Happy Independence Day



Thank you to Frank Antenori for the idea of this video.


  1. Bobby Hyams says

    If YouTube can be forced, with all its money, to turn over 12 million books worth of viewer data to the courts, how long until some court orders a blog to turn over the records of all its commenters in some libel suit brought by a disgruntled politician? It may be time to stop responding to blog reports – if only for self-preservation. Politics can be a nasty business and what blogger has the money to fight a lawsuit seeking computer records? It’s obvious that Google can’t help protect the records.

    Happy Fourth of July. And, go ahead and watch this video.

  2. Bobby Hyams,

    It’s Independence Day and although your comment is tangentially relevant to this particular post about our Nation’s history, I won’t bump your comment. So in the spirit of the First Amendment and Liberty, I will tell you that no black-robed judge anywhere in this country will ever force Sonoran Alliance to hand over info about our writers and commenters. To steal a phrase from a popular 2nd Amendment bumpersticker, they will have to pry it from our cold dead fingers in order to get it.

    DSW – “Editor in Chief,” Sonoran Alliance

  3. Here’s to the Right to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness! Have an Awesome Independence Day!

  4. GOP Boomer Gal says

    Happy Independence Day. i’m going to the Loft to watch “Patton” courtesy of Charles Heller and Emil Franzi from KVOI

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