Grassroots Interviews with Paula Pennypacker

Here is one of the latest interviews by Grassroots Interviews of Penny Pennypacker who is running in Legislative District 8 House.


  1. nightcrawler says

    Informative, but a bit of a grind. An hour is simply too much.

    Can we have a speed date format ?

    Five minutes, rapid fire, no commentary from young Uncle Fester.

  2. RepublicanSOS says

    For any undecided Scottsdale voters, Pennypacker supports Susan Bitter Smith. So much for her “conservative principles.”

  3. Jacobite says

    Well that about finishes her for me!

    Show me your companions and I’ll tell you what you are!

  4. Marcus Kelley says

    Thanks, Nightcrawler. When do we get to see your handsome mug so we can ridicule you?

  5. nightcrawler says

    All in good fun Marcus, consider it a term of endearment. You are a polished professional and provide a good service. I wish more candidates would use this format to reach out to voters. My only input is sometimes less is more. Over 20 minutes and most people will tune out.

  6. Marcus Kelley says

    I entirely agree with you. This is, after all, the “Microwave Age”. We all want our information in soundbites. However, 20 minutes would be an INCREDIBLY superficial interview. Since voters make their decisions last minute, I’m hoping in races with full primaries, when voters are doing their homework, they’ll narrow their choices down to 2 or 3 candidates, then watch some or all of the interviews. Let’s be honest, in CD 3, NO ONE is going to watch all TEN hours of interviews (assuming I get everyone interviewed).

  7. Double Decaf Latte says

    I’ve seen and heaard Paula a couple of times and she is nothing but a Ronald Reagan conservative.

    However, there is one of the candidate in Paula’s race who has run at least twice as a Democrat in California and Washington state. In those two liberal states, he racked up every union endorsement under the sun. Now he’s moves to Scottsdale and has re-invented himself as a Republican….probably because he knows you can’t run here in Scottsdale as a Democrat and get elected.

    Only time will tell if this Manchurian Candidate is a political opportunist, a plant by the Democrats or truly a newly transformed conservative?

    I’ve got two votes and I already know Paula is the real deal. At this point, however, I just don’t know who is going to get my second vote for state rep. Probably Kavanagh….but I think he did a horrible job of getting a budget passed last session.

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