Harry Mitchell (?)

Did I read the Republic correctly or did it state that Congressman Harry Mitchell was hosting a forum to discuss permanently cutting the capital gains tax to 15%? (read article)

Mitchell is quoted in the article, “Raising capital gains taxes discourages investment and raising the estate tax hurts families who own homes and small businesses. That just doesn’t make sense. I’m looking forward to hearing directly from our community leaders on what kind of impact that would have in Arizona.”

Perhaps this is a radical departure from the Democratic party line or maybe it’s just that Congressman Mitchell hears the impending hoofbeats of Republican candidates like David Schweikert rapidly approaching.


  1. In today’s Tribune, Mitchell admits this legislation is going nowhere. It is window dressing to use when the Republican nominee (almost certainly it will not be Schweikert) beats Mitchell over the head for all of his failed promises from the 2006 campaign.

  2. George of the Desert says

    Since Mitchell does not sit on Ways and Means (though his predecessor did), he has little ability to actually get a tax change through the House. But the average person does not know the intricacies of Congress, so this looks good. It’s just window dressing.

    And why can’t Schweikert be the nominee? He’s as good a candidate as any.

  3. Schweikert will not win due to mismanagement. It will be a very common theme as people compare and contrast their records. This is just small potatoes: http://cpmazrandommusings.blogspot.com/

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