Harry Mitchell Politicizes September 11th

It certainly appears that Harry Mitchell and his shill liberal blogger, Wactivist, were politicizing September 11th when they released the attack dogs on David Schweikert attempting to fabricate a controversy using the memory of September 11th.

Outraged, SA looked into the claim with the depth and dilligence that Mitchell and the Wactivist obviously avoided. What we’ve determined is that Mitchell and the Wactivist have used the event as a cheap shot and publicity stunt to buoy a struggling and out-of-touch campaign.

If you’re just joining us on the latest “vast right-wing conspiracy,” Mitchell and the Wactivist claim that the Schweikert campaign violated an unwritten 9/11 protocol by airing attack ads on September 11th. They even attempted to claim a “coverup” occurred. We’re just disappointed that they couldn’t come up with some creative political labeling like “911adgate.”

Apparently, Mitchell and the Wactivist did not get the memo. Here’s what really happened.

On September 12th at 10:21 AM Sonoran Alliance received a press release from the Schweikert campaign committee. The release indicated that a new ad was being released that day – September 12th.

Sonoran Alliance also contacted and confirmed with the Schweikert campaign, that the first ads actually began airing between 5 and 9 AM on local cable channels on September 12th.

We also inquired about the alleged “webpage-gate coverup” date and was informed that the Schweikert campaign webmaster overlooked changing the “11” in the date field to a “12” from a different press release issued the day before. Ironically, if Mitchell and the Wactivist had only been paying attention and heeded the earlier press release calling for an end to attack ads, they could have avoided looking like mud-covered political idiots.

Now that Mitchell and the Wactivist have been duly embarassed, exposed and  excoriated, they really should apologize to the Schweikert campaign for their despicable smear.

Even more important, Harry Mitchell and Wactivist now owes a huge apology to the victims, their families and the American people for politicizing the events of September 11th.

We’ll be waiting for the press release and post.


  1. How “in depth” can you get if Lauren Barnett, Schweikert’s communications director, said she was to blame for releasing the attacks early.”The press release should not have been dated for the eleventh,” Barnett told PolitickerAZ.com. “It was an honest mistake.”

    Honest mistake by the Schweikert campaign? Perhaps. But Sonoran Alliance isn’t honest enough to be accused of such an error. You are pathetic, again.

    Full article here:

  2. Can we really take anything seriously from a blog called “Wactivist?” That pretty much says all you need to know.

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