Grassroots Interviews with LD 4 Senate candidate Tony Bouie

Before a lot of Bouie’s detractors on this site start posting inane comments, WATCH THE VIDEO! I promise you I asked Tony about almost every controversial issue or charge. After the interview, I told Tony if, as an African-American, he won a seat in the Senate AND created a record as conservative as Judy Burgess’ or Ron Gould’s, he would become a hero. If he wins, I hope he PROVES to be that conservative.

Tony got more tough questions than any other candidate I’ve interviewed. He was a class act in answering all my questions.

In the end, everyone needs to do their homework and choose the most conservative candidates. All three of these Senate candidates claim to be conservative, so, I understand that it can be difficult to discern who is the MOST conservative. All anyone can ask is that voters do their homework, follow their conscience or sound logic or both, then hold the politicians ACCOUNTABLE once they’re in office.


Tony Bouie interview


  1. Tucson Tech says

    Marcus, it’s disappointing that you TOLD him “as an African-American” he would become a hero if…

    Wait, that’s not just disappointing it’s just rude. I understand you’re trying to help conservatives and all that, but you need to recognize when you’re not helping and stop.

    Marcus, please pretend for a few seconds that you’re black, and then pretend you’re also a candidate, and then that you’re actually Tony Bouie. Then go back and read your own post.

    That weird, heavy feeling in your stomach? Yep, you guessed it. Not fun.

  2. Marcus Kelley says

    Conservatives idolize individuals like Alan Keyes or Thomas Sowell or Judy Burgess or Ron Gould BECAUSE they’re conservative. Bouie himself even talked about the Republican party needing a “face” to reach out to minorities and he wants to be that face. My comment told him how to be that face: be a true conservative. There was NOTHING wrong with what I said nor was it rude. Hey, if Tony tells me HE thinks it’s rude, I’ll apologize to Tony personally.

    If I were black, and someone gave me helpful advice, I’d say thanks and consider what the individual had to say.

    Peddle your guilt elsewhere.

  3. Hey Marcus,

    Your intent was very clear and appropriate.

    Steve Montenegro has been touted as a rising star because of his conservative positions coupled with his ethnicity.

    Our party is definitely less represented by folks of minority ethnic status and very limited in those who have stepped up the way Tony and Steve have.

    They represent an under-represented group in our party and offer an opportunity to show all Americans, but particularly those who identify with their ethnicity, what we really are…the party that believes in the individuals right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

    Without fear of government intrusion or impediment.

  4. Oberserve says

    Blah blah blah.

    You’re just trying to pimp a dem as a republican to republicans.

  5. Tucson Tech says

    I still don’t buy that a black conservative is somehow better for the party than a white one. Isn’t that what some folks here are saying? It just seems like his (Bouie’s) color is being used when it shouldn’t be. Maybe you’re ok with that, but that’s what puts a knot in my stomach.

    Marcus, I am trying to give you helpful advice. You said above if you were black and someone tried to give you helpful advice you’d thank them. Does that mean that because you’re white you don’t need helpful advice?

    When I said put yourself in Bouie’s shoes I didn’t mean pretend you’re black. That’s not easy to do. I meant pretend someone is treating you a certain way because of your color or ethnicity. That’s the kind of treatment I urge people to put a stop to.

  6. @Tech,
    Sorry, buddy. You lose. Just heard back from Tony. The comment didn’t bother him and was so inconsequential that Tony didn’t give it a second thought. If I’m lying, may he expose me as a liar. His missive is in my Facebook inbox and in my gmail.

    Tech, you know what they say of leading horses to water. We’ve got to all discern what’s good advice and what’s not. The advice has to be given, then we have to consider it, no matter what color we are. You trying to paint me as a racist just isn’t going to work, hombre. Pick another topic.

  7. Oh, and what I said to Tony is pretty much what I would have said to ANY candidate: BE CONSERVATIVE in word AND deed. THAT is what wins elections and will keep Republicans in power. That’s the whole premise of Grassroots Interviews.

  8. Tucson Tech says

    I wasn’t going to belabor the point but now this is getting worse. I’m not calling anyone anything. My questions is: Are you saying that he’s being treated differently because of his color, and that it’s okay? Is Bouie saying this? Or are you saying you treated him just like a white person?

    I am just trying to get a clear explanation of why you or anyone else thinks a black conservative (in office or otherwise) is somehow better than a white one.

  9. Claire Skye says

    Listened to the interview and there is a stark difference between the interview style and the candidates Mr. Bouie & Mr. Kohner.

    Mr. Bouie definitely has done his homework and seems well informed on the issues and at ease answering questions with factual based answers and not the fluff that Mr. Kohner put out. He also comes across as a ‘hard worker’ which Mr. Kohner does not appear to be.

    I have two concerns with Mr. Bouie, one why did he run for office in LD 6 while he was moving to LD 4? What if he had won? Would he have still moved? I don’t understand.

    Second is trustworthiness, I did some “Googling” and looked up some of the ‘hardball’ questions you asked him, and it seems that people aren’t vilifying him for becoming a Republican but lying about being a life long Democrat.

    So, uncertainty remains.

    Advice Mr. Kelley, you do not need to apologize for asking good questions. It is your job and people, including candidates, will respect you for it.

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