Grassroots Interviews with CD 4 candidate Janet Contreras

Last night, I interviewed my client, Janet Contreras, on Grassroots Interviews. She’s running for Congress in Congressional District 4.

At the last minute, Janet drew a RINO opponent in the primary in the form of Jose Penalosa, the pro-illegal immigration attorney who jumped OUT of the Scottsdale (yep, you read me right, SCOTTSDALE which is NOT in CD 4) City Council race AFTER he filed his signatures to run, then hires the exact same signature gathering firm that Democrat Senate hopeful Rodney Glassman hired at $4 a signature for 78% bad signatures to qualify to get on the ballot in CD 4. Yeah, Penalosa would make a GREAT Congressman spending like that! By the way, this Penalosa guy attended a Harry Mitchell meet and greet. He’s giving aid, comfort and credibility to an incumbent Democrat in a year when we’ve got Republican candidates struggling to unseat Mitchell. Penalosa is not Republican despite what his registration might say.

Janet Contreras interview


  1. The Truth Will Win says

    Hmmm…let me see. Janet has been quoted saying “she was a life long Democrat until she changed registration before the 2008 election, and then she further states that she does not consider herself a Republican.”

    So what side are you really on Janet?

  2. Jane 001 says

    There are many Democrats who need to take the step and move out of that party. I was not sure about Contreras at first, but this lady is a solid solid (tea party) conservative. It’s fascinating/refreshing, the number of conservative women entering political races because they see a lack of principled leadership.

    I like her personality and her attitude about cutting the Federal budget is priceless!

  3. Dear Truth Will Win, aka Jane Gordon, aka Jose Penalosa’s “Press Contact,”

    If Janet weren’t a conservative, I’d be attacking her just as hard as I’m attacking your client, the Harry Mitchell-kissing RINO who lives in Scottsdale and not in CD 4. You can obfuscate all you want, but the TRUTH is that Janet is a conservative and your boy is an indecisive, illegal alien loving, carpetbagging poser and Janet WILL WIN come August 24th.

    Oh, and Jose Penalosa favors amnesty. Want proof? Just check out his YouTube video on immigration. (
    Tune in at about 1:55 where he proposes “earned legalization” aka AMNESTY. At 2:55 he says he wants people who are here illegally to be able to realize the American dream.

    Jose isn’t for Americans, he’s for illegals. We don’t need him in Congress.

  4. The Truth Will Win says

    Marcus – aka biased media reporter — why not be fair and let him on your show so you can debate? In fact, why not host a debate between Janet and Jose? Your show only represents one side of the story. Hardly fair reporting. We welcome it.

  5. Marcus Kelley says

    Do you see me asking you to work for my client? You get Janet on Pat McMahon and any other media Jose has done, THEN I’ll get Penalosa on GrassrootsInterviews or Roundtable. Deal?

  6. The truth shall set you free says

    Janet needs to go back to High School Government class because it does not matter where the candidate lives, that is in the constitution.. maybe you better go back and learn a little before you start trying to represent our great state. Also, seems to me that you only have one subject to talk about. There are so many other topics out there. How about Education, Economic Reform, Right To Life, to name a few. There is more to sitting in the U.S. House than one subject. Sounds to me that you are pretty one dimensional and shallow. Let’s see you stand in the same room and debate this honorable man and see who is standing at the end.

  7. I think, for federal races, EVERYONE KNOWS you don’t HAVE to live in the district you’re running for. Living outside the District just doesn’t pass the smell test. The voters have a right to know that the individual trying to represent them doesn’t live amongst them, that he lives removed from them and doesn’t share the same set of experiences because he lives out of the district. Janet lives among the people of CD 4. Jose is an outsider.

    Janet had a valid reason to bring her suit. We all believed Janet had a valid case that Jose failed to submit the requisite number of names based on our research. That PROVES the lawsuit was NOT frivolous. Everything else is extraneous.

    Jose and Jane LOVE to focus on the LEAST important portion of the lawsuit and parrot incessantly that the lawsuit was frivolous. First, that’s RICH coming from a litigious pro-illegal immigration, pro-amnesty attorney who is in court EVERY DAY helping illegals avoid our immigration laws. Just take a look at the verbiage on his law practice’s website (

    # Deportation defense ā€” We defend permanent residents and illegal immigrants who are facing deportation to their home country.
    # Criminal defense ā€” Because we are an immigration firm, we can advise you as to how a criminal charge, guilty plea or criminal conviction may affect your immigration status.
    # Immigration appeals ā€” We handle your case at the Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA) if your naturalization or citizenship application gets denied or a deportation is ordered.

    Yep, that’s right, Jose fritters away YOUR tax dollars by tying up the courts trying to help illegals avoid deportation AND APPEALING those deportations.

    Second, had Jose been smart, he would have simply cited the case law proving he could live outside the district and stop running his mouth. But no, not this lawyer. He HAD to run his mouth. Just what we need in Congress: another windbag lawyer! So, Jose mounts this impassioned and lengthy defense of being able to live outside the district. Oh, don’t take MY word for it. PLEASE, get a copy of the court transcript and see for yourself what an insulting jerk this guy really is. Is THAT what you want representing you in Congress? An insulting jerk of an illegal alien-kissing, windbag, RINO attorney? You’re free to vote for that if you want. Sounds unpalatable to me. There’s NOTHING honorable about this lawyer. He fits ALL the lawyer jokes.

    Janet has more than 1 issue. Only someone who is INTENTIONALLY ignorant (or lying) could make that charge. Here’s WHY they’re willfully ignorant: 1.) they haven’t read Janet’s open letter to Congress that covered a WIDE range of topics OR seen or heard the Glenn Beck shows on which she appeared, 2.) they haven’t been to Janet’s website that covers a wide range of topics, and 3.) they haven’t WATCHED THE INTERVIEW that covers a wide range of policy topics.

    AFTER you’ve done those 3 things, THEN you can run your mouth.

  8. Really, Jose Penalosa?

    Do ALL your supporters come from out of state and out of the district? Henkel of America, Inc.? Do they even have offices in Arizona? Doesn’t look like it from a cursory exam of their website.

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