Grassroots Interviews with LD 4 Senate candidate Shawn Kohner

In an effort to catch up on posting my interviews here and in keeping w/ the Kohner-Bundgaard-Harper series of LD 4 interviews from, I’m posting Shawn Kohner’s interview. Scott saw Shawn’s interview, understood that Shawn was attempting to run to Scott’s right, and Scott wrote me saying, “Good luck with that!” LD 4 voters can decide for themselves who is more conservative in the LD 4 Senate race.

Shawn Kohner interview


  1. Claire Skye says

    With all due respect Mr. Kelley did you listen to this interview? I did, and I don’t think Mr. Kohner is a Conservative at all. I am not sure he even knows what Conservative principles are! Here are a couple examples from your interview:

    1. “now these sales taxes that everybody just enacted, now you see the benefits of that”

    2. Just like the Democrats in DC, Mr. Kohner blindly endorsed legislation and candidates without knowing anything about them. Regards to Prop 13 he said that “I like it, I haven’t read it, but I like it” and again endorsed Dean Martin but stated, “I am a Dean Martin guy, I don’t know where he is on the social issues, but I am a Dean Martin guy”. Well is he doesn’t know where Dean Martin stands on social issues he must have been living under a ROCK, because he sure hasn’t been paying attention!!

    3. He said he was against amnesty but basically advocated for it, “it’s a process we need to work on to get it down to 3 yrs so you can get a temporary work visa, a green card and when that expires you’re very, very close to becoming a citizen.”

    I haven’t listened to Bundgaard or Bouie yet, but sure didn’t like what I heard here. He wants to be my legislator but hasn’t done any research on the issues. My impression, this guy wants a title and thats it!!

  2. Listen to the interview? I was the host. I LIVED it.

    First, I merely said that Shawn Kohner was TRYING to run to Scott’s right. I didn’t say he actually is more conservative than Scott. That’s for the voters to decide and luckily, it’s not my district. I have my own local races to sort through.

    As for the “benefits” of taxes statement. I caught his statement, but chose not to press him on it because he had been speaking negatively about taxes consistently. I think Shawn misspoke. Granted, I could be wrong. Reasonable people can disagree and perspective can change perception quite a bit. Again, my guess is that he misspoke.

    As for his comments on Dean, Shawn Kohner may be a political newcomer, but if we never give newcomers a chance, we’ll do nothing but elect incumbents. Not a pretty outcome. It’s up to the voters to decide who they want to vote for, but this would be a poor reason to vote against Kohner.

    As with the other statements that I chose not to press Mr. Kohner on, a lot of it has to do with the amount of time one chooses to dedicate to a topic or the show in general. In retrospect, I probably spend too little tie on education and too much time on other issues. That statement did sound suspiciously close to amnesty, BUT, he’s talking about the legal immigration process here. Getting a temp visa is going through legal channels, not immigrating illegally. Getting a green card is going through LEGAL channels, not working without legal permission. Finally, if I understand my immigration process well enough, moving from a green card to becoming a legal citizen is the next is the normal progession. Going through legal channels isn’t amnesty, that’s legal immigration and standing in line like everyone is expected to.

    I’ll alert Shawn to your concerns, invite him to respond to you here and we can all read for ourselves what Shawn has to say about your concerns.

  3. Realistic49 says

    We need a new conservative voice. Kohner doesn’t sound like the guy, because he lacks coherency in thought and has little to no understanding of critical issues. But he is a “Dean Martin guy” and is supported by Harper, which is why Marcus gave Kohner such favorable treatment. Let’s wait to hear what Bouie has to say. There’s an outsider who at least understands the issues and can speak coherently.

  4. Realistic,
    I guess you’re psychic. Neat trick! Even I didn’t know I was supporting Harper!

    Again, it’s not my district and I don’t have a dog in the race. CQ wisely stated that I shouldn’t “go all Mike Wallace” on candidates or they’ll have no incentive to come on the show. Be that as it may, I’m not afraid to ask difficult questions and I allow candidates to give what answers they may.

    Realistic, any questions you want me to ask Bouie? He’s coming on the show. Hopefully, the interview lives up to your standards.

  5. Claire Skye says


    I know you did the interview, I spent nearly two painful hours listening to it. Very reminiscent of an MSNBC/Obama love fest. Did you get a thrill up your leg too?

    As you stated above, you ‘chose not to press him’, not once on any ignorant uniformed comment he made. Those are the only quotes I wrote down, but this interview is full of ignorance and hypocrisy. For example, Kohner wants to
    “capitalize” on TEA Party anti-incumbency (he is running for an open seat) but endorses a handful of incumbents. Oh and about his comments on researching judges…he said something about having ‘no idea’ how to do it. Signing a tax payer pledge…’no one has sent me one’. He is just waiting for someone to hand him the work.

    This guys comes across totally uninformed, totally unprepared and down right LAZY. He is an empty suit. He wants to be MY LAW MAKER buy doesn’t read the laws or research candidates NOW, why would I think he ever will.

    I am all for new comers, but not new comers who want to go to the Legislature to boost their ego. It is clear this guy is all about himself.

    I will listen to your other interviews hoping for more substance and less ego stroking.

  6. Okay everybody this is a bit much, Realistic/Claire both AKA Scott:

    Scott is a convicted felon.

    Scott proposed the tax payer funded stadium for the Cardinals.

    And he has been accused of a lot worse…

    Bungaard is the type of conservative that gives real conservatives a bad name.

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