Grassroots Interviews with LD 6 Senate candidate Dave Braswell

Last night on, I interviewed LD 6 Senate candidate Dave Braswell.  He weathered one of my tougher interviews with a lot of aplomb. He’s one of two Senate candidates hoping to be nominated in the August 24 Republican primary. I wish him luck!

Dave Braswell interview


  1. Marcus,

    You are either the biggest fool to come down the pike in a long time or a plant by the enemies of our conservative movement.

    Braswell is horrible. In addition, the pro-Ducey interview you did speaks volumes. Ducey has so many tentacles to the McCain forces that only a blind person could miss them.

    You should be ashamed, if you are what you sell yourself as being.

  2. Janelle,
    Have you watched the interview? Are you aware that I asked Braswell just about every tough question that a conservative or opponent could ask him? The point of the show is to allow voters to compare and contrast the candidates by not only asking a baseline set of questions, but asking about whatever interesting facts I can dig up. Lori Klein will be on the show soon and the voters of LD 6 can make their own conclusions about the two candidates. Fitzgerald already has been on the show and Carl Seel soon will be as will Steve Kaiser.

    I’d also urge you, if you’re going to attack a candidate, to state the ISSUES that make them bad, not just say they’re bad and expect everyone to believe you. Facts are far more persuasive.

    Doug Ducey is coming on Grassroots Interviews soon too. If you have SPECIFIC questions about Ducey’s ties to McCain, you should pass them along so I can ask him about it.

    Thayer has already been on the show and if you go to Grassroots, you can find his archived interview. I couldn’t find contact info on Ted Carpenter and Barbara Leff has refused to come on the show because she’s afraid I’m going to ask her about her scores from Goldwater, Pachyderm, AFP, and other conservative organizations.

    As for Doug Ducey on Roundtable Politics, I understand that he was Rachel Alexander’s pick to come on the show. She’s a Hayworth employee. If he has McCain ties, I’m surprised she’s not outright hostile to Ducey and she didn’t ask him about those ties. If you watch the Roundtable show, I believe I was the one to ask the tougher questions of Ducey.

    If you follow me on Twitter or watch my activity on Facebook or even read my comments here on SA, you’d know I’m pretty rabidly set against McCain and the moderates, so, I’m no plant. I guess that means you think I’m a fool. I usually bristle at ad hominem attacks, but I think you were pretty much speaking out of ignorance: you haven’t watched the interview and you have no clue who I am or what I’ve said. If you were in the know, you’d understand that I’m pretty rabidly anti-moderate, that I blame moderates for our losses in 2006 & 2008 and that I believe all moderates must be swept from all positions of power if Republicans want to be in the majority and STAY there.

  3. Kelley: “Do you support tax increases?”
    Braswell: No, I am against them.
    Kelley: How did you vote on Prop 100, the sales tax increase.
    Braswell: I voted YES.

  4. Valerie J says

    And Braswell just cannot figure out why PAChyderm Coalition would label himm a Big Government Republican?

    Braswell contributed to the campaigns of Democrats Kyrsten Sinema and Jackie Thrasher.

    Braswell is a milk-toast Democrat through and through. What is he even doing in the Republican Party?

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