Harry Mitchell moving his signs around to hide his voting record from voters

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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Schweikert campaign puts up signs next to Mitchell’s signs exposing his record

Mitchell campaign in meltdown; moves signs — drawing more attention to his record

We had to chuckle when we got an email from the David Schweikert for Congress campaign about campaign signs. The Schweikert campaign put up signs next to Mitchell’s campaign signs saying things like “Union Owned,” “Hides from Voters,” and “Supports Obamacare.” Mitchell reacted by complaining to the media and taking his signs down and putting them up elsewhere. This is the sign of campaign in disarray. The last thing in the world Mitchell wants is more attention drawn to his voting record, which includes voting for Obamacare and union-backed card check. Mitchell is running from his record but moving his signs and complaining to the media makes his record even more obvious!

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  1. What irritates me about Mitchell is he has union symbols on his signs – but his signs are made by a company that does not use union labor! Hypocrite. My dad was union his entire life. It’s a slap in the face to workers like my dad who Mitchell gives lip service to while stabbing them in the back. I’m more of a moderate but for that reason alone I am going to vote for Schweikert instead.

  2. Utter incompetence by Harry Mitchell’s campaign to draw any extra attention to these signs. The more I hear about Mitchell voting for Obamacare and bankrupting our country, the madder I get and the more I want to sign up for Tea Party protests outside his office.

  3. Channel 10 did a poll on whether the signs Schweikert put up were dirty politics or fair game, and 80% voted that they were fair game. I agree – if you’re just pointing out someone’s record, that’s fair game. If the signs had talked about Mitchell having an affair or being a slob, some kind of personal attack, that would go over the line.


  4. Brilliant!!! Unlike McCain, Harry can’t hide from his record and every voter has felt or will soon feel the impact of his vote.

  5. azcowpoke1 says

    I love campaign signs. But this is pretty trivial stuff for a campaign in trying to win votes.

  6. Arizona Ranger says

    These additional “signs” are obviously very successful in getting across rather basic aspects of Mitchell’s performance as a Representative:
    1. He does hide from Voters–he refuses to have an open Town Hall meeting and meet face-to-face with the voters of CD5! Try to talk with him-he is literally unreachable.
    2. Hes is “union owned”, bought and paid for by a variety of HUGE union contributions. As they say: “The best politician money can buy!!”
    3. He was a big supporter of ObamaCare. You remember this piece of unwanted legislation: the one that took away free choice from patients, will ration healthcare to only the young, and will help to speed our national bankruptcy. If you love the way the Post Office is run, you will love Obamacare. And for the 50% of Americans who pay NO INCOME TAX, they too will welcome another government plan to provide one more service. Is this the death knoll of being an independent nation?
    Mitchell is and always will be another lapdog for the Pelosi’s and Obamas of the world. It is time to retire Mitchell and let Schwiekert have a go at it. David is everything the Mitchell is not: an intelligent, thinking, freedom loving businessman. We desperately need such a person now. Support David Schweikert–you will be glad you did!!!

  7. Connie Concerned says

    Did ya ever try to reach Harry? Can’t be done, many have tried, all they get is a form letter.

  8. Hilarious. Good job!

  9. This is an oldie but a goodie – I love it. Opposition is one thing but you know you are all but down the tubes when your opponent and their supporters engage in outright public derision. Hope Harry kept his teaching certificate current = he’s gonna need a new job come January!!!!!

  10. I just hope that all these means of destruction show up an vote REPUBLICAN!!

  11. This is the problem of living in a vaccum where you read all the campaign emails and press releases. The overwhelming majority of voters will never know mitchell moved his campaign signs and most voters who do get davids emails and press releases so they weren’t voting for mitchell anyway. While the signs are creative talking about a campaign in disarry and that he is bringing more attention to the issue is a waste of time.

  12. I thought David was above mudslinging and let his campaign speak for itself. Why focus on the negative? People already know this stuff. This is old news. C’mon David. Give us GOOD reasons to vote for you and tell us what YOU can do for us in Congress that is different. Don’t resort to petty campaign tactics.

  13. I think it is pretty pathetic on David’s part to post these signs and admit it. Is he in the 4th grade running for student council president? PATHETIC. Congressman Mitchell is a great representative and has done more for the people than JD Hayworth ever did and more than what David could EVER do. Congressman Mitchell is a good advocate for our Vets and now more than ever is that important since more of our troops are coming home. Do I always agree with everything Congressman Mitchell does? No. But I do feel that he is a good US Congressman and he should continue representing CD-5 in Congress.

  14. Janet, this isn’t mudslinging. It is pointing out what Harry has done as a congressman.

    I saw one of these signs yesterday, and LOL. I think it is great. Harry is trying to hide from his record, the problem is…he can’t.

  15. Conservative 2 the Bone says

    Aside of being a “good advocate for our Vets”, please let us know what it is that Congressman Mitchell has done that makes him a “good US Congressman”! (by the way, all of the parties you listed are “good advocates for our Vets”). So the Vets are being looked after. What about the rest of us? What about my grandkids who are going to be stuck with more debt than they can ever work their way out of and who will be forced to participate in crappy universal healthcare?

    It’s awesome that Schwikert has the guts to put the signs up and remind voters of Mitchell’s voting record. Speaking of being in the 4th grade running for student council president, did Mitchell ever really get in any sort of trouble for all of the signs they found in the dumpster behind his house a couple of elections ago? Sneaky little Congressman! PATHETIC!

  16. I wish someone would do this for John McCain!

  17. Conservative to the Bone,

    Now I am not saying Schweikert is the same as mitchell. But mitchell did vote against TARP, Cap and trade, and every dem budget since he came into congress. He also did introduce bills to make the bush tax cuts permanent. Davids votes would not be any different on the major issues of this campaign except for healthcare. So David needs to make sure he does a good job at making distinctions between the two of them on the issues, because I can picture it at the debates, David makes a comment like he is Pelosis lap dog and then mitchell points out all the things I just said and that he was named the 6th most independent member of congress and David looks like an idiot. So he needs to be careful what he says.

    These signs by themselves are a nice cheap way to start, but he needs to spend some cash on ads.

  18. I seem to remember last cycle on sonoranalliance there was the accusation that schweikert was endorsed by the the aflcio when he ran for the state house. And people called him labor living schweikert… So if true (I think that was a claim by susans people last time around) it seems quite funny that david would call mitchell union owned…

  19. Conservative 2 the Bone says

    Congressman Mitchell occasionally votes against his party when he knows that his vote won’t make the difference. He looks good to his constituents all the while knowing that the Dems are getting their way…. the best of both worlds.

  20. Conservative 2 the bone,

    That is 100% true however he has been able to do it on major pieces of legislation and particularly 2 of the major votes that people are looking at. And its not like you can actually prove that. Its not like there is a memo or harry has admited it. So its kind of pointless to point out..

  21. So what if he did introduce bills to extend the tax cuts? So what if he voted against big government bills that he knew would pass without him (by waiting to vote until the votes were on the board)? HE VOTED FOR PELOSI FOR SPEAKER, not just once, but TWICE! That proves he wasn’t serious about protecting our nation or Arizona from the Pelosi/Reid big-government agenda. That alone should be enough for voters to fire him.

  22. Copperdome,

    Not to knit pick here but if hoyer was speaking and he was the other guy who ran and mitchell had voted for him you would be saying the same thing… So just say it he is a dem so you don’t like him I mean that’s how I feel… But I also admit when attacks are stupid…

  23. Conservative 2 the Bone says

    Not to nitpick here (it is “nit” not Knit” as in lice eggs) but Mitchell DID vote for TARP.

  24. VoiceInTheWild says

    Bush league antics. Schweikert should be spending energy on defining himself as a candidate and doing grass roots contacts. The behavior he has during the campaign may indicate his behavior as a Congressman. We already have Barney Frank for entertainment on the Nancy Pelosi show, we need someone who rises above name calling and focuses on the positive.
    Schweikert, we’re Republicans and we’re better than that – but are you?

  25. Conservative 2 the bone,

    You right for once I misspoke I meant the stimulus. And if you would like to check that its listed here when First Read profiled CD-5


  26. Modifying his signs is juvenile and unethical. Which pretty much sums up Republicans in general.

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