Group targets Pearce

Update: Mesa Issues has posted what sounds like a copy of the e-mail that was reported to us.

The East Valley Tribune is reporting that a independent expenditure group, Judgment Matters, has been set up to target Russell Pearce in the LD 18 Senate Republican Primary. The Secretary of State web site lists Mark Ogden as chairman of Judgment Matters. Alan Beckley shows up as Treasurer but Tribune story quotes Farrell Quinlan regarding the group. The paper is quoting Quinlan as saying:

the first priority of Judgment Matters is to prevent Pearce from winning the Senate seat in District 18

Reports of an e-mail circulated on Wednesday correlate with the facts of the Tribune story. The people behind Judgment Matters promise some mailing about the same time as early ballots arrive in the mail. Pearce is quoted in the story as not being worried about the attack strategy against him. Pearce must have pretty high name ID in LD 18 and Republican primary voters tend to be pretty conservative.

The group targeting Pearce might have been better off to find a business friendly Democrat to run against Pearce in the general.

The same Tribune story reports another group, Mesa Deserves Better, has been set up by Tim Bee’s campaign consultant, Nathan Sproul. We do not have any information at this time about this second group. Pearce was on the JD Hayworth show yesterday and said opponents may spend up to $400,000 against him. This should be an interesting primary to watch.

Pearce has been a strong conservative and works hard to keep government spending and taxes under control. To assist his campaign visit the web site at Pearce is running as a clean elections candidate so he cannot accept any more money but people can volunteer for the campaign.


  1. As a Republican who lives in District 18. Mr. Sproul & Mr. Quinlan, stay out. I don’t want your one sided pro Gibbons message.

    If Mr. Gibbons financial reports are correct and he has raised what he says he has, let him spend that money to get the message out.

    As someone else said in another blog take Your PESOS and go someplace else.

  2. Fed R. List says

    As a political Free Speech advocate living in District 18, I don’t think Mesan should tread on the First Amendment. Russell can wrap himself in the Constitution but shouldn’t wear it as a diaper.

  3. Just Win Baby says

    $400,000 for what, 6,000 voters? Seriously, if the pro-amnesty crown can’t buy this seat for Gibbons, they need to fire their consultants and just move to Mexico where they can live happily will cheap labor forever!

  4. Sonoran Alliance says


    If you read the quotes of Pearce in the Tribune article his in not draping the Constitution or wearing a diaper. He is ready for the challenge and happy to take his case to the voters.

  5. Fred R.

    I’m not treading on the 1st Amendment, I’m exercising the 1st Amendment by telling Mr. Sproul and Mr. Quinlin to take their PESOS and spend them someplace else.

    They have no interest in District 18 except to further their interest (cheap labor) in seeing that a person standing up to protect this country from those who refuse to like Mr. Gibbon’s brother-in-law (Jeff Flake), John McCain, Jon Kyle and the rest of the delegation.

    While they sit in Washington doing nothing but running this countries debt on pet projects that do nothing to bolster nation or its economy, we are now talking about illegal immigration and the cost directly associated with it, thanks to Mr. Pearce and others. The cost of illegal immigration directly relates to you and me as a taxpayer in the form of higher taxes and cost.

    I thank Mr. Pearce for keeping the matter on the minds of the people. Because of the conversation we are now having in this nation, other states are now taking action were Washington refuses to.

    I do not always agree with Mr. Pearce on every aspect of the immigration issue. I do believe he is on the right track and the McCheeses and CarlosFilibertos of the world should realize the tide is not going to turn; it is only going to get tougher until Washington steps up to the plate with sound legislation that this nation can believe in. Enough of lip service Washington,take real meaningful action so we can move on.

    This race is about immigration and only immigration and nothing else.

  6. Why not donate that $400,000 to help pay for their pal Janet’s bloated budget? The open border crowd is wasting their money in a Primary in Mesa. Good luck with that!

  7. Russell is using the constitution for a diaper but it fits him like a thong. He’s exposing *. On the one, he’s taking TAXES. On the other, he’s trying to chill free speech from PESOS.

    Mesan, that’s your tax dollars. And, political free speech means PESOS can use his money regardless of where he lives. That my man, is what you need to defend.

    *Fabio, we try to respect free speech but you are pushing the bounds of decency. The editors.

  8. The nice thing about this is that it will disprove the myth that money buys elections.

    Fed and Fabio really need to grow up and stop using peurile and false allegations.

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