Grijalva has little support from fellow Democrats, voters prefer Gabriela Saucedo Mercer

TUCSON, AZ – In a survey of Southern Arizona voters, over 78% of Democrats and Independents disapproved or strongly disapproved of Congressman Raul Grijalva’s performance as their congressman. Republican challenger, Gabriela Saucedo Mercer is the preferred choice of Independents and Republicans.

Congressman Grijalva called for a boycott of Arizona in his protest of immigration law passed by the state’s legislature. He struggled to secure a win in his last race for Congress against Republican opponent, Ruth McClung.

In the same poll, when asked which candidate voters favored between his new Republican opponent Gabriela Saucedo Mercer and Grijalva, 65% of Democrats and 43% of Independents choose Saucedo Mercer, and 30% of Democrats and 19% of Independents were undecided.

“The congressman turned his back on the people of Arizona. Rather than working with them on the difficult issues facing our region, he called for a boycott. At a time when other representatives were fighting to bring jobs back home to their states, Grijalva was destroying jobs in our state. When I get to the Capitol, I will work to create policies that will allow small business owners to put America and Arizona back to work,” said Saucedo Mercer.

The poll was commissioned by Arizona Strategies.



  1. She can be beat him. She has the support of all my republican and independent friends. She is an intelligent, caring candidate that even my democratic friends support. Some of those have changed party just to support her in this campaign. She is also Hispanic and speaks both languages fluently.

    She has all the right stuff to rid our congress of the leftmost, liberal, socialist member of the House. My wife and I fully support her and will contribute money where our mouths are at! Please do the same. Thank you, great survey. Please do more.

    • Bob — Would you identify by name and contact information your independent friends — “all” of whom supposedly support her — and your Democratic friends who supposedly “have changed party just to support her” so that we can verify your rather incredible claims? Thanks!

  2. Honey Marques says

    I know Gabby personally. She is a woman of great character who is a proud American who immigrated from Mexico to the U.S. legally. She understands what the American dream means and how valuable our constitution is in preserving our unalienable rights and individual liberties that the left keeps assaulting and wanting to take away from us. Gabby is a real person, and she is a fighter who will actually represent the people of her district and not special interest groups. In fact, the Republican machine in Tucson is running against Gabby. to protect their interests in D.C. Gabby needs all of our support here in AZ, even if you don’t live in her district.

  3. Hey, can we see the poll sample and cross tabs?

    Otherwise, this poll is useless.

  4. The poll does include the other Republican in the race, Blanca Guerra, who has been well received among Republicans in the district. This poll was likely done before Blanca announced her candidacy.on February 12th.

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