY.

        You will also note that both liberal and conservative Republicans have criticized me for allowing each other to write and comment on this blog. I seem to get caught in the crossfire of being consistent.

        Here’s my point. As much as I enjoy Barry Young’s show sometimes, I believe he has not been consistent in his criticisms of those on the other side of the political aisle. He has consistently ridiculed and criticized Scott Bundgaard but has chosen to ignore another legislator who has been in far more serious trouble with the law.

        He has consistently ridiculed and criticized Russell Pearce who authored Arizona’s immigration bill with the full support of Governor Brewer but has failed to mention anyone of the other Republicans who voted for the same legislation as Russell AND has failed to criticize any of the most egregious takers of Fiesta Bowl gifts who just so happen to be Democrats.

        Barry Young has failed to be consistent in his criticism of elected officials.

        Now as far as your assertion that looking the other way on domestic violence is OK only when it comes to conservatives or Republicans. You could not be more wrong. Any one who beats up on a spouse should be prosecuted.

        The issue surrounding Russell Pearce came up in the 2008 Primary election and this blog among others, covered it ad nausea. You can certainly go back and read what was written here but what you will find is that the incident allegedly occurred over three decades ago (1980) and it was resolved and reconciled as a personal matter within the Pearce household. If this type of behavior was continuing today, I would be the first one to demand that Senator Pearce step down and face the legal consequences but that is simply not the case and anything that happened years ago has also been decided in the court of public opinion.

        With regard to Scott Bundgaard, the incident between him and Aubry Ballard never went to a jury so the incident has not been tried with a complete disclosure of the facts. That will likely happen with the Senate Ethics hearings. I have made the decision to reserve final judgement until I see and hear all the evidence. That is not the same situation with Daniel Patterson where the evidence has demonstrated that he has perpetrated acts of violence. And even liberal Democrats have called for his resignation!

        So where is the consistency in the critiques of our elected officials? Sadly, I’m seeing that much of it is driven by political power circles who use it as leverage to embarrass or pressure political opponents.

        One thing has been true lately. Barry Young has been consistently inconsistent in his political misanthropy.

        • Who is Steve Elmer?

        • I will continue with my rants about that radio guy. I will not mention that station or his name to give him any publicity. His sidekick loves to tell us what good freinds she n her husband are of CD 6’s congressman someone else we conservatives are trying to get out. Look at what they both did JD Hayworth, it was the last straw for me. KKNT KKNT KKNT till he and she are gone. Rush is on the computer all no need to listen to that station.

          • JD did it to himself. Infomercials, calling the station and making an ass of himself, warning about people marrying horses.

            His own party beat him in a landslide. Face it, people do NOT like JD Hayworth.

        • True Conservative says

          SW – You are not being at all consistent.

          With Bundgaard you wrote “, the incident between him and Aubry Ballard never went to a jury so the incident has not been tried with a complete disclosure of the facts. ” As such, you will withhold judgement.

          Similarly, Patterson’s complaints never ” never went to a jury so the incident has not been tried with a complete disclosure of the facts.”

          Yet, you reach differant conclusions for each man. You want Bundgaard to get a hearing, after which you will decide whether to support his ouster. You want Patterson to be tossed out summarily.

          In one case you want a full airing of charges and defenses, in the other you don’t. In one case there is a Republican, in the other a Democrat.

          You may be consistent in one regard, but it’s not likely the one that you think.

          Here’s an idea: Let’s give both a hearing, and let’s hope the truth comes out, whatever it might be. In the absence of a hearing, let’s toss them both.

          But, truthbeknown, Patterson needs to go now because he fails the residency requirement.

          • TC, You just made my point! If the Senate Ethics Committee is willing to take Scott Bundgaard to “trial” for the disclosure of facts, then the House Ethics Committee under Chairman Ted Vogt should be willing to take Daniel Patterson to “trial” for the disclosure of facts. Once ALL the evidence is laid out, then everyone can make a determination of guilt or innocence. I’ll be the first to convict but not until I see all the evidence. I believe you would agree with me on being consistent and intellectually honest to pursuing the rule of law?

  7. Barry who? I’ve been listening to 960 or 1100 for years during the 7-10 am time slot. Barry’s show used to be good, but then he and his team of not even nearly famous Michele Larson and Andrew Bubinsky got smug, arrogant, and pretty boring or annoying (depending on the topic) to listen to. Sometimes I used to listen when there was a guest host on the show, but I don’t even bother doing that now.

    • Also, in my opinion, they are willing to be tools for the open border crowd that advertises on their show and keeps the FCC off their backs. Bruce Jacobs and JD Hayworth were hounded out of their jobs at KFYI by McCain and his Chamber of Commerce buddies.

      • Bruce was let go because his ratings went down, JD had to quit because he was running his joke of a race against McCain (remember, he got SLAUGHTERED by McCain).

        Bad ratings = loss of job. Broomhead will probably be next, KFYI isn’t doing to hot in the ratings these days. Talk radio as a whole is losing listeners.

        • JD had to quit BEFORE he formally announced his candidacy because of pressure from the FCC. If Bruce was really let go just because of low ratings, why was he replaced by Mike Broomhead?

          • Why was Bruce replaced 3 weeks into his new stint doing sports radio?

            As for Broomhead, damn, that hillbilly has a bad show. Better than JD, at least he takes calls.

          • JD lost his show because the station was pressured to terminate his contract. He had not even decided to run or become a candidate when his opponent began to run ads against him! The FCC was putting pressure on Clear Channel to pull his show or face increased scrutiny. At the same time, certain advertisers were likely threatening to pull advertising dollars. (That’s how it works.)

        • No Sten not true, JD’s rating were higher than the 7-10 ratings. Bruce was hounded out by BY because BY had only 2 hours at that time n wanted 3, there had been a running fued between them for years by that jealous self-righteous fool. JD’ s ratings were great he got sent packing by McCain and Grant Woods filing a petition with the FCC with the help of BY. McCain also had the FBI investige JD for the Lobbist scandle that turned out to be false also, McNasty the Liberal Woods and BY, a good team for getting rid of competition.

    • So, JD lost his show…because he was running (more like dribbling) for Senate. And if he were a democrat and had a show, you’d be screaming for him to quit.

      That’s how it works.

      Awful show, whenever someone disagreed with JustDumb, he hung up on them. What a wuss.

      • Sten: “And if he were a Democrat and had a show…”

        You’re premise is wrong. Democrats really don’t have talk radio shows in the Phoenix market. I believe that every liberal democrat show that has attempted a run in the Phoenix market, has failed. The next closest alternative is KJZZ which is subsidized by the taxpayers.

        You must have got hung up on.

        • Yes, but like I said. If a democrat had such a show, you would be screaming for him to quit.


          Words mean things.

          You worked for Oaf? Dear god, why? I’ve met JD a few times, and honestly, I can’t think of a more stupid person on this earth. Not an insult, just an observation, the guy was dim. He should have stuck to TV sports, it suited his IQ.

          • From JD’s bio: J.D. graduated cum laude from North Carolina State University in 1980, with a double major in Political Science and Speech-Communication. Perhaps you’d like to share your credentials???

          • Sure, if I was running for office.

            And if I was running for office, I wouldn’t do it like JD did. Terrible campaign, and it showed when his own party kicked him to the curb in a landslide.

          • He couldn’t be that dumb. McCain spent, what, $21 MILLION to keep JD who had a fraction of that OUT .. for a primary. That’s one of the biggest insurance policies ever paid out to hold a seat.
            If McCain was so loved by the voters, why’d he need to spend SO much? How much did that represent per voter .. it’s just AZ, not national, after all. Maybe McCain just spends too much time spending with Democrats and got used to dropping wads for small purchases?. Given the budgets, JD managed better than McCain. He sure scared him. $21 MILLION! unbelievable!

  8. Hey, no dog in this fight, I either listen to my iPod or NPR… but is Barry Young the same Barry Young who used to get his a** beat on a regular basis by the late Jack Cole on WJNO in West Palm Beach?


    • True Conservative says

      Oy Vey! Jack Cole … the world’s smartest jack@$$.

      Ya know, Eleanor Clift of Newsweek and the Mclaughlin Group was his sister-in-law … or so he told his listeners every hour or so … yet, I did listen to the smug bastard. RIP, Jack Cole, RIP.

  9. When Republicans control both houses of the state legislature with large majorities, the governor’s office, all of the other statewide executive offices from Secretary of State on down to Mine Inspector, both US Senate seats, a majority of the US Congressional delegation, it becomes pretty hard to be critical of mistakes made by Arizona politicians without being frequently critical of Republicans. Being a conservative talk show host doesn’t mean being an unquestioning yesman or cheerleader for every politician who has an R next to their name. It also doesn’t mean letting corrupt politicians avoid scrutiny just because they have a conservative political philosophy.

  10. I haven’t heard Barry Young attacking honest law abiding straight shooting republican office holders yet. I have heard him lay into Russel Pearce and Scott Bundgaard. After all the shenanigans that these two clowns have pulled — why are you defending them? We need honest law abiding educated hard working conservatives in elected office — not clowns. These two are clowns.

  11. Also the real reason Shane is mad at KFYI is that Shane worked for JD Hayworth campaign last year and JD Hayworth got embarrased on KFYI in 2010:


    And Barry Young also dissed Shane’s buddy Rachel Alexander, another former Hayworth staffer, on one of her pro-Hayworth campaign blogs last year:


    LOL Shane! This isn’t just something you just noticed having been taking place for “several months now”. This is a grudge you have had for over a year!

    • I stand corrected. It is at least a 4 year Sonoran Alliance grudge against Barry Young. They posted almost the same exact article almost exactly 4 years ago:



      • VSB, Funny thing is that I did not write the article you cite above. You have to remember that we have had 63 writers contributing to Sonoran Alliance over the years.

        • Yes, I did notice that it was posted under a different byline. But it is still funny that 4 years ago, one of your top contributors “Candie Dates” was complaining about the exact same thing on almost the exact same date.

          • Interesting. Although I did not write that post. As I said in an earlier comment, I am entertained by Barry Young and his show but building a show around gratuitous critiques of Republicans is getting old. There are plenty of other elected officials to lampoon.

      • does VSB stand for ” Very Short Barry? lol heard the same complaint on his show this morning.

    • Hayworth, the blustery town oaf who warned about us marrying horses and did sleazy Don Lapre style infomercials?

      JD = Just Dumb. Even for a man with limited brain cells like JD, that campaign was just stupid.

  12. If you’re so smart, why can’t you punctuate correctly? If you’re not smart, how can you really know what smart people know?

    Barry IS a smart guy as well as arrogant and smug, but that doesn’t mean he won’t stir up the pot just to get higher ratings. In fact, just the opposite.

    Since I don’t listen to Barry Young anymore, I don’t know what he said. Based on past listening, I would assume he is simply repeating old “news” and adding in a current event or two just to make his comments seem timely and relevant. He does have to fill up three hours, so he does a lot of repeating.

    • Here:

      , : : ” ‘ ? @ ^ &

      Feel free to punctuate the night away.

      But, by all means, continue to ignore the message.

      As for Barry, he was good once, its pretty crappy now, he just phones it in, and that slurry woman blathers away the rest of the time. I give Barry Komando a few minutes of listening on my way to work, but not much more. Talk radio is essentially WWF wrestling, its fake, its loud, and you really don’t learn anything, other than to be angry at things you have no reason to be angry at.

  13. Elmer Bringleson says

    Good points VSB, I listen to Barry every day and really enjoy the Minnesota flair Michelle brings to the show. You are so right about who is under attack….you keep your nose clean like Michelle Reagan, the Robson boy from Chandler and that cute as a bug Kristy Yee never get parodied because they keep their noses clean and their stay focused on why they are down there. You don’t see them pulling guns out and aiming them at anyone or pushing thru goofy stuff. You do the bad stuff, you better be prepared to take it on the chinny chin chin. Okay it’s bed time for Elmer time to get in my pajamas and have a little night cap.

  14. IMHO, Barry and MIchelle strike me as smug-elite-richies. I don’t think they have a clue as to how bad people are hurting in this economy. I haven’t listened to a full show of theirs in a long time. Babinski was the only one keeping me listening. I don’t even miss it anymore. There are a couple of shows I listen to on the weekend. That’s it. I imagine ratings was the reason Michelle is on air the entire 3 hours. Mr. Komando must have a really good contract.

  15. Amazing, Shane, that you wrote about Barry Young. Everywhere I go people sare saying “we need to get rid of Barry Young”. I stopped listening to him over a year ago when he constantly attacked JD while we had to listen to McNasty’s $30 million dollars worth of attack ads. Barry is your typical “shrimp”-ego manic and full of it. The radio station has to provide Micelle Larson for some facts and sanity;she almost runs the show.

    Let’s start a capaign to toss Barry out! I’m ready. Terry G is great. Love to have JD back!

    Please, please …no more Barry Young as we head into the important 2012 elections. He is just so out of date. (Does he sip a lot?)

    • Obamanation says

      He might but that lush cohost of his was totally drunk at a Wildlife fundraiser we went to earlier this year. She was cohosting with Broomhead and seemed to have imbibed a few too many Jack Daniels before she went up on stage. I was like “wonder if she does the same when she goes on air”- it was a little sad

    • noneofyourbusiness says

      So talking about REP losers makes him bad? Get a clue idiot!!! We need to get rid of ALL the garbage in government!!!

  16. I cannot stand listening to Barry and Michele in the morning. I am really surprised they are still on the air. I do however tune in to KFYI as soon as they are off the air. As for Mike Broomhead, I think he is the best local talk show host Phoenix has

  17. Tuned in randomly during the past year and after a couple minutes each time, flicked it off. He really was arrogant with callers. Mock the idea or the arugment all he wants, but Young was plainly mocking the PEOPLE.
    He couldn’t separate the two, just like Liberals are taught to do – attack the person.
    No surprise he would be having ratings trouble the way he puts down callers.

  18. What? Barry Young is talking bad about REPUBLICANS? But…. but but.. I always thought that… well, according to the talk radio haters out there, that Barry Young and talk radio in general was ALL democrat bashing all the time, and that all they do all day is rant incoherently! Now I hear that there is some republican bashing going on? Wow! Since when did news talk radio become fair and balanced and attack BOTH sides for a change? (Yes, I know that the discussing, praising and bashing of both parties is nothing new on kfyi, but not everyone (chooses to) notice that!) I also want to know what exactly could be done to satisfy certain folks. A lot of people criticize Barry, or talk radio in general, for always bashing democrats. So, when I discovered the news about some republican bashing going on, I figured that we could ALL be happy now! Apparently, that is not the case… Anyway, can’t please everyone, and some can never be pleased, as they’ve already made up their minds that they’ll carry on their hate for certain things / radio programs / people…etc. So, I can only wonder; Now that it’s official beyond a doubt that republican bashing has gone on, can talk radio haters still claim that talk radio is nothing but senseless ranting and bashing democrats?

    Just wondering…

  19. To Barry Youn’s credit, he did donate $1,250 to JD’s campaign early in the 2010 campaign. He also gave $2,500 to John McCain but not until two months before the Primary Election.

    • Nordine Crub says

      Sounds like Barry could see the writing on the wall. Two months before the election JD’s campaign was out of gas.

  20. noneofyourbusiness says

    All you pussies crying about Barry are pathetic…Get a life losers!!! He’s an entertainer. Just because he uses that and speaks the truth doesn’t mean he’s a lib. Idiots like you got us obama…

  21. The first amendment is a bitch when it’s someone you don’t agree with. How dare Barry Young go after crooked politicians on both sides! Get over yourselves and start dealing with the politicians and not the messenger. Be sure to thank Barry for all the traffic you will get to this sad circle-jerk of a site though, keep telling yourselves you’re right and everyone else is liberal scum.

    • You got more time to proclaim your opinion right here than anyone gets on that radio show, plus people have the chance to re-read it, ad nauseum, right? And this on a site you think is not good enough for your standards.

      And HOW does the free right to complain about a radio show suddenly a “First Amendment” issue? The right was written to protect people against the GOVERNMENT wielding it’s power to shut them down, toss in prison, etc unpleasantries. Sonoran Alliance is private venue, with ZERO authority, ability or inclination to shut down ANY radio host, nor is interested in such an outcome.

      The host/radio station is indirectly simply getting FEEDBACK from whom they HOPE are LISTENERS who they count up by mysterious sampling methodology expressly to use to sell advertizing time.

      Why should Barry Young make fun of and belittle the listeners who the CUSTOMERS, ie the ADVERTIZERS, want to sell their products to?

      He just lost more listeners. If he can replace them with other people who like how he talks, it’s a free country, he could do great on the bottom line. Young COULD take the complaints to heart and readjust, but that’s his decision, and the consequences follow from it. Who knows, maybe he’ll do even better upping the bashing everyone. Lots of people like that now, makes them feel superior.

      As someone who tried tuning in several times this past year, all the gimmicks, were annoying, Some of the commentary was good – as in knowledgeable, – but the overall presentation was snarky and unpleasant so flicked it OFF and listened to the air blowing past the window instead. That’s NOT what the radio station wants, is it? The droning whoosh of air at 65 mph beating out a radio show they paid beaucoup bucks to present?

      To be fair, me personally, I am not habituated to the frantic pace and constant busy busy of radio/TV talk so a show structured the way Young’s show is, is more audio annoying to me than most people who’re accustomed to it. I prefer reading my news and commentary without all the booms, intones, swishy zooms, constant cuts, SWOOSH effects and WHIZ graphics that are the pervasive norm now for introducing vapid drivel.

  22. Barry used to be “humbler” when he lived in my old neighborhood, when he was married to his first wife. Then he moved out, became Mr. Komando, and very well off. It’s during these later years that Barry, IMHO, appears to hold most of his listeners in contempt. Every try to get on his show? The arrogant one will hold you on for an hour, them unceremoniously “dump” the call because his show is over. In twenty years, I’ve probably called his show about 10 times. Non-political stuff. News flash Barry and Michelle, most of your listeners aren’t mega-money. Your contempt is showing.

  23. luwoonywannawoowoo says

    larry is teh bestest tak radoi that everwas

  24. Mike Triggs says

    Suzanne – what’s wrong with our sixth district congressman. I think he is doing a great job.

    • Lets see The Strive Act he wrote with guitterezz that is amnesty in the House in case you do not know, he introduced his own Cap and trade Bill after not bothereing to show up for the vote the first time. He is a social liberal, that is what is wrong with him. He voted for the original Dream Act.

  25. Paula Pennypacker says

    SW —

    Arizona’s state debt is now a staggering $8.5 billion, more than the current state budget. Your buddies are responsible for digging us into that deficit hole!

    What do you have to say about that?

    You have plenty to say in Pearce’s defense, but I don’t care if the abuse charges are decades old. I have ZERO respect for any man who raises a hand to a woman — ZERO. And that includes your buddy Bundgaard. Your defending these guys is unbelievable.

    The Cortes debacle proves just how corrupt our state government has become and how desperate your team is to hang on to power.

    Regarding the Fiesta Bowl scandal. Whether Democrat or Republican, I believe anyone involved in this sorry chapter in Arizona history should be voted out of office — PERIOD!

    Keep it up Barry — Arizona deserves better.

    • Paula,

      I certainly respect your opinion but in order to be consistent we would need to vote out everyone who put us into the $8.5 Billion hole.

      The poll (not a defense of specific Republicans) came about as a result of our readers growing angry over the morning show’s one-sided criticism toward specific Republicans. Barry and Michele have not been critical toward one specific candidate in the LD-18 race but they have demonstrated constant criticism at Pearce and the unknown candidate Olivia Cortes. Other blogs are now starting to pick up on the story of Jerry Lewis’ past but it had gone ignored by Barry and Michele.

      Pearce’s domestic violence allegations were hotly debated in the public arena in 2008. It is no longer an issue because whatever happened 31 years ago was reconciled and there have been no further incidents. As I mentioned earlier, if Senator Pearce had an ongoing issue, I would be the first one to call for his resignation and prosecution.

      Bundgaard’s incident has not gone to trial with full disclosure of the facts and evidence. That will likely happen shortly with the Senate Ethics Committee and once that information is fully disclosed, we can all make our judgements.

      Now I’m presuming you remain on friendly terms with the show and in particular, Michele. That was in the public record from your prior run for office – which I believe you were a great candidate. But there is a sense that if Barry is going to retain his mantle of equal opportunity political misanthrope (which is part of his ongoing show theme) why won’t he at least disburse the misanthropy a little more evenly? After all there are plenty of Democrats that deserve a good radio lashing.

  26. Elmer Bringleson says

    Well said Mrs. Pennypacker. You should be on Sunday Square Off representing the Republican Party. I heard you call in one day on the Barry Young show and you really held your own. I’m going to agree with you about smacking around women. If you want to get into a bar fight with your buddies go right ahead but don’t go home and hit your wife or girlfriend.

    • Elmer, I agree with you and Paula about smacking around women. Men (and women) who do so should be fully prosecuted. No excuses.

  27. Paula Pennypacker says

    SW writes — “Now I’m presuming you remain on friendly terms with the show and in particular, Michele. That was in the public record from your prior run for office.”

    OK — not sure what you mean here. I have never met Michele or spoken to her other than the time Elmer is referring to above on their radio show.

    SW writes — “I certainly respect your opinion but in order to be consistent we would need to vote out everyone who put us into the $8.5 Billion hole.”

    The buck stops where? We got into the mess because of bad leadership. Was Pearce not the former appropriations chair, and did he not hand pick the current appropriations chair? Who’s idea was it to sell our Capitol assets, only to lease them back? Who’s idea was it to borrow millions of dollars as opposed to addressing our revenue shortfall, only to pay millions more in interest?

    Immigration became the “red meat” issue to rile up the base — when it should have been tax reform. I spoke nonstop on the campaign trail about why AZ must push forward with meaningful tax reform, only to be beat by 2 SB 1070 drum-beating candidates.

    A hit piece was then put out on my head by your team mates, and splattered on the pages of this blog — all because I had the audacity to point out that the emperor has no clothes.

    We are in one hell of a mess and all we are hearing about is a candidate who does not even know the meaning of “incumbent.”

    Please stop defending failure all in the name of ideology!

    • Paula,

      Who are my “team mates?” I had no involvement in LD-8 in 2010.

      I agree. Immigration has been used as a “red meat” issue over the years. It especially works if it gets tied to entitlements and the State budget.

      You do know that Sonoran Alliance is a “community?” There have been literally 63 people who have written posts on this blog since 2006. I do not write every blog but I try to keep the confidentiality/anonymity between writers and commenters. In 2010, there were both JD supporters and McCain supporters who wrote for this blog. Needless to say it was very heated and volatile.

      Any center-right conservative is welcome to write for Sonoran Alliance. That includes you, Barry Young or Russell Pearce. It is what keeps this blog thriving.

      I will go back and find the post about you and your campaign. You are always welcome to speak your mind here and I especially respect the fact that you use your real name.

  28. SW, can’t believe you still stand behind your buddy Bundgaard. Still waiting for the facts to come out? Why didn’t he go to court and clarify everything as he vowed and be done with it? Why drag it out: ask for a change of venue, cop a plea deal, then demand that certain committee members not hear the case?

    Even IF Bundgaard is found not to have violated any Senate Ethics rules, what about his past history? See the police report? Did you read the ex-wife’s deposition? Are you aware of his ugly court history and his inability to hold a real job or start a successful business? Tax liens, unpaid taxes?

    Are you saying all the witnesses have it in for your buddy? They didn’t even know who it was they saw on the 51.

    Loyalty should only go so far and yours has crossed the line. Republicans can do better, I hope.

    • Beverly,

      If you have more information that the public has not been privy too, please submit it. I will even give you an opportunity for a full blown guest opinion complete with all documents, photos, etc. Your call.

      Our liberal counterpart “Three Sonorans,” has done a good job making the case against one of their own, Daniel Patterson.

      Again, If you got the evidence, you’ve got a forum right here on Sonoran Alliance.

      P.S. I really don’t have any “buddies.”

      • You didn’t answer even one of my questions. What about the history that has been documented and anyone has access to? It’s called PUBLIC RECORDS.

  29. Barry OWNED you clowns today on his show.

    The fringe…always ripe for comedy gold.

  30. Mike Triggs says

    Shane – Did you get the results you wanted from the poll? I voted early…but not often, wouldn’t be prudent. Mike

  31. :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
    Paula Pennypacker says:
    October 5, 2011 at 11:51 am
    You have plenty to say in Pearce’s defense, but I don’t care if the abuse charges are decades old. I have ZERO respect for any man who raises a hand to a woman — ZERO. And that includes your buddy Bundgaard. Your defending these guys is unbelievable.

    When you won’t forgive a person for something they did decades ago, and who obviously regretted because the effort was made to never do it again.. plainly overcoming a fail, and made peace with the person involved, what does it say about you? Do you not expect people to consider your subsequent efforts to do right as proof of your renunciation of something you did decades before and want to be judged on your current behavior, and your years of doing right?

    Further, decades ago in many states divorce filings had to meet “infidelity” or “spousal abuse,” so claims of “spousal abuse” were used that didn’t have any real basis to them. Now, “no-fault” renders the need to reach those two thresholds moot. It would be germane to determine if that was an element at the time as there seems to be some demurring accounts.

    Dragging that sort of LONG resolved issue out is political mud.

    We have so many clairvoyants here who are so sure Bundgaard is guiltguilty and NOBODY knows what happened. It absolutely looks pathetic, no question, but the two parties involved seem to have been made for each other. Ahem. Vote away, feel free if you don’t like what you see, because no one knows what happened, whether it was habitual, remains habitual or is not at all what anyone suspects. It looks pretty much like a level playing field for the two parties involved to duke it out (rhetorically) so not much to do but sit back and check in every now and then.

    These are two VERY distinct and unrelated circumstances, so it’s not fair to try to connect by smear one man for the actions of another. There are indeed far more serious allegations with more documentation being investigated, for other officials. But the Democrats only “forgive” their own, copiously, in cases where it isn’t warranted in any measure.

    Just looking for a fair application of the SAME standards across the political board. Not seeing them, and that’s the complaint.

    • wanumba,

      Bravely standing up for GOP wifebeaters!

      You sir, truly are the moral compass that we all should have.

      • Wanumba,
        Are you sure “wanumba” isnt’ just another way to spell Bundgaard? Has a lot of the same letters.

        • I made a point about your attitude. I prefer to hear that people will consider the whole picture. If someone failed ONCE and fixed it, with decades of incident-free history, it’s A LOT different than a repeater, is that not correct? Nothing more than that.

          Unless we have some valid history of continous behavior, then it is not fair to bludgeon Pearce with a decades old incident which was resolved and which thus has little bearing on his current comportment and fitness. It’s a distraction from discussing how Pearce carries out his duties today and has been carrying them out. It also means there’s not so much to say about what he’s doing NOW, if one has to resort to decades-old accusations, doesn’t it?

          How shallow is it to decide I “support abuse” or as you suggest Shane must, just because of that common sense approach, a consideration YOU would want applied to yourself if you ever fell short? What does that say about your level of descernment if you turn on me for pointing out how harsh you came off with the statements you made? A lot of what you say is reasonable, so the unforgiving rigidity was jarring. Did you realize that?

          Are you perfect? Of course not, neither am I. So we MUST deal with imperfect people all day long, 24/7, 365 days a year. We MUST separate habitual problems from stumbles, isn’t that correct? We HAVE to, don’t we, in order to function?

          I never heard of Bundgaard until this year and if you go back thru my posts when this first reported, you will note I wasn’t impressed – to put it mildly – with the behavior of EITHER the male and female in that tacky histoire. It seems to me that BOTH individuals had a ME-ME-ME investment in their statusy, somewhat flashy pairing-up, hardly a good basis for any relationship, so that they got into a rather public and over-the-top squabble isn’t the least surprising. I would definitey take that into consideration in my voting. It’s current and on-going, but it has not progressed to anything beyond the two who tangled.

          It is one of the worst unjustices in the world to falsely accuse one man for another man’s transgression, on the grounds that they are of a group association you don’t agree with. You argue to lump Pearce in with Bundgaard, which isn’t fair, then Shane in with both of them and now you are engaging in trying to merge me into that group smear by insinuating I am of the same nature/ identity as the person you don’t like.

          I happen to agree with SHANE. The Democrats are NOT policing their ranks. The abuses going on with (D) continue because the Party will shelter abusive behavior, instead of purging it. It seems that morality is less important than holding a political seat. Well, that’s politics, isn’t it? It’s a pathetic day that even though SOME Republicans aren’t displaying the level of virtues voters would want, the Democrats have been engaging in worse. Democrats need to do a better job of cleaning house before they start ragging virtue fail on Republicans.

          wanumba is Swahili. It’d be an entertaining stretch of language, continent and culture to torque it into a Northern European name.

          • You talking to me, Paula or Klute? Your defense is a little hard to follow.

          • Wanumba, you just made a very fine point. You said:

            “I prefer that people consider the whole picture. If someone failed ONCE and fixed it, with decades of incident-free history, it’s A LOT different than a repeater… Unless we have some valid history of continous behavior, then it is not fair to bludgeon Pearce with a decades old incident which was resolved…”

            Yes, it IS important to to forgive. That doesn’t come easy for me, I confess. Nor is it easy to avoid the temptation of ad hominem attacks (such an effective way of engaging people, and diverting the spotlight).

            I wasn’t terribly impressed with Mr. Pearce. But there was ample recent, relevant behavior to focus on, rather than stir the pot with highly emotionally charged incidents from the past.

  32. GeeGollyMissMolly says

    The Barry Young show is an entertainment venue. Don’t listen if you are not entertained. Are we book burners now? Get a grip! Pat

  33. Marty Smith says

    I think the point is he is very much anti-Pearce and extremely anti-Tea Party.

    There were other Democrats that got Fiesta Bowl tickets – has Barry EVER mentioned that?

    And as far as this whole Cortes thing – he is being played like a silly tool by far left extremists Anyone with a brain knows, at the least, it is fishy when progressives actively campaign and support a republican candidate for office. makes one wonder who is the sham candidate here

    so, while i say fine, call out bad politicians when the need arises, it does make one wonder why he rarely calls out bad local democrats

  34. I used to listen to KFYI almost daily. I would wake up to Bruce Jacobs, continue through Barry Young and then Rush and Sean. I would occasionally send an email comment to Bruce and Barry (except you can’t write to Barry. You have to write to Michelle). Bruce never failed to answer. Barry NEVER responded even once. Recently I have written asking Barry to give some balance and check into Jerry Lewis’ background (his association with Randy Parraz and his group, his position in the bankrupt Quorum Corporation, etc.) but have heard nothing. Call me an ex-KFYI listener.

  35. Republican says

    It was a mistake to take on Barry Young. He wasted this morning talking about this, rather than talking about the subpoena of Eric Holder.

    • :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
      Republican says:
      October 12, 2011 at 8:53 pm
      It was a mistake to take on Barry Young. He wasted this morning talking about this, rather than talking about the subpoena of Eric Holder

      Actually, take that as a plain confirmation of Barry Young’s skewed priorities and proves the poitnt being made here on SA regarding what he’s doing. HE CHOSE what he wanted to talk about.

      In the big scheme of things, FAST and FURIOUS is a genuine ATROCITY, with KNOWN murders in the hundreds, and more to come, becuase a good numebr of the weapons we KNOW about are STILL out in circulation. Lord knows how many haven’t been admitted to… and with the STONEWALLING, we can be sure there’s MORE tawdy and dispicable things we haven’t been told.

      Young has a civic DUTY to inform the citizens and to raise as much awareness of this FAST and FURIOUS INTERNATIONAL CRIME to the public. He’s whinging and sniveling about a rather MILD critique of what he focuses on at the expense of ALL other important issues.

      By his own free choice, he picked TRIVIAL over IMPORTANT. TWO reasons why: EGO and it’s EASIER show prep to MOCK on a show than to DO THE BACKGROUND RESEARCH for REAL TOPICS.

      That’s why his show isn’t going anywhere. No value added.

      The mystery is not whether Young is this or that – it’s how come radio and TV producers keep dishing up the SAME OLD absolute crap to the public when we want substance, facts, REAL INFORMATION and informed commentary.

  36. Nordine Crub says

    Did anyone see tonight’s 12 News Brahm Resnik report on the Mesa recall election? I’m sure if you missed it tonight that you could get a recap tomorrow on Barry’s show.

  37. 2disgusted4tea says

    I am getting a tad sick of the double standards that are out there…you cannot criticize, rightly so, the repubs in office now? We cannot have one rule for the Dems/libs and another set for Repubs and conservatives. As I have stated before, with regards to the Cortez sham..I oppose those shenanigans when the libs do it, and I damn well oppose it when “my side” does it! Republicans in office by now, should know full well that the bar is held higher for them. Do I think it should be a high bar for ALL politicians, yes..but we all know that you cannot hold any bar for libs. As a conservative Republican, a Tea party member, I cannot excuse bad behavior just b/c the culprit is a Republican. As far as Barry Young goes…protest, boycott all you want. This is America, where the 1st Amendment reigns. Listen to something else….grow up. We have WAY worse issues, REAL issues, with which to deal.

  38. Jane Brandon says

    Barry Young needs to find another part time job. He has gone to far. I`m not a Occupy Wall street nut job.Thanksgiving is a semi religious holiday for some.It is a time to give Thanks to GOD for what GOD has done, turn our hearts to HIM.BAary claims to be a Baptists, but I doubt it and Buffy, she ran her husband off, so she doesn`t need to celebrate Thanksgiving, she wants to shop. I feel sorry for the BEST DR.EVER!!!! He`s getting hosed.
    I agree with the young man that wants to spend Thanksgiving with his family. Why is it a big deal to close down a few stores for one day or a half day, shopping WILL resume the following morning.I don`t think any of these stores are going to be hurt for at least closing for in the afternoon. A few stores do close. Every year the the Christmas pushes in on us earlier and earlier. I don`t know about you, but I like my holidays separate. I can`t turn on the tv now and not see my regular programs. They have all of the Christmas shows going.Christmas is TOO commercialized, WHERE`S JESUS,Jesus is important to some of us.
    Where are the atheists and the anti-big bushiness, people that normally complain about this Holiday season. Don`t get me wrong, I LOVE Christmas, but I do get tired of it a week before December 25th, since it is so commercialized. Some have just lost site of the true meaning.

  39. Barry Young doesn’t have anything good to say about anyone, it seems to me. Maybe that’s just the way of talk radio now. Well, not necessarily. I occasionally listen to Rush Limbaugh. He’s quite abrasive. But he shares insights that he acknowledges are his opinion, not fact. He shares facts too, so that I learn things from listening to him. There’s value, and that’s important.

    I consider myself more of a Democrat than a Republican. But it really bothers me when talk show hosts ridicule, rebuke elected officials. Sometimes it seems that Barry Young has his own agenda, which is neither Republican nor Democrat.

  40. Robert Oyler says

    I listen to Barry Young for one reason and one reason only, he and his staff are funny. I like a little comic relief on current events in the morning. I dont always agree with them, but they make me laugh. And I think that is the main goal of their show, (though I doubt they would ever admit it).

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