Haney Wins!

LD11.jpg     It was a clear victory Tuesday night for the conservatives in LD 11. Not only did Rob Haney get 215 votes to Symington’s 166 but the whole conservative slate for the District triumphed. John Acer won 1st Vice Chair, Tom Husband got 2nd Vice Chair, Carolyn Berta for Corresponding Secretary, Charlotte Reed for Recording Secretary, and George Teegarden for Treasurer. The best speech of the night was from Tom Husband who was funny but also on message. The largest margin of victory was for Carolyn Berta who received 229 votes to Paul Boyer’s 151.

Fife and Randy.jpg     Everyone got along very well and was polite to each other but it was a little much to listen to Fife talk about how he was a grassroots guy. He promised better speakers at the meetings and to even cook. Apparently that is not what LD 11 PC’s were seeking in a chairman.

     The turnout was high. One of the counts stated that there were 242 ballots in person and 140 by proxy. Dignitaries included State Senator Jack Harper (who was openly supporting Haney), Superintendent Tom Horne, RNC Committeeman Randy Pullen, Commissioner Jeff Hatch-Miller, Representative elect Adam Driggs, Don Goldwater, and County Recorder Helen Purcell. Speaking of Helen the county brought in their machines to tally the votes. Good idea given the turnout. None of the people who signed the letter supporting Fife were anywhere to be seen. They definitely phoned in their support. (If I missed any other dignitaries and high-power lobbyists in fancy suits please excuse a tired correspondent for not getting every name.)

Machines.jpg     It was a long night. The place was already getting full by 6:30 pm. Speeches by the candidates got underway just after 8:00 pm. The final results were read at 9:45 pm. The winners stayed around to chat but the room cleared out pretty quickly. The district is entitled to 133 state committeemen but those results were not announced at the meeting. Given the votes for the district officers and the level of organization displayed by the conservatives it is not likely that many moderates made the final cut.

     Someone had filled the room with Lisa James literature. She is apparently running against Randy Pullen for Republican State Chairman. Good luck to Lisa. I hope she was not counting on LD 11 to put her over the top.

Wednesday 11-29-06, 12:55 am

For a transcript of the best speech of the night go to Hot AZ It Gets.

The Arizona Republic weighs in on the LD 11 election.

For a summary of who was not elected to be state committeemen from Hot AZ It Gets.

(One of the subjects of this story has objected to a certain picture posted here. Since he was nice enough to write in we have updated the photo. We were a little confused by his comment that we “are a disgrace to Republican ideals.” If we are a disgrace I wonder what he thinks of Duke Cunningham and Bob Ney.)


  1. Tully was there from the beginning and at least through the speeches, though he was sitting next to Fife and maybe you didn’t see him. He’s also a PC and I presume he stayed to vote. Tom Horne was there, all seven feet of him, pretty hard to miss. Jack Harper and Don Goldwater weren’t even let into the room for about the first half-hour, being as they’re not PC’s and had to wait outside for a while. Do you want to be the one to call Kyl or Flake and tell them come on down and cool their heels OUTSIDE the meeting?

  2. Oro Valley Dad says

    Thank you for adding Tully’s name. I am sorry I missed it. The room was a little full and I didn’t really know who everyone was. I did notice Tom Horne, which is why I mentioned his name in the article. I even thought I saw Kris Mayes but I was not sure.

    As to Harper, yes he was at the entrance greeting everyone as they came in and urging them to support Haney. Don looked great and it was nice to visit with him. Kyl and Flake are free to do whatever they want.

  3. Weird moment of the night — the guy on Fife’s slate who didn’t show but had his friend give a half-hearted endorsement.

  4. Kris Mayes is a PC in LD11, so it would not be a surprise to see her there.

  5. Rob Haney has worked extremely hard to recruit more PC’s to the GOP over the last four years. In fact, he was even able to overcame the number of PC’s we had in LD 19 (which was the highest number in the state). And these PC’s were all solid pro-life/pro-family conservatives – not your typical country club RINO’s. So Rob Haney’s win should come as no surprise.

    At the same time, Hesslebrock’s LD 11 House loss should come as no surprise. While he ran a formidable campaign, he did come off a little too “politiciany.” If anyone should have lost that race, it should have been Driggs who can barely hold a conversation or present himself as a serious candidate. Driggs won because his father was once Mayor of Phoenix and many LD 11 residents still remember the elder Driggs. Name ID helps even when you can’t present yourself well. Driggs was also the beneficiary of a lotta single-shotting as was the Democrat. In the end, it was not a good year for incumbents and any Republcian with an “integrity problem” was voted out.

    The assertion that Rob Haney caused Don Hesslebrock to lose is absurd.

  6. blog reader says

    On the point about Lisa James, I thought the following comments made by readers on Espressopundit were right on.

    By Genuine Grassroots:

    Here we go again: the Republican leaders who failed us miserably this election year are still at it. Now they want to make Lisa James state chair. Remember, she was the head of the RNC’s “Victory” 2006″ in Arizona. Does the establishment expect us to forget that she oversaw the loss of two Congressional seats in Arizona???

    Lisa James is the product of establishment connections, not a viable political strategist. For example, she was part of the decision to spend RNC money against the certain-Republican-nominee Randy Graf just days before he won the nomination! As the RNC’s leader in Arizona, Lisa James is the complement to Nathan Sproul, the campaign strategist who led us Republicans to the 2006 disaster on the state level. He lost us the gubernatorial race by almost 30 points, the marriage amendment (passed everywhere but in Arizona), and over 10% of the state legislature. In fact, Nathan Sproul and Lisa James are close associates in the political elite who have been failing us in the past several election cycles. For example, they worked closely on the failed bid to reverse clean elections in Arizona. How many times do they have to lose before we learn that we need new people to lead our Republican campaigns???

    By Anonymous:

    I totally agree with genuine grassroots. Lisa James’s record is filled with failure. The one positive item is Bush 2004, but she was only the figurehead for that. That campaign was really run by out of state people brought in by the Bush campaign, such as Bill Christiansen. At one time, there were over 20 out of staters on the payroll of Bush’s 2004 effort in Arizona. This year, when Lisa James actually had to do something herself, it was a disaster, so we know we can’t trust her leadership.

    Also, according to the Business Journal, the political elite to which genuine grassroots refers have asked her to run. (Yes, Lisa James was stupid enough to admit so to the paper.) This is the same political elite that tried to run Fife Symington against Rob Haney. In other words, not only does she lack the skills to do the job, Lisa James is John McCain’s choice.

  7. Lisa James is a mother with children that demand her attention. Whether she is up to the task of running the state GOP is the question given her current obligations.

  8. Sonoran Truth Squad says

    Lisa is a nice lady, but no, not up to the task of leading the party. She will be a figurehead… Think Matt Salmon, with fewer connections… The Party will be weaker than ever and why? Just to make sure that everyone involved will endorse John McCain for President? I think its safe to assume that John McCain will win Arizona’s primary, with or without the endorsement of a small group of people that no one has ever heard of before…

    Congrats to Rob though, he’s built a strong organization and we need 29 more just like it!

  9. I hear Kyrsten Sinema has no children, maybe she could get the job.

  10. Hey guys comment number six looks like it’s from me but it’s not. Someone has copied the comments that appear on espressopundit and pasted them on your sight. I don’t know if they are intentionally making it look like I said it, or if they were just trying to point people to EP.

    But comment six needs to be clarified so that it’s clear that I didn’t post it.

  11. Oro Valley Dad says


    We edited the Says: line of comment number 6 so that it is a little less confusing.

    Thanks for checking in and thanks for the nice link yesterday.

  12. What’s with the pic of Fife with his eyes closed? He was there for 2 1/2 hours, couldn’t you get a better shot?

  13. Oro Valley Dad says


    Great suggestion. We added another picture of Fife with Randy Pullen. He even has his eyes open in this one.

  14. Honest Abe says

    Conventional wisdom would have you believe that Haney had the support of the majority of LD11 elected precinct committemen to achieve his reelection bid. Certainly the votes reflect that theory, but then again, maybe not.Through exhaustive research I have uncovered the genuine, intellectual prowess of the newly crowned “King”. Perhaps, the most befitting title would be of course, ” King Haney”, since he presides over a kingdom of Haneyites. King Haney, by his own addmission, has single handedly recruited more than 400 Precint Committemen in LD11. This would be considered a remarkable achievment in its own right, yet for King Haney, pursued for a dubious outcome.

    You see, King Haney denuded the vulnerabilities of LD11’s ByLaws, which permits for the chairman to carry the Proxy vote of each and every precint committemen he recruited. Thus, allowing the King to converge upon his personally seleted Kingdom of followers, obtaining their proxy vote, to be cast in any way he personally deemed necessary to
    acheive a predictable outconme. King Haney essentially crowned himself in this election by voting a number of proxy votes that outnumbered his rival by more than three to one.

    The victory was a forgone conclusion eveidence by the speech Haney recited prior to the ballats even being cast Tuesday night.

    In the Kindom of Haney we see mostly court Jesters, and King has no clothes.

    Honest Abe

  15. Oro Valley Dad says

    Oh, so when the moderates running LD 26 consistently rule motions from the floor are “out of order” they are playing fair?

    Good try Abe but Rob packed the house and won!

  16. Honest Abe says

    LD11 can’t achieve a quorum at it’s monthly meetings further evidence of the proxy moxy of the mighty KING!!

  17. Honest Abe says

    Randy Pullen has spouted he has the votes to be the next State Chairman, a Haney court Jester himself, Randy is counting on Haney!!! Proxy Power at it’s finest!

  18. Becky, the shot of Randy and Fife is great (and newsworthy), but I’m disappointed that you would even save, let alone give to someone to post, the eyes-closed photo of Fife.

  19. Oro Valley Dad says


    Just for the record I took the photo and I am not Becky.

  20. Oro Valley Dad says


    Randy will receive support from a lot of districts besides just 11. The last thing the party needs after the train wreck in the last elections is another Phoenix insider-consultant-lobbyist running the party. Pullen will receive wide support at the state convention because he is perceived as the outsider. I know a lot of delegates from Southern Arizona who are pretty ticked off about what happened in the Republican CD 8 primary and want someone from outside the establishment to be party chair.

  21. Sonoran Truth Squad says

    Methinks Abe misses alot of points… First, if someone gives you their proxy, it is because they trust you to do the right thing with it. If Rob has the trust of X hundred PC’s in the district, that’s an endorsement and the emperor definitely has clothes! Second, I’ve been to meetings in LD11 and they get more people there to a regular monthly meeting than any other district I’ve seen. They’re involved and working hard. Abe clearly dislikes Haney’s person and politics, we’d probably have 2,000 more PCs statewide and a much stronger grassroots party if we had 20 more Rob Haneys!

  22. Honest Abe says

    People, listen, the Haney Kingdom is going to be challenged in ways they never thought possible.If you question this fact, contact the King today and ask him what happened this morning with his top Jester!!He will be honest and tell and if he doesn’t come back here later and I will.

    Honest Abe

  23. Roderick Parker says

    Two questions:

    1. Does anyone know what Honest Abe is talking about?

    2. Who will Haney support in ’08. Let’s look at the leading contenders: McCain – obviously not; Romney – Haney probably can’t get past the compromises on abortion that Romney had to make as Governor of Massachusetts; Giuliani – gay-rights, pro-choice, I think not. I suppose the only options for Haney will be candidates like Brownback, Santorum or Huckabee, all of whom have little shot at gaining the nomination.

    No matter how this plays out, Haney is irrelevant and no one should care what he does or doesn’t do.

  24. I don’t think the real Honest Abe was quite as cagey.

  25. Mr. Haney and his entire group earned a well-deserved win, and Fife and his cohorts earned a well-deserved body slam.

    Abe — pick another username. There was ONE Honest Abe, and you ain’t him.


  26. Honest Abe says

    You must be from the hit series the Soprano’s…You know what i mean right??

  27. Never watched it. You need a new schtick.

  28. Sonoran Truth Squad says

    Still waiting for Dishonest Abe to reveal all… Where’s the big news? Days are passing and still nothing…

  29. Perhaps Abe is busy changing his username from Honest Abe to Sore Loser?

  30. Sonoran Truth Squad says

    I admit it, I’m posting just to see 30 comments on the screen. Seems like folks really get fired up about these issues… That’s cool!

  31. Honest Abe says

    Tony, I didn’t run or even vote in the election, I just attended the meeting as I have for years and years .The real loosers are all the people that don’t have a clue on what is taking place with Rob Haney and their proxy’s that were voted . As for the news…contact Rob “The King” Haney, ask him to tell you what took place at 10:00 A.M. Friday morning with Randy Pulen. I can’t comment at this time but the King can and will if you ask him.

    Honest Abe

  32. Oro Valley Dad says


    You are starting to sound like Senator Joe McCarthy “I have here in my hand a list …” If you have something to say then say it, otherwise you are boring us.

  33. Honest Abe says

    I said enough, call Haney or Pulen if you want more.

  34. Honest Abe says

    I should have added, if you have that ability…

  35. Honest Abe says

    I have both numbers if you need them.

  36. Oro Valley Dad says

    I have the ability to contact both of them but I am not the one making strange allegations. Please! Out with it, say what you have to say unless it is so meaningless and irrelevant that it is laughable.

  37. Honest Abe says

    Call them! Allegations, your dreaming…If your bored, pick up the phone, ask what happened to Randy on Friday past,in a meeting with 11 very high profile State and Federal level political heavies!!Then get back to me with allegations..

  38. Honest Abe says

    No disrespect intended , I am very well informed, deal with facts and at this time have said as much as I am able. An panel discussion occured on Friday past at 10:00 a.m, with Randy Pulen present. Randy has a decission to make now. Knowing him as i do, he will take the wrong path.

  39. Oro Valley Dad says


    A few points. I am not bored but you are boring. I am dealing with facts quite well you just seem to have a problem getting to them.

    I am very happy to hear that 11 party insiders met with Randy on Friday. They must be pretty nervous after seeing the drubbing they took on November 28th at the District 11 election. They are also probably not looking forward to facing the other Randy from LD 30 who is none to happy with how the party behaved during the CD 8 primary and general. The state convention might not be a very fun time for those “very high profile State and Federal level political heavies!!” And heavies is the right word, heavy with the political baggage of being at odds with their own conservative base.

    Randy can stay in the race for Chairman or pull out. No skin off my back. Either way it will not change the mood of party conservatives.

  40. Agree with OVD. Spill it or zip it.

  41. Sonoran Truth Squad says

    Wow, and I got excited at 30?

    Abe, “losers” is spelled with one “o”. Incorrectly spelling losers is the kind of thing a… well, I think you get the rest… And Randy Pullen spells his name with two “l”s… Incorrectly spelling the name of the person you’re trying to smear is the kind of thing Honest Abe would do.

  42. Sonoran Truth Squad says

    Oops, more bad news for Abe… He’s been blowing smoke! Not that we’re surprised, but there is some comfort in knowing that he’s just blowin’… So ignore brother Abraham, he knows not of what he speaks!

    Although his comments haven’t been without some effect. I’ve gone from interested but neutral to voting for Randy Pullen. I figure if a smear artist like Abe doesn’t like Haney and Pullen, then that’s endorsement enough to seriously consider Pullen. Then you look around and talk to folks and it turns out he’s been a stand up guy as National Committeeman, solid on life and family issues, and a leader on border security issues. No wonder so many folks were trying to get him to run.

    So thanks Abe… From me and, I imagine, from Randy, who just got one vote closer to being State Party Chairman.

    Come to think of it, I guess the whole Republican Party may owe you a debt of gratitude…

  43. Bill Christiansen says

    It was my great honor to work in Arizona for the successful 2004 election efforts under the leadership of Lisa James, Executive Director of Bush/Cheney ’04. Lisa and I worked as an effective team, and with her leadership of the grassroots efforts, the President won the state by 11%. Lisa was always a consummate, hard-working professional, and I learned a great deal about a great state by following her lead.


  1. […] it ain’t so, Barry!  I mean, Fyfe, maybe.  Fyfe lost 2-to-1 several years ago in a lame attempt to oust Rob Haney from the LD11 chair.  So, we know Fyfe is […]

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