Guest Opinion: Winner of Arizona Senate Recall: Immigration Law Not the Issue

Very interesting perspective on the election of Jerry Lewis in the recent recall election. The article, appearing in Human Events, was written by Political Editor, John Gizzi, who explains that liberals are all wrong about the conclusion of Lewis’ win.

There are plenty of new revelations in the article that I certainly missed during the campaign leading up to the election. In fact, Mr. Lewis’ comments in this article completely validate my earlier points that the recall was overwhelmingly about style over substance. Given Lewis’ comments in this article, I have to wonder if Randy Parraz and fellow recallers now regret their decision to help Jerry Lewis get elected?

Here is that article:

Since the nationally watched recall election last month that resulted in the ouster of the architect of Arizona’s controversial illegal immigration law, the liberal media has been claiming a major victory. Because former State Senate President Russell Pearce was a conservative Republican, goes the crowing from the Left, his defeat was a blow to the Right and to SB 1070, the Pearce-crafted measure signed into law by Republican Gov. Jan Brewer last year that permits police to ask for immigration papers if they have “reasonable suspicion” someone is in the U.S. illegally.

But that analysis and conclusion over what happened in Pearce’s Mesa district Nov. 8 is pure moonshine.

Veteran state legislator Pearce was ousted by a fellow conservative stalwart named Jerry Lewis. When we got done repeating all the quips about his being mistaken for the world-famous comedian, and how he met up with the former Arizona state treasurer named Dean Martin (“Arizona’s own Martin and Lewis team”), the 55-year-old Lewis told HUMAN EVENTS last week about his own conservative philosophy, and what led him to finally run in the race after initially saying, “No way.”

“When [Pearce] was exploring a bid for Congress for the seat of Jeff Flake [who is running for the U.S. Senate], a number of people urged me to run for his state senate district,” said Lewis, a nine-year stake president in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and superintendent of the Sequoia Choice Arizona Distance Learning charter school. “I said, ‘No, thank you,’ that I wasn’t a politician and wasn’t interested in running.”

Earlier this year, Pearce opted against a congressional race. But a movement known as Citizens for a Better Arizona secured thousands of signatures from voters, surpassing 25% of those who voted in the last election, as Arizona law requires for a recall, and thus placed question of his continued tenure in the senate on the November ballot.

Regarding the recall movement, Lewis told us: “I never supported it and would not sign the petition. I felt that whatever people thought of the incumbent, he had not violated any laws, and you knew where he stood.”

Lewis decided to run, he told us, “Because I saw too much time and money spent by politicians attacking one another, and too little attacking issues voters cared about.” He added that his much-voiced distaste for career politicians finally convinced him “to step up to the plate and do something about them.” Pearce, a former deputy sheriff, has served in the state house and senate, and was once state motor vehicles commissioner.

In campaigning for Pearce’s seat, Lewis emphasized the themes of the economy and employment, calling for lower taxes—the legislature’s vote to reduce taxes on corporations was “a step in the right direction,” he said—and eliminating regulations that keep businesses from creating jobs in the state. In addition, the longtime charter school leader called for greater choice for parents in education.

Did he oppose the immigration law that is Pearce’s signature cause? Lewis replied without hesitation: “No, not at all. [SB 1070] certainly raised the specter of awareness on this issue among voters, and it was a proper response to the problem, considering that no one else—no one at the federal or state level—is doing anything about the problem.”

But, he added, “I still believe it wasn’t a balanced approach. Before taking a step like this, I would have said, ‘Secure the borders first.’ And then our congressional delegation has to force the issue and engage the federal government in stopping illegal immigration.”

Lewis said that as much as voters agreed with 1070, many also felt that Pearce was focusing too much on illegal immigration and not enough on jobs and the economy. Last month, Lewis unseated Pearce with 54% of the vote. When he was sworn in days ago, Lewis formally declined to participate in the pension program for state legislators, saying that voters should not be burdened with paying for his retirement.

The inevitable final question from us was whether, with such a recognizable and well-liked name, would Jerry Lewis consider a bid for higher office?

“No way,” he shot back. “I’m not a career politician, remember?”


  1. Sgt. Flapjaw says

    Zoo, you should not waste your time coming to this site and trying to co-exist with these tree climing chest thumpers that infest the place. The LD18 weasels and the bottom feeding effete that they swap spit with are thinking they have just taken over the world. One victory for these losers and they get very heady.
    The rest of us, the Constitutional Conseravites. need to go back to our districts and make sure that they understand the outside influences [Liberal/Socialists and self serving Mormons] seeped into LD18 and rotted it from within.
    First thing is to take down the straw man next August.
    Then find a new site to visit do to the rancid “move-on” quality here. SA is loosing it’s influence because of these people.

  2. Lewis is a liar. He used the Mormon Church to drive a wedge between conservative voters in LD18. He is an embarrassment.

    • Raising Arizona says

      LD18 voters kicked out the real embarrassment and the well documented liar. It has been nice not reading about yet another scandal involving my state senator (although I am afraid we haven’t seen an end to all the fall out from the Fiesta Bowl or the Cortes debacle). Pearce’s political corpse may try and rise from the dead and grab the . . . what’s the opposite of the lime-light?

  3. THe exact same modis operandi is being used to recall Governor Scott Walker in WI, even though he comfortablely won the majority vote, and is governing exactly as he promised in his campaign.

    The UNIONS have collected over HALF of the signatures required to force recall.
    There is NO ALTERNATE candidate. They are “sure” one will step forward.
    The rhetoric is almost identical to Parrazz’s rhetoric here in AZ used against Pearce.
    ALmost” in that replace AZ with WI.

    Parraz has stated publically to the “people” that they “need” 500,000 sigs to force a recall on Brewer. He also helpfully explained step by step HOW to get those…but it’s NOT about HIM or his union power brokers… it’s the “citizens” who decide.. with his help of course.

    Occupying the WI state house to try to block allowing people the right to decide for themselves to pay the unions dues or NOT, the unions caused over $2 MILLION DAMAGE to the WI state house … billed to taxpayers. WI medical doctors on STATE WISCONSIN UNIVERSITY payroll (read tax-payer subsidized) were caught on video FALSIFYING medical excuses so that striking teachers could LIE to their schools districts and collect SICK leave pay for the days they were OFF THE JOB. FRAUD. Teacher and Health Care COLLUSION to ROB the taxpayers.

    NONE of this is about “the people”… it’s about raw power grabs.

  4. Randy Parraz says

    Just remember Lewis – we OWN your butt! You are OUR Puppet!

  5. Nordine Crub says

    Wanumba – Want to Chirp in here…Something tells me Randy Paraz did not write that last comment. Hacking someone’s name is ALWAYS Wrong….and you know me I will be the first to admit it.

    • It’s never correct. That sort of dirty trick came in big time with the recall crowd.
      Ye know them by their fruits.
      I personally appreciate very much your basic sense of fair play letting me know what was going on behind my back. Let Shane look at the IP.

      This year ahead is going to be one of the longest-running and worst displays of dirty and duplicitous trickery and thuggish wasting violence this nation will have ever seen, purposely continuing to drain our resources as everyone struggles to keep work and a decent standard of living.

      It’s a horrible disgrace that so many people fought and died for American values only to have wasted them on a selfish and spoiled generation that has no concept of the value of what was given to them.

      • Now: (above)

        Fifteen hours ago: “…The only original thing that comes out of Arpaio every day is collected in his adult diapers…” – wanumba

        Wow! I’m impressed. What did you do, take a Clorox bath last night?

        • Do you know why I have a gravatar? So, everyone know it’s ME, to deny cover to a dirty sleazy liar.
          DO you know WHY I had to get one, after almost a DECADE of using this without ANY problems EVER?

          Someone from the recall camp here in AZ decided they couldn’t abide by what was being said on SA of all places and had to get mean and dirty about it.

          Would you be so kind to epxlain to us all where you saw that and provide a link to the comment so we can ALL see where it was planted? I am assuming it was on another blog?

          If so, would you do the decent thing and alert to the innocent blog owner that someone is playing dirty tricks using his blog, that he might want to look at the IP?

          Send that blog owner the clorax, I haven’t done anything, isn’t that correct?

          • BTW. If it was Feathers Blog at New Times, I have ALREADY informed publically on that blog directed to the blog owner that there were multiple fraudulant uses of my nic there, expressly libeling Shane by name, and that henceforth I would have a gravatar. The blog owner is AWARE, the fraudster had an obscene flipout when he saw the note, and I informed for a week afterwards to everyone who reads here at SA of the situation.
            I asked the blog owner by name to investigate the IP.

            So, if Feather blogs won’t police or dump that fraud, they are consciously, deliberately, harboring a malicious, purposeful, libelous slanderer, is that not correct? If Feathers booted the fraud, and he’s posting elsewhere, well.. life’s too short to chase Liberal Left agitator trolls around.

            • Sorry wanumba, I wasn’t aware your name had been stolen. I apologize.

              • I appreciate it. I’m glad you know now what’s going on .. what SHOULD have stopped WEEKS ago, but this confirms what I said above, the recall brought in a dingier, nastier level of Leftist political operating… and still around.

                Not a soul has demanded the dirty liar to quit, but many have told me to shut up. Speaks volumes about characters.

              • I wasn’t aware Wanumba had trademarked his name and had copyrighted all his posts?

                Who’s told you to shut up Wanumba?

                What, if any response, did you get from the blog “owner” Village Voice Media?

  6. It’s interesting to note the title of the article and what it’s advocating has not been addressed; Pearce’s recall was NOT about 1070 or Immigration. I don’t want to say I (and many others) told you so, but…..

    Shane states: “There are plenty of new revelations in the article that I certainly missed during the campaign leading up to the election.”

    With all due respect Shane, these are NOT new revelations but I do give you credit for recognizing them. Pearce himself and his supporters were dead set on making this an immigration issue. What they didn’t get is people were, and still are, sick and tired of hearing about it. They’re attempts to shape this recall as being solely over 1070 and immigration (feel free to look up the many posts here stating this) absolutely turned more people off and was certainly a factor in his landslide loss. Lewis stated his support for the intent of 1070 but still earned the title of “Open Borders” by the Pro Pearce crowd. And, still does according to likes of Zoo and Flapjaw.

    Many, many others commented that the need to remove Pearce was about so more than immigration and clearly stated that we are sick and tired of hearing about one issue being the “answer” to every issue this State faces. His supporters chose not to listen, and, in nearly every case, stated the exact opposite. To be fair, I don’t know that there’s anything in the Former Senator’s legislative career that would potentially carry as broad appeal as his immigration record.

    Finally, nearly a month after his thrashing, the reality starts to sink in.

    Throw in a campaign that looked like something Wile E Coyote ordered from ACME and it’s a wonder he managed to stay within 12 points of Lewis.

    • “support for the intent of 1070” weasel words from a RINO! If one good thing came out of all this it would be the exposure of the Demo-Rat RINO coalition. Krony Adams and Rich sCandell should be on every
      Tea Party Patriot’s radar.

      • Should we take that as you saying those in agreement with the article are all RINO’s?

        Will that TPP radar fire up the dynamic duo of Querard and Willems again?
        Another Cortes (or multiple’s) waiting in the wings?
        More political mastery from Greg Western, Dan Grimm and Pat Oldroyd?
        Ole Lester and the nieces out stumping for signatures again?

        Be still my heart…I can hardly wait!

    • Some time ago I posted on SA a direct comment from Chad Snow in the New Slimes, in which he admitted that SB 1070 was the motivation behind the recall. I now cannot find the exact quote, but it was something to the effect:

      ‘…maybe now lawmakers will get the message that the Arizona legislature is not the forum for pushing idealistic and personal agendas…’

      With victory at hand, he let his guard down and admitted why he and the other sewer rat answered the door when opportunity knocked. Lewis, a slime ball of an opportunist, and remains aloof to the entire strategy hoping he can get lucky twice, a second time next November. Perhaps he can also pick up a Mormon medal of valor.

      His remarks in this article pertaining to SB 1070 are subdued and absurd at best: “I still believe it wasn’t a balanced approach. Before taking a step like this, I would have said, ‘Secure the borders first.’ And then our congressional delegation has to force the issue and engage the federal government in stopping illegal immigration.” Yeah, bend over and spread’em until the career criminals in Washington secure that damn border. Even Janet Napolitaco knew that was an impossibility.

      “Gee, I’ve never met Randy Parraz.” You and your buddy Lewis can continue the charade, but nobody is buying it. Lewis can finish his term emptying the trash cans downtown, and then slip-slide back into obscurity. Mission accomplished.

  7. Sgt. Flapjaw says

    Hmmmm Rob, you brought up my name as one that thinks Sen. Pearce lost solely on the “illegal” immigration issue [you can always tell who the fakes and liars are by the terms that they use]. My main issue is the liberal/Socialist cabal who never saw a right that they would not deny others while consistantly crying about rights for themselves.
    Pearce was elected fair and square and did what he said that he would do. You leftist fanatics could only turn him out by consorting with the ugliest crawlers that reside [and not] in our state.

    • And and awful lot of LD18 Republicans, who must be some of those ugliest crawlers that you refer to, voted Pearce out. In fact, without them, he probably wouldn’t have had to have new business cards made up that state Former Senator.

      I guess the campaign finance reports that show Pearce receiving far more financial support from outside of LD18 (and Arizona) than Lewis are a fantasy as well, right Flapjack?

      Oh, and by the way Flapjack, I won’t argue that he wasn’t duly elected.
      But, I will remind you, he was recalled fair and square as well.

      • A whole lot more of LD18 Republicans/Tea Party Conservatives voted for Pearce than against him. It took a coalition of Demo-Rats, useful idiots and a small minority of RINOs, made bold by some major backstabbing to take him out.

  8. Sgt. Flapjaw says

    Yes Rob, you are an ugly crawler. You seem to believe that all you have to do is speak to make something true. How dare I point out another fraudulent statement by you. You used my name in reference to being a one issue Pearce supporter, you said it was immigration. You sir are a liar, you intentionally left out the word ILLEGAL! If you are going to try to put words in my mouth, you should first try to remember [if you even read them at all] what was said. I learned many years ago that you leftists make your own facts, and arguing with you is a waste of time. Arrogance is cheap and shallow and does not cover up weakness of character.

    • LOL!

      Not intentional by any means Flapjaw.
      The inference was implied and you knew, as your hilarious post clearly points out.
      Might I suggest brushing up on your reading comprehension skills?
      I didn’t say you were a one issue supporter.
      I said Lewis still earns an Open Borders title from the likes of you and Zoo despite his stance on 1070.

      Have you considered running for office?
      I would were I you.

    • True Conservative says

      Lighten up Francis.

  9. Has Jerry Lewis commented on Parraz/Snow attempt to recall Brewer? When I called his office for Lewis’s statement/position, I recieved none. Did he comment in this article on the leftist support of Parraz, Democrats, and far-left groups that supported his campaign?

    • Sgt. Flapjaw says

      Chirp, chirp……Nothing yet.

    • Is what Lewis thinks about a potential Brewer recall of paramount importance, if even relevant?
      Does Lewis have some mystical powers to influence it?
      I thought he was a nobody relegated to a cobweb filled corner?

      What about any of the other R legislators?
      Have you asked them for their opinion?

      Seems to me the one that really should be concerned about it has already shown that she was.

  10. I thought so flapjaw. Been skimming and didn’t think I read anythin so I put a call in to Sen. LEWIS.

  11. Rob says:
    December 3, 2011 at 3:56 pm

    I wasn’t aware Wanumba had trademarked his name and had copyrighted all his posts?
    Who’s told you to shut up Wanumba?
    What, if any response, did you get from the blog “owner” Village Voice Media?

    Gee, thanks for the show of solidarity for me who hasn’t done anything wrong. Why don’t you tell the dirty fraudster to cut it out?
    As far as trademark goes, you are aware already of the previous discussions. I publish on this blog under that nic. The fraud used my nic to libel Shane, the owner of THIS blog, who publishes my articles, so it’s not a simple little comments section SNAFU, is it?

    ALl I’ve gotten is a rush of tense Liberal Left lawyers posting in great haste to INFORM me that my nic is too common to be muttering libel… but zoo’s confusion just proves the point AGAIN that the people who read those blogs KNOW I post here at SA, so they assume instantly it’s the Sonoran Alliance wanumba. ALl of the insults have been against Pearce, Shane, now Arpaio. All I did was argue principles, and this is what results – vulgar personal attacks.

    I figure the more fraud postings, the more evidence. I don’t harrass Democrats by running to their favorite Leftie blogs in Phoenix and telling them how stupid they are, isn’t that right? I stay here.

    I am disappointed that the Leftist recall crowd can’t even respect that. It proves they are too insecure about free discussions and competing ideas.

    • Actually, yeah Wanumba, I did mention that using another’s Nic isn’t cool.
      But, that’s about the extent of what you can do.

      You know and so does everyone else that nobody is going to confuse what the other person is posting as anything you wrote.

      After all, isn’t imitation the sincerest form of flattery?

      The “leftist recall crowd” couldn’t care less about what choice a person makes as their screen name or gravatar. It’s their thoughts, words and actions that matter. Not a silly name.

      • I don’t call using my nic to vulgarly smear Shane as a “sincerest form of flattery.” I don’t call using my nic to vulgarly smear Sheriff Arpaio a “sincerest form of flattery.” That’s ABUSE.

        Why are you defending the libelous liar and not me, who’s done nothing wrong?

        • lol….I guess Sharia law has taken over whatever place you’re in and sarcasm is now forbidden by penalty of death.

          I made no defense of anyone in the issue….all I’ve said is get over it and nobody really cares.

          This really is a foolish issue.

          • But Rob,
            Did you not see how this restarted up there? zoo was confused by the fraud who’s still jerking everyone around, and initially gave me a hard time.. and I didn’t know anything about it…so it’s not MY fault, and it wasn’t zoo’s fault either. I’m not deceiviing ANYONE, but someone else who hangs here and the other blog IS and it comes back to SA.

            So why am I being told to cool it? I was. I’m not the one doing this.

    • True Conservative says

      Wanumba is a complete hypocrite on this issue. He whines like a schoolgirl when it happens to him, but then finds a way to blame the person “who has done nothing wrong” if that person is not part of his lunatic fringe.

      The only thing you can count of with Wanumba is that he’ll find some reason to declare an “outrage.”

  12. Hmm.Jerry Lewis was asked to run as an LDS-Republican. A lot of noise was made about the R and the recall group that then worked in his campaign wants to recall an R Gov. And Jerry has NOTHING TO SAY?
    This is a Conservative site. Not New Times. Jerry is now representing LD18, not the recall group. He has nothing to say about the direction and actions a large percentage of his campaign support whom also happen to have been very active in the recall AND active in far-left causes? This is a legitimate question and certainly for those Republicans that didn’t vote for him. Stop the mis-direction of Cortes and Western. This a
    is about one person, Jerry lewis and his non existent opinion.

    • I didn’t bring up Cortes or Western in my reply to you, Chick. I think you’re mixing some things up there.

      I believe Lewis chose what to run as based on the party he has belonged to, did he not?

      You’re missing my point. Why is what Lewis has to say about it important? I’ve not seen any other R lawmakers have anything to say about it either (granted, I may have missed it if they have). Lewis is at the bottom of the totem pole, if not below that. Every other legislator has more influence than he does. Why are you not concerned about what they think, rather than the one person who makes no real difference?

      What can Lewis – or anyone – say about it? It is a legal right.

      Like I said, the only one who should have had any concern over it was Brewer herself. And I believe she demonstrated her realization of that with her decision to drop the IRC issue for now.

  13. They gave a lot of support to Lewis The “statesman” needs to act like one.

  14. Rob, he was marketed as a statesman and conservatve Republican. Gasp, he’s not?

  15. Sgt. Flapjaw says

    Geez Chick, I wouldn’t waste my time arguing wth Rob. He seems to be very happy just trying to impress by acting like he is the smartest person in the room, when in reality he just spews the time worn leftist crap. This no-it-all is probably in his mothers basement wearing his underwear pretending to be an elilte thinker. In reality, he sounds like a non entity to me. You will never get anywhere trying to exchange points of view with this dud.

    • Raising Arizona says

      Sgt. Slackjaw- Based on your last post alone, I am going to take a wild guess that you were a big Russell Pearce supporter. And I will sarcastically wonder to myself why he got trounced with so many ardent supporters just like you.

    • True Conservative says

      Typical Flapjaw cowardice.

      Your posts are never fact-filled, only stuffed with invective.

      Man up, Nancy-boy, defend yourself with cogent argument. This is why true conservatives such as me despise the lunatic fringe: you’re all hat and no cattle.

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