Harry and Gabby – in bed with the Communist Party

The Phoenix Business Journal reports today that Harry Mitchell and Gabby Giffords are likely to be targeted by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce for supporting H.R. 800 which the PBJ describes thusly:

The Employee Free Choice Act allows for union organizing in a workplace if a majority of workers sign union cards and not by a secret-ballot election.
Sponsors of the bill include more than 200 Democratic House members, including freshman members Mitchell and Gabby Giffords of Tucson, as well as Raul Grijalva of Tucson and Ed Pastor of Phoenix.  (full article here )

What is interesting about this bill is that it has also been endorsed by the Communist Party USA:

A State of the Union in the interests of working people would be far different. It would highlight the Employee Free Choice Act, with 225 co-sponsors, which restores workers’ right to organize into unions free from employer intimidation and coercion. (full article here )


So, after running as MODERATES, Harry and Gabby are showing their true colors: Communist sympathizers.


  1. Hometown Guy says

    Lefties Gabby and Harry Communist sympathizers? Now, that’s a surprise!

  2. Supporting working rights and unions is being equated with communism?

    That’s so 1954.

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