Grassroots Interviews with LD 6 House candidate David Fitzgerald

Last night on Grassroots Interviews, I interviewed Legislative District Six House candidate David Fitzgerald.  He’s running with Rep. Carl Seel and Lori Klein (Senate candidate) as a group.  There are seven candidates in the LD 6 House race and I think any voter would be very hard pressed to find a candidate more conservative than Mr. Fitzgerald.

Sen. David Braswell is scheduled to come on the show Tuesday, July 20.  Steve Kaiser, running for the House in LD 6, will be on the show Wednesday, August 4.  Carl Seel is on the show Friday, August 6, and Lori Klein is on Friday, August 20.

David Fitzgerald interview


  1. Marcus Kelley says

    I want to make special apologies to Steve Kaiser for leaving him out of my initial posting. I appreciate his future appearance on the show Wednesday, August 4.

  2. I met David and his family a couple of years ago. He has integrity and conviction, and steps up to the plate to accomplish his goals. You won’t go wrong with this guy.

  3. David Fitsgerald is the best candidate if you believe in small government!

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