Hannity and Colmes tonight: Is Village Voice publisher Lacey a racist?


We’ve just been told that Hannity & Colmes will have Maricopa County Attorney Andrew Thomas on to discuss Phoenix New Times/Village Voice publisher Michael Lacey’s offensive use of the phrase “my n*****” to refer to a deceased subordinate employee. The Village Voice apparently condones remarks like this, because they’ve been completely silent. Now would be the time for the Reverend Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton to appear on the show as well to denounce this. If not, they’re hypocrites for giving the left a free pass when it comes to making racist statements. Racist statements are always wrong, whether uttered by a Republican or a Democrat.


  1. I’m waiting for Michael “The N-Man” Lacey to appear on Al Sharpton’s radio show.  Maybe Reverend Sharpton can bring his daughter over to Mr. Lacey and ask him “is my daughter a [n-word]” in the same manner he did to Don Imus.  Al drew the line in the sand.  Maybe Jesse Jackson can extort a few million of “forgiveness enhancement” out of Mr. Lacey too.

    I enjoyed how the Daily Starfishwrap put this story where they put all stories that they don’t want people to read:  by the obituaries.  Ann, you’ve still got it.  Meanwhile, and you all can congratulate me for calling it tomorrow, I’m sure the Dick Cheney “alleged nude woman reflected in his sunglasses” story will be on the front page.  Now that’s a nose for news you’ve got there Annie Baby….I smell Pulitzer. Don’t mean to go off on a rant here but our good friends at the Daily Star first of all chide Tim Bee for having a campaign kick off press conference on a Saturday because, of all reasons, it’s not FAIR to their COMPETITOR, the Tucson Citizen (!) who doesn’t publish on Sunday.  “Oh, don’t give us an exclusive that we can beat our competitors to by 24 hours”.  Funny funny stuff–ridiculously funny in fact.  Then the Star brain trust has a chance to poke a stick in the eye of the alternative New Times, and, by association the Tucson Weekly (who, by the way, never misses the opportunity to nail the Star on a slip up, no matter how trivial), for using the n-word, and they hide it in the obits.  I just want to congratulate the Star on their stellar efforts to crush the competion.  You guys really know how to go for the jugular.

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